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Is it because propaganda, promises, and rhetoric sound so much more appetizing than history?

Back in the 90’s, we were told “character didn’t matter” anymore.

Now we are seeing the fruits of that sowing.

There was a time when belonging to a racist hate-filled church for 20 years would have mattered.

When engaging in voter-registration fraud would have raised an eyebrow.

When debating whether a baby “born alive” had any human rights would have been ridiculed.

When teaching sex-ed in kindergarten would have brought storms of protest.

When punishing hard work and accomplishment instead of rewarding and encouraging it would have been laughed at.

When the specter of Socialism, Collectivism, and class warfare would have sent shudders down most people’s back.

When printing worthless paper money to solve economic problems was something left to communists and counterfeiters.

When the press was respected for at least trying to deliver facts and get at the truth.

We are now living in a time when elites decide what the truth is, and are working to prevent any other voices from being heard.

Who do you trust? Is there anybody out there? Do you understand the times we live in? Do you not see what you are doing?


Barack on Education - Barack delivered a $1 million earmark for the University of Chicago and wife Michelle’s salary was tripled to $300,000 shortly after.

Chicago spends $10,000 per student. Sound good? Read on.

Obama supported teachers' unions in their fight to exempt their members from being judged by performance instead of seniority. Good for teachers, bad for students. Of course students don’t have the right to vote … yet.

"I owe those unions," Obama has said. "When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don't consider this corrupting in any way."

Uhhh … isn’t that what we call a “special interest” Senator? Oh, only other politicians’ special interests are special interests. I see.

New teachers can look forward to a better than Chicago median starting salary, escalating to $100,000 in a few years.

Obama supported merit pay for teachers, but as somehow measured by the teachers themselves, rather than by "arbitrary tests."

It shows.

About 3 in 10 Chicago high-school juniors meet the statewide standards on tests.

One out of every 16 children who enter Chicago high schools become college graduates by the time they are 25 years old.

Obama supports sex education in kindergarten, in reality indoctrination in values that go against the traditional values that children learn from their parents and communities. Look it up.

Punishing and disciplining students is severely limited because punish certain ethnic groups more than others opens teachers and administrators to a tangle of time-consuming and expensive legal proceedings, all supported by Sen. Obama?

Do you know any teachers? I do. Ask them about discipline in their schools. I’ll bet they can give you the time, day, and year they’re eligible for retirement.

Obama’s partner in educational reform, Bill Ayres, has been praised by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez for his anti-Capitalist efforts to radicalize and politicize the educational system in the U.S.

“We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution . . . . I look forward to seeing how . . . all of you continue to overcome the failures of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane."

"Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions large and small. La educacion es revolucion."
- Bill Ayers


Now do you see why Obama’s relationship with Ayers goes beyond Ayers’ terrorist acts in the 60’s? Why does every news anchor and pundit refer to Ayers as a school reformer and not tell you what he and Obama have done and plan to do to your children.

Oh, Obama’s children go to private school. Are you surprised?

Who do you trust? Is there anybody out there? Have you any idea what these people want to do to you?

Pass this information on, please.

Oh, and a tip of my Cajun cap to Thomas Sowell, a man I greatly admire, who has confirmed everything I have been saying and have said here.



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Oct. 13th, 2008 07:59 pm (UTC)
When I was a kid I hung around with a guy that ended up robbing the same gas station three times in less then a month.

Am I to gather that I approve of anyone robbing gas stations?

I went to a church for 15 years where one of the senior priests was a former drug addict and self admitted strong arm thief. He was constantly preaching about the need to give give give to the church during his sermons.

Does this mean that I ( 1 ) approve of drug addicts and ( 2 ) strong arm robbery, that I approve of priests that are obsessed with increasing revenues, and ( 3 ) that I am even a supporter of this church at all?

On to more...

Fraud is fraud - the candidates have not been involved in fraud and NO ONE has drawn any sort of connection. The accusation is being investigated and the organization said they will cooperate with the investigation and anyone that broke the law will be prosecuted. Kudos.

The abortion and the "born alive" debate is a touchy subject with many. I do not pretend to agree with the process, and it is often used to represent more then it is. It is one of many issues and it is not a litmus test.

The sex-ed for Kindergarten students is a red herring. I have read the bill briefly and it is not comprehensive sex-ed. It is VERY appropriate material on not going off with strangers and what constitutes inappropriate touching. The Republicans are way off base on this one. I guess if they should have called it a "personal safety" class. The name was latched onto in error and has been made the sticking point - silly.

Punishing hard work - don't get me started. The Republicans do not honor it any more or less then anyone else. In fact I believe that the conservative establishment - the elites - have miserably little regard for the hard work of the average Joe.

Mindless fear of concepts is absurd and deserves ridicule.

