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The news is that Mexico has been coordinating with Guatamala to increase the number of illegal aliens that will be transported across Mexico into the United States to be bussed and flown to various locations across the United States. Maybe to a neighborhood near you.

Obama pulled a $4 Billion figure out of his hat to "deal with the problem" and is openly laughing at the American people and the people who represent them in Congress.

He caused the problem, as Democrats always do, and then demands more money and more power to "fix" it while blaming everyone else for what he has done.

And it's all according to plan - as we have predicted all along.

Pundits and even some Democrats are mystified as to what is happening - after SIX YEARS of Obama and his tricks and deceits - and apparently still clueless as what he wants to happen and what he is doing.

This is not a joke - this is real and it is happening at breakneck speed.

The "fundamental transformation of America".

But first the chaos. The overload. The anarchy. The pitting of one group over another. The Balkanization of America.

The bankruptcy. The collapse. Just as people like Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, etc. drew up.

The implosion - because you can't "transform", you can't "remake" a country without tearing it down first. And all the while they architects lying through their teeth and distracting the people with trifles and chaos and a media working hard to prevent people from learning the truth which is all around them.

The left has been open in their hostility toward what this country is, has been, how it was created - and they now have almost full control of the system, limited only by what is left of the Constitution and the rule of law.

The bureaucrats, the activist courts, and an ever-growing executive branch with nothing but contempt for limits to its power are taking care of that - and it's now in-your-face full speed ahead.

The most generous, the most compassionate, the most productive people on the face of the Earth are now being threatened by riot squads and in many cases forbidden to talk about or record what they see (or are forbidden to see in the first place).

Bad optics, you know.

And amazingly, you voted for it - for a few "freebies" and a pipe-dream.

So get ready - you voted for freebies but soon you'll get nothing. Already there are rumblings from certain individuals and groups about being shortchanged on THEIR entitlements - or having to get behind the new line forming ahead of them.

Wow - it happened so easily. And like so many predicted and/or warned - from WITHIN.

Many plagues are being set up by malicious intent and/or by opportunity.

Forget all the pleadings about "working with anyone" and how Obama will seek guidance from HHS and DOJ about options he might take unilaterally by bypassing Congress.

Obama already knows what his minions will advise because this has all been drawn up for months. He will be "advised" to do exactly what he has already decided to do.

But FIRST Obama must position himself to deflect the blame for his policies that have created this disaster and to blame it on - you guessed it - those dastardly Republicans and ESPECIALLY conservatives and the TEA Party.

You know - the people who have been screaming for YEARS to enforce existing law and SECURE THE BORDER - as was promised as far back as the Reagan administration and more recently during the last years of the Bush administration?

This man Obama takes responsibility for NOTHING! He whines and points fingers and demands MORE POWER to effect more policies to wreak more havoc on the civil society. He is a mastermind and knows better than anyone - no matter how disastrous they are because success is measure in the endgame - the fundamental transformation of America he and those of his utopian ilk have always craved.

The word is out. The soft underbelly of America, our Southern border, is being probed and breached.

Remember this when bad things start to happen and certain people are made to be scapegoats.

Anyone with eyes and ears can see every day what is happening as this country we love is being "fundamentally transformed" by this president and his party with the help of their sycophants in the liberal media.

It won't be pretty - and ideologues know this so it's very important that they position themselves as best they can to avoid being blamed.

I hope you're around to hear "I told you so" yet one more time.

Oh, what they have done to this great country - and half the people in it (or more) appear to be sleepwalking. One day they'll wake up and say - "Hey! When did THIS happen?"

Amazing - the world is in chaos, the murdered bodies of 3 Israeli teens was just found, Islamic terrorists are setting up that Caliphate we've said was coming (and were so mocked as fear-mongers for suggesting), and people are pushing yet another bogus "war on women" theme for the next election.

Yep - just as I feared.

The Mississippi Republican voters overwhelmingly voted to replace ancient liberal Republican Thad Cochren with a conservative newcomer, Chris McDaniel who happens to be a supporter of the Constitution, limited government and free markets.

Unfortunately, an 7-8% win turned into a 1% loss because 35,000 black Democrats flooded the polls to prevent McDaniel from winning by voting in a REPUBLICAN primary. How crazy is THAT?

