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Everything seems to be going their way. Why are they so frantic and losing sleep? It couldn't be because Sarah Palin got SNL their highest ratings in fourteen years and was so cute and funny despite not having any lines written for her.

Did you notice how amateurish professional actor Alec Baldwin appeared so obviously reading those cue cards? And did you notice how much younger Sarah Palin appeared than Tina Fey who is six years younger than Gov. Palin?

Could it be they suspect a huge backlash once people actually go into the voting booth and decide whether they really want to trust this guy (who’s never really done anything except make speeches) with the nuclear code? Could they worry that people might have long been seeing through the media’s bias, would like nothing more than to watch their dumbfounded faces as McCain votes start rolling in on election night, tell pollsters that they are leaning to Obama for fear someone will come after them if they don’t … like they did to Joe the Plumber?

Their concern was evident after they started keeping angry Michelle Obama out of the public eye and in luxury hotels plying her with lobsters and champagne, and now, after yet more gaffes by Joe "Our Enemies are Coming After Obama" Biden, have apparently pulled him off the campaign trail too.

Does anyone think Joe should release all of his medical records? Forget about "One Page" Barack, I know better, but didn't Joe have a brain aneurysm or two ... or more?

Hey, the media keep telling us Obama is the “Anointed One”. The pressure is not on the middle and the right. People who actually understand the issues are already preparing for an administration run by a Socialist novice and a Congress headed by aging Sixties survivors Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The media, the Democrat Party, the entire world, for that matter, is setting up a guy who sat in a racist Church for twenty years, worked as a street agitator in one of the most politically corrupt cities in the U.S., funneled money to leftist groups alongside an unrepentant terrorist who wants to bring down capitalism, has never really said what he stands for, as their Savior of the World.

By the way, I mentioned awhile back that Obama’s assertion that he barely knew that unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers, is being shown to be a bigger and bigger lie weekly, had written a blurb promoting Ayers’ book back, A Kind and Just Parent in 1997.

Well, the actual newspaper clip from The Chicago Tribune finally surfaced:

Obama Recommends Book Written by Casual Acquaintance, Bill Ayers


There’s more:

Won’t You Be My Neighbor … Writer Barack and Minister Farrakhan?


In case you argue that this was just some kind of bizarre coincidence, both Obama and Ayers appeared on a panel at the Community Service Center a few weeks before Obama's book blurb, a forum organized by Michelle Obama, then Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of the University Community Service Center.


Remember, this is the guy who just lived in Obama’s neighborhood, with whom he never had any close interaction, and just “happened” to serve on a foundation or two distributing millions of dollars in grant money.

Still think they rarely crossed paths? How about the revelation that, out of all the buildings in the entire city of Chicago, Obama and Ayers somehow managed to share the same office building at 115 South Samagon?

What a Coincidence! Obama and Ayers Happened to Share same Office Building.


I wonder if their paths ever crossed? Of course, I suppose if a man could attend 500 services run by a race-baiting anti-Semitic anti-white preacher like Jeremiah Wright and associate with a radical nutty priest Muchael Pfleger and not hear anything offensive, anything is possible.

Still think it’s about a few bombs Ayers set off when Obama was a little kid in Jarkata or wherever he was?

I know the news media is so busy looking up dirt in Joe the Plumber’s background so I’m happy to assist them in bringing this to your attention.

One way or other, I'm preparing for the possibility of A Democrat trifacta ... just in case. I've got my garden seeds already and I suggest you spend your next Democrat bribe stimulus check quickly, while a dollar is still worth a dime ... or a peso.

Thank me very much! ;-)


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