The printing of worthless money is an interesting concept. I wonder who is responsible for that one. Of course paper money is only a tiny part of wealth.

Press and the truth - So where do you get your sources if not from the press... and just because a source has a different POV it isn't necessarily false - but we will just disagree on that...

Elites !?! ACK !?! The Republicans are known as the party of the elites. They are the party of the long established establishment. They are the voice of mindless adherence to status quo and old dated traditions and a marked lace of imagination - and entrenchment in what has been regardless of the changes in time and situation. Sure stability is good, but one also needs to be flexible to GOOD change. I have had WAY more so called conservatives attempt to silence me then any liberals I have known.

Trust is relative... if you trust the current gang of thieves, I have some Ocean Front Property in Oklahoma to sell you - and only 3% interest!

Been reading up on Acorn and Ayers - not impressed. There is nothing significant there. No one has been able to draw any serious connections and even the McCain people have been ineffective at presenting any serious claims. If they were there they would have done so LOUDLY by now.

Oct. 13th, 2008 08:44 pm (UTC)
Mike, you always take the page of the Obama/Alkinsky playbook by creating these straw men that aren't part of the conversation.

I've explained in numerous posts my arguments against Obama, documenting my observations regarding this race, but you rarely respond to them directly.

For the last time:

1) The problem with associating with people like Wright, Pfleger, and Ayers is not that he's just been in their vicinity but he has been allied with them and share part of their agenda.

PLUS, he's LIED about it over and over and over.

2. Obama again and again has said he has had no connection with ACORN.

That is a LIE Mike. Read my previous posts when you have the time. ACORN has been a contributor to the mortgage crisis and at the heart of the VOTER fraud you raged against so loudly in Florida in 2000 where it was never proved to have happened (at least on the Republican side). Obama took money for ACORN and delivered money to them in association with Bill Ayers on the Annenberg Foundation and Woods Fund. He served as an attorney in suing banks to COMPEL them to write those high risk loans you denied the banks were forced to write.

3. Obama LIED about his opposition to the "Born Alive" bill, the same bill that eventually passed in the US Senate 98-0 and his home state of Illinois. His ever-changing statements on this issue have sent a chill up my spine.

4. I've read the sex-education bill he's cited as a model and it is not what he or you are pretending it to be. It's social control, not concerned with the predatory issue. Read my earlier posts. I can't keep looking up references for you.

5. Obama just told a tax-burdened plumber he'd have to buck up because his intent is to spread the wealth around. The evidence of his redistribution of wealth plans is overwhelming.

6. Where the heck do you think the Fed is getting the money they're using to bail everyone out?

7. RE:Mindless fear of concepts is absurd and deserves ridicule. What an empty waste of words and rhetoric. I am neither mindless nor do I fear concepts. That is a job for libs who actually hide the facts and work hard to keep them out of the public arena. The fact that they are keeping out information you disagree with should be no reason for you to condone it.

8. Your defense of the biased/liberal press is simply laughable. I document it weekly. You rationalize it. That's your job as a leftist. :-D

9. There you go changing the subject about elites. Yu do it all the time.

10. Trust? Did you read my off the top of my head answers to the Tom Brokaw "moderated" debate? Did you watch the debate? I'd suggest you read my posts on all the debates, especially the one on the brilliant Joe Biden's gaffes.

11. Send me links to the actual posts on Ayers and ACORN you've read. Have you read mine?

I'm assuming you don't find fault with all the other information I presented in this post. You should say so directly. *LOL*

Oct. 13th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Not gonna adress all of this -- no time today

as the kid gets bigger I run out of time

I did not even read the play book - so I guess I am a natural...

4 - I read it too... It wasn't anything ominous.

5 - redistribution of wealth is an amusing topic. Every time I buy a gallon of gas I redistribute a bit of wealth to some Despot

6 - Where are they getting it? Not from hard currency for one thing. Right now it is all on paper - it's still real money, but none of it cash. It is more a technical then political question. Didn't McCain vote in favor of the bail out?

10 - I did watch the last debate. I think Obama clearly won it, but McCain did ok. I disagree with him, and I think his skills in the debate environment are limited. I am all excited to see the fur fly on Wed... it is Wed this time isn't it?

I have read several of your posts on it. I do not memorize everything - I don't have time. If you want them - later I will dig some of them back out (would take more then a couple minutes - took some time to find them )

I would point by point down the post but I am pressed at the moment. Yes I do find fault with some of the info in the post, but happily. We are all entitled to opinions.

I really should do a "Things I like about McCain" Post just to show the fairness that is me. lol
Oct. 13th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
I don't want THE GODDAMNED GOVERNMENT tach sex education to little kids. I know what they want to teach!

I've told you all along it's all about the "S" word Mike. It's almost here. You should be happy. It's not amusing to me.

