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cnn's wolf blitzer bombs on jeopardy


I understand he kept complaining after the questions that there was no teleprompter on the set. ;-)

Check the video:


You can apply your own punch lines. :-D

Will Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, and Katie Couric be next?

Don't you wish?

Here's more! San Francisco's Soda Tax!




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Sep. 18th, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
Seems a bit silly - but don't you think that guiding people towards better habits is a good thing? No I don't think that a tax on soda (or more - a specific and targeted putative tax on soda sellers)is reasonable. The efforts would be better spent doing educational efforts and awareness.

Then again, the government has no place educating people on these things - or anything - right? We should let the companies that hawk this stuff educate people on this area themselves. All corporations are the most ethical and morally behaved out there; and only have the best interest of the consumers in mind. It will certainly drive up the bottom line when Pepsi starts telling people how damaging 3 sodas a day are for a person. I guess they are suppose to already know it.

So I agree - the tax is dumb and will cost even more in legal defense until the law is finally and inevitably struck down. He's a dope.

So what is the solution? Allow us all to drift towards a diabetic culture of obese people raising more obese kids? Educational programs in these areas have improved health in the past; but there is a cost associated with that too - and spending on these things seems to be a problem too?
Sep. 18th, 2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
RE: ...the government has no place educating people on these things...

Who says that?

Perhaps the government should just ban everything IT thinks are "harmful": Alcohol, pornography, automobiles, sports, certain books, certain words, dissent, free-thought.

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION is the government empowerered to COMPEL us what to do? To confiscate our property and giive it to whomever it sees fit? To COMPEL us to live in a certain kind of house, with certain kinds of lights. To TELL us home much we can earn. What we can eat. To TAKE OVER huge sections of the economy?

The left is the most authoritarian and intolerant ideology there ever was, not because they want to TAX this and that, but because they want CONTROL.

More and more people are realizing that.
Sep. 18th, 2009 07:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
"Perhaps the government should just ban everything IT thinks are "harmful":":

Of course they shouldn't. I have said again and again they shouldn't.

Using that line of reason, why make marijuana illegal when it has a safer history of use than, say, Tylenol? Most of the death associated with it is due to the smuggling and has less to do with any real health related issues.

Why make Heroin or Absinthe, or (ok why not) prostitution illegal?

How much money would we save stopping the war on drugs and pulling in the tax revenues and tariffs on importing and retailing them?

Why stop there? Why not open up the door to all sorts of limitations on personal freedoms. All vice crime could be retailed and decriminalized!

< shakes head >

See - again - I agreed with you it was a dumb law . . . but I guess for the wrong reason ?
Sep. 18th, 2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
No. You missed my point. You no-growth, no boarders, redistribution of wealth, environmental wackos and busibodies want to control our lives with a central authoritarian elitist government that takes our liberty and property, empowers itself, and distributes freebies to an ever-increasing population, imported in from like-minded countries and encouraged in natives to remain in institutional dependency.

We aren't going to let that happen without a fight, Mike. That's why you see the left getting so desperate and hysterical.

They thought they had TOTAL control after the last election but didn't realize WE THE PEOPLE didn't vote for the bill of "goods" they are now selling.


All I hear are vague campaign speeches and pep talks to rile up his astroturf interest groups, who must be getting so tired of acting like a bunch of mind-number robots. I'd be embarrassed!
Sep. 18th, 2009 08:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
Oy Vey, Ed.

It's a fear monger nightmare fantasy.

As for the BHO Health Plan - As the process goes we are waiting to see what gets through Congress - If anything ever will. I don't care that it takes them as long as it is. Things like this should not be rushed and OBVIOUSLY this still needs ironing. I hate the current plan in the House. I have not had time to review Baccus' (no time to name check - sorry)plan; but as long as the same issues I keep harping on do not get attention I will not support it. Leaving the Insurance Companies in charge and Employers in charge of my health plan is evil. Forcing people to get coverage is not the right answer.
Sep. 18th, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
You should be embarrassed to use that term "fear monger" wen you did that all last year and everything I said has been coming to pass.

