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The 3C’s (the Chinese, Cubans, and Canadians) plus Spain and India are drilling for oil off the Florida coast in the straights between Key West and Cuba. You’d better call your environmentalist pals and your Democrat representatives right away. Of course, with slant drilling, they might solve the controversy of allowing our oil companies to expand offshore drilling and our becoming more energy independent by sucking our oil dry before we can get to it, so you might prefer to keep it quiet.

I don't think the media will publicize the facts so if you want to keep it between us, it's up to you.

But seriously, can you imagine what would happen were we to drill for oil 50 miles off the coast of China?

Anyway, it’s in international waters. Right? They have a right to drill there. Right? Hey potato head! That’s not the point. They’re pumping oil that we wont pump because the Democrat imbeciles in Congress like Charles Shumer, D-NY continue to play politics and act as though the American people are stupid enough to believe the oil companies are the blame.

They do have their enablers in the mainstream media and the liberal pundits who won’t tell you they have been refusing to let the oil companies drill for more oil and build more refineries, and for power companies to build more nuclear plants. The Democrats blocked attempts to allow more drilling recently but the media barely mentioned it, preferring to play up the Democrat propaganda that Republicans blocked windfall taxes on oil companies and thereby prevented the Dems from (somehow) getting gas prices lowered.

What stupidity! And the media reports that with a straight face! I don't know of a single thing the government has done except collect many times whatever profits the oil companies make in taxes.

The whole world is drilling but the Congress of the United States, and the extremist environmentalists who control them, are preventing us from becoming less dependent on the countries that seek to do us harm. I mentioned the other day that I read the riot act to both my state Senators and am proud to say they both voted against the Democrat’s bill, including Mary Landrieu, the only democrat to vote against the bill aside from Harry Reid’s procedural “Nay” vote.


I guess Obama is starting to learn to react quicker when he's caught messing up. Today he threw Jim Johnson (see yesterday’s post), the long-time Democrat political hack Obama hired (his words - immediately after he said Johnson didn’t work for him) after it was revealed he'd had shady dealings with Countrywide Financial Corporation's president, Angelo Mozilo.

Johnson snatched a cool $7 million in loans for several homes he purchased approved by Mozilo, the president of the very firm Obama lambasted in March.

It seems there is some question about Mr. Johnson's compensation packages (around $21 million) being "hidden", as well as his influence in getting generous compensation packages for individuals on boards on which he has served.

I wonder if Johnson was among the millionaire elites whom Obama entertained at that San Francisco mansion in which he referred to middle Americans as bitter people who cling to their religion and guns, etc.

The hypocrisy of these people is mind-boggling, isn't it? Well, at least Obama didn't say, "This isn't the Jim Johnson I used to know."

I did a little more research on Mr. Johnson and found that he served as Chairman of Perseus LLC, a large hedge fund, since 2001. Perseus LLC is also partnered with George Soros in the management of a biotech hedge fund.

Sound familiar? Remember my post about the Scott McClellan hatchet job, What Happened? It was published by Perseus Publishing. My oh my! Jim Johnson, George Soros, Scott McClellan - it seems our great orator and uniter, our agent of change, Barack Obama seems to run in the same old political circles with the same old political hacks he promises to get rid of.

Wake up out there. Someone! Where are you mainstream media? If I can find this stuff, so can you … if you’re interested.

You know, if and when things start to go down, no one will ever be able to say this Cajun didn’t speak up.

P.S. For those who are only interested in sex and the city kind of stuff, did you hear about Obama’s little e-mail buddy?


Here are some of her comments about their relationship:


She’s so impressed that someone like Obama, who must be so terribly busy, would keep up a personal e-mail correspondence with little old her.

How thoughtful of him to take the time, don't you think?
I wonder if Michelle knows about this?


Now I said all that to say all this
I've been watchin' the way
You've been watchin' my miss
For the last three weeks you been hot on her trail
And you kinda upset this U.S. Male
You touch her once with your greasy hands
I'm gonna stretch your neck like a long rubber band
She's wearin' a ring that I bought her on sale
And that makes her the property of this U.S. Male


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