Why? because the Republican D.C. establishment conspired with Democrats to game the system and run ads suggesting McDaniel is a racist lying Tea Party scoundrel who hates our first black president and wants to cut food stamps, entitlements, monies to black universities, and more.

DESPICABLE! Not to mention the "robo-calls" warning about stopping the lying racist Tea Party candidate.

These people, like their Democrat pals, are more concerned with holding onto power than doing what is right for this country. They would rather see a Democrat hack win (like Terry McAullife in virginia) than allow a fellow Republican to win who might create problems by not always providing the leadership with a rubber stamp.

Now you know why we call them RINO's - and why this country, under Democrat rule, with the aid of the liberal media and no effective Republican opposition, is going into the toilet at record speed.

Satan must be laughing with delight.

Abraham Lincoln must be spinning in his grave.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Haley Barbour and Karl Rove are partying like crazy. Cochren? The man can barely function - which is why they're so desperate to have him win in November. He does what they want him to.

Well, at least more people now know who these people are with clarity, and what we're up against. I've known for years. I saw what they did to Reagan in the 70's and 80's.



Yep - it's not enough that far left politicos like Michael Bloomberg and other out-of-state donors are donating to the campaign of 76-year-old Thad Cochran, who never saw a slab of pork he didn't like, the GOP is enlisting DEMOCRAT voters in black districts to vote against the "racist" tea party candidate, Chris McDaniel, who beat Cochran in the primary and is facing him tomorrow in a runoff.

This has been the pattern in recent elections.

True conservatives are trashed by the media, the Democrat Party AND the GOP establishment itself and, when it appears they might have a chance to win, phony "conservatives" or "libertarians" supported by liberals and the Democrat Party are put up to siphon off votes from the real conservatives - OR, the GOP supports the same old candidates the people actually want out.

In some cases they actually support the DEMOCRAT candidate against the Republican.

Now the brass knuckles come out and both liberals AND RINO establishment types are scaring black voters and inducing them to vote in a REPUBLICAN primary runoff to help save the establishment candidate and avoid another embarrassing defeat.

The people of Mississippi hopefully understand what is happening and will turn out in droves to send a clear message that they won't put up with these shenagins orchestrated by the Democrats and the liberal wing of the Republican Party - you know, the "purists'.

The evidence of what is happening is overwhelming. Republicans conspiring with Democrats and anyone who believes in the Constitution, traditional values and the rule of law is an extremist?

THINK, darn it!


Aldous Huxley

You know - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Al Baghdadi, whose last words before boarding the plane after Obama granted him his freedom - "See you in New York."

The body count is skyrocketing in Africa, and the Middle East, many decapitated and tortured by Islamic extremists. In Afghanistan, Taliban extremists are cutting off the fingers of people who dared to vote in free elections - and worse - all as a direct result of this president's feckless foreign policy. In Iraq - ISIS, terrorists from Syria and Iraq and elsewhere and believers in an Islamic Caliphate, a world-wide Islamic state that liberals have called conservatives "loonies" for warning about, are on the move reportedly buthering and executing people by the thousands.

ISIS thinks al Qaeda is too soft.

Have you seen the images? Men and boys being shot dead in ditches after being humiliated and herded down streets and roads knowing what their fate was soon to be.


Christians are specifcally targeted and are on the run in various locations while 3 Israeli children have been kidnapped by Hamas as Palestinians cheer while in Nigeria Christian schoolgirls have been kidnapped by a militant Islamic group Boko Haram which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refused to identify as terrorists and have kidnapped and murdered who knows how many more innocent people.

The list of atrocities is too long to list in a short post but what is Obama doing about all this:

He's been golfing, attending fundraisers, giving speeches on the phony global warming scam, and today HONORING illegal aliens in the White House. Oh, he's finally going to reverse his promise not to send "boots on the ground" and apparently has again been pulled kicking-and-screaming to get involved and send in a couple hundred troops after dithering and sending messages of weakness and non-involvement to our enemies more and more in recent weeks and months.

And the world has never been more dangerous - including America.

Meanwhile, in America, illegals are pouring across our borders and Democrats are salivating at the prospect of millions of new Democrat voters to eventually guarantee they have power forever and are free to completely remake America into a left-wing nightmare.