That's as weak as when liberals start to get beaten in the battle of ideas and start to scream RACIST!

Who was the real fear monger, Mike? Who is engaging in fear-mongering NOW! Has been for years! Obama and the Dems.

Did you see my Nancy "I'm A Fan of Disruptors" Pelosi with her dispicable race-baiting and predicting blood will be spilled - after ALL the HATE and VITRIOL from the left.

remember the books and plays on how to assasinate Bush? How if only Cheney's pacemaker malfunctioned. How Bush and the republicans wanted black people dead? Remember all that ***! I sure do. I saw it even on the pages on LJ and everyone thought that was really funny.

Spare me Mike! :-P
Sep. 18th, 2009 09:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
I would adjust Carter's (a FANTASTIC ex-President)words to say that a sizable - NOT large or even a majority - but a sizable bit of the rhetoric is racist. We still have a country with racial issues. We always will to some degree or another.

No fear except that I find the thicket of shrubbery to be a good riddance.

Fear? Nothing BUT fear from the Right. I have always shown support for the strength and will and ability of the American People. Those on the right just complain about how the bulk of the US pop. is a bunch of mindless drones. I think they need to look at their own.

Stats show the more educated the population - the more liberal they get. The more advanced the education within a population - the more liberal it becomes. Worldwide, the more advanced a nation becomes - the more liberal it becomes.

Yes I get nervous of the darkness of radical right wing (especially religious right wing) conservatives because of what they will do if they ever get their hooks into the country without the balance - BALANCE - of the left. If they ever get the House, Senate and WH we are DOOMED. I am happy to say I do not fear them and I know it will NEVER happen.

Ed - poor behavior on the part of some are simply poor behavior on the part of some. People like me could care less about the rantings of some liberal extremist that writes a play. I'm glad I live in a country where they can do that if they want to.

Sep. 19th, 2009 12:56 am (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
It's common knowledge that Carter, for all his good work, used racist ads against his opponent when he ran for governor against Carl Sanders in the early 1970's, including distributing leaflets of him hugging black people, etc.

One thing you can say about the right, they know the issues and have command of the facts. It's the O-bots on the left that fall in line to support whatever dear leader says.

Education leads to liberalism? You mean liberal schools produce little liberal robots who believe their leftist professors and close their minds to any facts that prove them wrong. That's intelligence.

That, Mike, is a bigoted statement if ever I heard one. Conservatives believe in liberty, freedom, individualism, personal responsibility, limited government, security, free speech, all because they are morons?

I suppose the founding fathers were morons, huh Mike? Conservatives believe in preserving the best of what we are, what is tried and true, what works best for all.

Liberals go with what "feels" right.

Btw, Mike. About 20% of people consider themselves liberals. More than half of the country is center right. Most of those people have watch the far left destroying this country and are FINALLY standing up to this insanity.

It's "perfessors" like TOTUS and his "intellectual" elites that have caused most of the problems in this country. And the fact that they think they have the temerity to think they are so much smarter than we makes me want to puke.

Holdren, Chu, Jones, Gates, Sebelius, Podesta, Geithner, Holder, Napalotino, Browner ... these people are the MORONS, Mike. And look what they're doing to prove it!

Next time, should a terrorist attack anywhere near you, be sure to call a bureaucrat ... preferably one from Hahvard or Yale.
Sep. 19th, 2009 01:29 am (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
Ya know... I keep saying it and I will keep saying it. No - you are not correct there. You cannot prove that "all" the conservatives, or even an overwhelming majority of them are in any greater command of the "facts". What they have is a greater acceptance and interpretation of what you consider facts and what you consider the right interpretation of the facts. As for what "feels" right - I will also continue till my last breath leaves me - it is all about Balance.

with a capitol B

Sadly, neither party understands that at all.

As for terrorists... Cops and Military tend to be of both / all parties. There is a reason I don't belong to one.
Sep. 19th, 2009 01:44 am (UTC)
Re: Suckin syrup and soda is just gonna make ya hotter
The polls and multitudes of studies have substantiated that over and over since the 1970's. Look at the educational background of the Democratic Party base as well. Totally ignorant of most aspects of history, politics, and issues. You're blowing hot air, Mike.