They're printing it, Mike. That's what they do. There is no money except in the hands of non-governmental entities who are holding onto it. Some are buying cheap stocks today. The market's up.

Obama repeated his stump speeches. Period. mcCain will not attack like he could. Obama gave him so many openings.

As long as the liberal moderators continue to ask stupid questions and not dig into issues that will embarrass Obama, he will continue to give canned mini-speeches. I'm sick of them.

And you said you were waiting for the debates to make up your mind. What a laugh!

Not one question on "Born Alive". Bill Ayers. ACORN and voter registration fraud. His 20 year association with Wright, Pfleger. Education reform in Chicago. His many lies and contradictory statements. A discussion of anything he's actually done. No. Just generic questions mostly, the kind you'd hear in a high school debate.

And don't tell me he's responded to those issues. His answers have been shown to be lies, and there have been no followups.

I know. You're not interested in any of that stuff. Some people are, but the media won't allow them to bring it up.

The fix is in, but will it work, or are Obama's opposition voters
Oct. 13th, 2008 09:38 pm (UTC)
I forgot to say that you should write a post on what you see in Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Democrats. I'd MUCH rather read that.
Oct. 13th, 2008 08:38 pm (UTC)
All candidates have their pet issues. McCain has his as well. The University has the right to adjust any employee's pay. Did you do any checking into WHY they raised her pay. Was it already pending? What was her performance? It is an unsupported attempt to draw malfeasance. Sure it sounds bad, but it is not out and out illegal.

Obama Supports Teachers Unions. I support teachers unions. No Child Left Behind is a joke of a policy. The assessment tests are poorly contrived. Some teachers are better at some things then others. I learned a lot from teachers that did not fit into the lock step assessment requirements of the school system. Some of the current programs do not take that into account. Sure teachers need to be held to a level of accountability; but the current system is absurd/ I guess we should privatize the schools and go back to the levels of literacy this country had before public education?

Even in the bloated state of California, teachers do not expect $100k. Privatizing the schools will surely lead to collections of grossly overpaid teaching staff that is more concerned about profit and wages then the kids.

Most of the teachers I ask will tell you that the current administration has been one of the worse things to ever happen to education. I know. I have talked with them. I have many good friends that are teachers. They are appalled at the Republicans and their agenda.

Do I have a problem with Obama sending his kids to private schools. Hell no. He earned the money he spends on it - well him and his wife. Give me an indication that Obama has supported Ayers' educational positions. Show me how Obama has espoused support for the Weather Underground. Show me when where and how Obama has supported bombings of government buildings and killing police officers. Show me how Obama has any significant and lasting ties to Ayres... not the far right talking points - real substance. Got photos of them palling around? Got either one of them telling stories of their good old days together and how they wish they could go back and do it again? Maybe Ayres wants to be Secretary of Education! Wouldn't that be funny.

Ayres was a militant radical. Some of what he has to say has some validity. That said I do not now, nor ever condone his bombing and acts of violence. Obama has attempted to distance himself from Ayres as a less then savory influence in his past as McCain has attempted to distance himself from George the junior, and for similar reasons. BOTH of them feel that association with these people who are not running for office is a bad thing for their run. They are both right to do so.
Oct. 13th, 2008 09:01 pm (UTC)
Michelle's triple raise after her husband delivering some pork?

No connection? Has anyone looked into it? Or do we just give Obama a pass like on everything else? The media started digging into Gov. Palin's trash cans as soon as McCain named her his running mate. Repeated every Daily Kos lie and rumor they were handed. We know virtually NOTHING about Obama from the media other than what we find out for ourselves.

But oh, no! Mike believes the media is fair and unbiased.

You should be so embarrassed, Mike!

I've noticed you have nothing to say about Obama and Ayers' success in spending $100 million in education reform. The media simply says he and Ayers worked on reform, nothing about their accomplishments.

But oh, no! Mike thinks the media is fair and unbiased. Have you seen the universal promoting of the Republican Rage mantra, pushed by the DNC? Want a link showing REAL rage amog liberal democrats? Read my recent post on the subject?

I thought not. Pretty disgusting.

There you go again. Got to bring Bush into the conversation. McCain couldn't stand Bush and crossed the aisles infinitely more times than Obama did.

The issue is not about Ayers actions forty years ago. It is what he's stood for since then, up to today. Obama was synpathetic to many of Ayers' goals, worked with him, and tried to LIE about it before being FORCED to distance himself.

The media keeps emphasizing Obama was eight years old when Ayers was bombing federal buildings, the home of judges, etc., that he is a "respected" professor in Chicago, the poster city for corrupt machine politics, works on education reform.

They never go into what he stands for or what he and Obama have done.

But no, Mike thinks ... well, you get the picture.

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