Hve you noticed? Every day is some new horror as we who actually follow the REAL NEWS (the media won't tell you the truth) cringe at how far America has descended into chaos. It's gotten so bad even some liberals and "independents" have actually acknowledged what is happening - using words and phrases like "imperial presidency", post-constitutional, tyranny, Alinskites, authoritarianism, Marxist, Fascst, system overload (Cloward and Piven), lawlessness - the very words we have used for over 6 years while being smeared, mocked and called "fear-mongers".

Of course the liberal media are doing their best to protect the administration.

The IRS claims that all those emails they promised last year, emails from Lois Lerner regarding the illegal targeting of conservatives, pro-Israel groups and especially Tea Party non profits have been "lost" - and ABC, CBS and NBC say NOTHING on the evening news.

The VA scandal that just erupted is almost old news now as most of the media have lost interest. That's the Cloward and Piven strategy - overload the system so that no one knows which way to turn and more and more people eventually demand the government do something (to "fix" the problem it has created) with MORE governmnt and less freedom.

The left is so insidious.

Illegal "children" are being held in camps and/or are being relocated in various cities all across America but Obama has ordered "NO PICTURES". Why? because these are NOT all children and he doesn't want you to see the truth - much like he doesn't allow cameras to record what he's doing on the golf course and on the fundraising trail.

He KNOWS the images will disturb you.

What you don't know can and will bite you.

See you in New York.


tea party makes history in virginia


Washington D.C. is in shock.

The GOP Establishment is in shock.

Democrats are in shock.

Barack Obama (Cantor was his pal) is in shock.

Everyone who is pushing open borders and amnesty for the growing flood of illegal immigrants in particular and more out-of-control Big Government is in shock.

An unknown conservative political science professor, Dave Brat, who campaigned door-to-door, knocked off the first House majority leader in a primary since 1899.

It was a LANDSLIDE - 56-44%!

And what did he campaign on? The Constitution. Limited government. Rule of law. Border security. American values. Free enterprise. FREEDOM! How refreshing! How inspiring. And he did it going door-to-door speaking to people who are tired of watching what is happening to our beloved country.

The good people of the Seventh District of Virginia have had enough and sent the GOP a message that will resound through the midterms. They rejected Cantor's (and the GOP leadership's) POSITIONS - with fluency!

No doubt the RINO establishment will continue doing what it has been doing for years - joining the liberal media and the Democrat Party in smearing and trashing true conservatives. They do so at their peril. This is what happens when leadership ignores the people they represent.

This is BIG! Perhaps enough people are finally waking up to the destruction that is happening through the lawless dictates of the current administration and the feckless and timid "opposition" of what is arguably the worse Republican leadership in history.

For today - the message is sent out loud and clear. A LOUD and CLEAR butt-kicking. A victory for "We the People".

Will those who will do anything to cling to power listen?

We're not going away, pal.


they're lying through their teeth


Feel secure? This is what happens when you ignore the Constitution and allow concentration of power in a massive central government to run amuck without input from the people's representatives.

Obama is downsizing the military.
Obama is downsizing the economy.
Obama is opening the borders for more hoards of illegal aliens.

He's ignoring laws he doesn't like, rewriting some, writing others for which he has no power (exempting favored groups for political purposes) through so-called "executive actions" and a bloated out-of-control bureaucracy.

It's been quite a week - scandal-after-scandal which the media try hard to overlook or spin.

The VA scandal explodes and his secretary is forced to resign while more and more news emerges about corruption. Obama claims he only learned anout it "on the news" and assures us he is angry and will get to the bottom of it.

Welcome to your future under ObamaCare.

A speech before an icy audience of graduating West Point cadets stunned people from all sides of the political spectrum and gave encouragement to our enemies.

The EPA announced (to the curious shock of a large number of people in the energy states) new regulations designed to cripple the coal industry.

Big surprise - right? People like me told you about this 6 years ago and even linked you to audio of Obama saying how he'd bankrupt the coal industry and that electricity would "necessarily skyrocket".

Remember? Why is everyone so shocked now?

Then the final thumb in the eye to cap last week was the release of five HIGH PROFILE Taliban terrorist leaders in exchange for a soldier who was reported to have gone AWOL in 2009 after trashing America and has been held "captive" by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Again, people from all political persuasions are recognizing what this means and it is clear that Obama has again ignored the law and done what he wanted for God knows what reasons.

And his stooges, armed with their talking points, are lying through their teeth about the circumstaces.

You can't ask Obama though - he's moved on to something else feeling pretty good about how easy it is to control and change the news by overloading the system with crisis and chaos and spin. You literally can't keep track of the scandals without a scorecard - which is precisely the plan. Distract, deflect, stonewall and keep powering that wrecking ball to tear down this great country and rebuild it in the image created by a cadre of radical ideologues and masterminds.

I've said before that America is over. That we have reached the tipping point. I am NOT optimistic that even a majority of people expressing their outrage over what is happening is enough.

We have become a nation of men and ideologies instead of laws. The Republic as set up is teetering and the separation of powers, checks and balances, enumerated powers and individiual rights embodied in the Constitution are shadows of what they were designed to be.

Tyranny. Not good. Welcome to the new transformation of America.

You are a subject now - like it?

According to the dictates of this president - including the dismantling of the military and U.S. influence in the world - because he sees America as a problem.

This man has learned nothing from history and nothing from nearly 6 years in office - he CANNOT learn because he is a radical ideologue and the pain and destruction he is responsible for mean nothing to him. He is focused on the endgame and unconcerned about what it takes to get there.

Reporters scratched their heads and wondered aloud why the commander-in-chief, the "leader of the free world" gave such a weird, philosophical and, yes, detatched speech that was met with an uneasy icy politeness. What a bizzarre speech - so unlike any ever given by a president before.

Many of these people, and the Republican establishment, still do not understand who and what he is - even though he tells you straight to your face. They still don't get it!

Russia, China, radical Islamic extremists, a soon-to-be nuclear Iran are all on the move and the president signals to them that we are a country that has been the source of so much that is bad in the world and that we don't have the moral authority to stand up to them.

It was a chilling speech and I'd recommend you read the transcript but those who actually need to haven't a clue of what is going on in the world and could care less.

America is being "transformed" exactly like Obama said it would - brick-by-brick. It is disintegrating from within and the RINO GOP establishment won't do a thing to stand up to the demolition - and those who DO tell the truth are mocked and smeared. Why? Because the new "progressive" Republican establishment loves big government and just thinks they can run it better.

They don't get it! They think Obama and his administration are simply inept (they are) and that is why things are so bad. They don't understand the leftist mentality which demands chaos and upheaval so as to destroy what IS and to gradually replace it with what these utopian masterminds THINK should be - with misery for all except for them who will be in positions of power. Obama is not really concerned about scandals and unemployment and deficits.

What does Obama want? MORE centralized control of you and me. More power. Bigger government. Less freedom. The Constitution and the republican form of government embodied in it are just a nuisance to be re-interpreted by radical courts or simply ignored. A combination of Marxism, Socialism, Fascism and Communism that are now being openly advocated for in the public arena or, in the case of the more clever politicians, couched and softened with words and phrases like equality and shared responsibility and collectivism and "fairness" - for US of course, not them for THEY are the masterminds and only THEY are smart enough and wise enough to know what we need and how we should behave and what to say and think.

They - who cannot even run the VA hospital system without waste, corruption, fraud, kickbacks and lousy medical service for the most deserving among us.

They're TELLING you what they think every day now - unafraid of the consequences. On the contrary, those who uphold out traditions, or faith, our beliefs, our morality, our history, our laws, and the force of our Founding Documents are mocked and vilified.

If they had their way, they would criminalize our thoughts and to a great extent they are doing that a little at a time each and every day.

The "fundamental transformation of America" - he told you what was coming. We are already in a post-Constitutional phase with our Republic, based on separation of powers, checks and balances, enumerated federal powers, representative government, and rule of law hanging by a thread.

What future generations, should they be allowed to understanding what happened between 2009 and 2016, will think about us is open to debate. They will certainly shake their heads and wonder if we were mesmerized, stupid, radical, or just plain disinterested that such a disaster could happen.


old soldiers never die



You've heard the news of course. Obama just heard about it himself "on THE NEWS" - and his people say that he's "mad as Hell".

Sure. Isn't it funny how, no matter how big or obvious the scandal in his over five-year-old administration, "the smartest president ever" always appears to have just arrived in Washington a week ago?

This is an administration that hires people who will do its bidding, and Obama has made no bones about his hell-bent intention to downsize the military and use "savings" elsewhere.

The VA - government run healthcare. Just as we warned what it'd be. A precurser of what ObamaCare will become too. Treatment doled out on the basis of who you are and how you are connected and even what you think.

Well - you wanted government control of each and every aspect of your life - right? Crumbs for your freedom and self reliance.

You wanted unnamed bureaucrats, political hacks and their minions determining who gets what as they dole out the wealth they confiscate from others - right? After all - you're "entitled".

We've learned over the last 5 plus years that this administration will use the institutions of government, like the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ, the Interior Department, etc. to single out, harrass, intimidate, cripple and even destroy those who criticise or threaten its agenda.

And it has the overwhelming majority of the news media advancing its narratives, its agendas, carrying its water and protecting it from discovery and criticism.

Forty vets died (that we know of) fading away on a phony VA waiting list.

Just a number to those who received bonuses for their cost-saving actions.

Not to the woman who said "N"O - she wouldn't do it, she couldn't do it - and who got SUSPENDED without pay for reporting it and complaining about the practice.

But don't worry - Obama just found out what's been going on and he's "mad as Hell". Even Democrats and the media are feigning outrage so you know this struck a nerve.

The fundamental transformation of America. Where the most innocent lives of the unborn and the revered lives of our bravest are tossed down the toilet because they are unwanted and/or inconvenient.

Like what you see?
Sherman - Walter Tetley

It got a little lonely for so many of us who were onto the Benghazi scandal for so long, not the least of which was Sharyl Attkisson, the great former investigative reporter for CBS News who was muzzled, her reporting spiked again and again, and who eventually gave up and resigned in frustration as she realized there were forces hell-bent on preventing the facts from coming out about this and other scandals that would harm the Obama administration.

As new e-mails emerge, e-mails which were hidden from Congress until Judicial Watch sued for their release, the facts are becoming clear and support everything we have been saying from Day-1.

There was a massive coordinated cover-up to protect President Obama in the weeks before the 2012 November election - a cover-up in which the full force of the federal government came down upon the neck of an obscure YouTube video-maker who was imprisoned for a full year and blamed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice et al for the death of four Americans in Benghazi on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And they were successful - Obama won ... even if it meant looking the family of four dead Americans in the eye and lying to their faces. Cold-blooded reptiles that they are!

And EVERYONE beneath Obama and his gang FOLLOWED ORDERS knowing it was all a lie - and the media dutifully regurgitated the talking points and mocked those of us who knew the truth.
And aside for a few "outraged" reporters - what is everyone talking about today?

An 81-year old NBA owner who was recorded making racist comments by his 30-something sugar baby ... a man who was KNOWN to have racist tendencies for YEARS but who was nevertheless the recipient of lifetime achievements awards by the NAACP and a big contributor to Democrat and liberal causes.

You see - even in the face of plain black-and-white evidence Obama and his lackies lied repeatedly about Benghazi for political reasons, the media are STILL running cover for this administration and trying to distract the few people these days who have the vaguest interest in the "news".

It's mind-boggling, isn't it? They have been stonewalling for almost 20 months - trying to run out the clock - to obstruct and obfuscate and lie again and again.

There have been more full blown scandals - Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS/Lois Lerner assaults against conservative and pro-Israel groups, the NSA spying scandal, the MOUNTAIN of ObamaCare lies, an Imperial president who ignores the Constitution and rule of law and creates laws while ignoring others to advance his agenda of "fundamentally changing" this country in accordance with his radical leftist vision of top-down authoritarian rule - more lies, failures, disasters, and scandal to sink 3 or 4 presidents (not Democrat of course).

You see - where once even Democrats would not tolerate abuses from Democrat presidents, this new Democrat Party is composed of rubber stamp, goose-stepping true believers who almost always defend their own no matter what.

How's the boot on your neck feeling these days? Hmmm? Are are you just getting used to it. Or are you part of the problem and actually endorse this authoritarian mindset.

For shame every one of you who could care less.


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