Read Alan Dershowitz on Jimmy Carter, btw. Hated all those Jews from way back. Called them Jew Bas****s. He used race to attract racist votes back then, and he's doing the same for the Democrats now, BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE MOST OF THE RACISM LIES.
Sep. 19th, 2009 01:54 am (UTC)
Re: tick tock
Only time will tell. I promise you, I am done with the two parties. They are both about as useless as can be imagined. I cannot wait for a real force of unification. A person that can really reach across the aisle (more than the current one - because Junior sure couldn't)and bring people together. Of course then all the religious nut jobs would start screaming about Revelations and the end of times. They need to check their history books on that one.

Boy I cannot wait the 8 years. I should archive all this and when the world is not in ruins I will smile . . . I might smile anyway. Things are just not as bad as the droning noise from the right makes it out to be.

In the end, none of this is going to matter.

Ed - what will you do when the world doesn't grind to a halt during the next 8 (hopefully longer) years.

I gleefully await the next conservative goon. LEt it be Palin, Let it be Palin, Let it be Palin... no that one's TOO easy - like feeding the lions. Besides, who knows if she would even finish her term? Even I finished mine and I HATED being in the service... Romney or Huckaby? YHEA - that would be good entertainment!

I just can't wait.

Sep. 19th, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
Re: tick tock
If it weren't for WE THE PEOPLE rising up against your goons, we'd be well on the way.

Go back and look at my 6 month post and tell me 52.7% of the American people voted for THAT.

You are either in denial or truly do not know what has been going on in this country, Mike.
Sep. 20th, 2009 03:49 am (UTC)
Seriously - an aside Not part of the thread , but where else would I put it?
You ignored this so I'm going to have at it again...

So I come back and say ACORN's people screwed up and bad. The place should be investigated and will be. How can this turn into comments like Hypocrite and Fascist? This is what I mean. Even when anyone on the left agrees with the right the attacks keep on.

I say Joe should not be rebuked (I even think they should open the floor to heckling), and it is completely ignored and I am accused of demanding acceptance of my POV.? Huh?

I ask for accountability for criminal activity and I am told I have no respect for the value of law - this is the same law that says innocent till proven guilty, a founding principle of this land?

I am told that only the left is prone to accusations of unamerican behavior and I cite prominent republicans that have made the EXACT same statements and it is ignored. I won't even bother the discussions on disruptions. I don't mind them, but when they destroy any hope of progress, yes it becomes a problem and needs to be reigned in like an unruly toddler. You know it too.

I agree with a detail you pull out and I am criticized for never accepting your word for anything. I clearly have. Just because I question your POV doesn't mean I disregard your facts. That word, "Facts", it doesn't extend to opinions or things that are beyond your realm of immediate knowledge. At least when I cannot answer 100% for something I have admitted that and even placed disclaimers.

Ed, I really think you have confused the "right" in a general sense, with your flavor of the "right" just as you have confused my flavor of the "left or middle" with your concept of the left (and I begin to believe you do not believe in the middle at all). There is NO WAY that you can, with a straight face, tell me that there is no villainy on the right. It is a fantasy! OF course there is - the left too. There are also many on the left that are service oriented people who really want to make things better. Who really see beyond profits, financial motives and the likes. There are plenty who have no interest in power and really only want balance and fairness where ever possible. Remove the political banter and what is wrong with that. Most religions (which I consider fraud) preach the same things. How is that somehow distorted into some nasty image of tyrants and dictators?

Speaking of Religions, HOW CAN the Catholic Church and several others (that get less media coverage for some reason) have all these scandals AND get caught attempting to conceal them at an organizational level, and people are not demanding they get forced out of business; and ACORN - in their fallible and human form (I laughed when I wrote that) gets caught (actually some of their people did - not the organization) and they immediately fire the people and the right is all but passing out the pitchforks and torches... and this is ok? Is it possibly only because the right sees them as a threat? Wow!?

*** If you were another flame bot on the web I wouldn't bother. I would chalk it off to ignorance; but I think you are above some of that.*** So without the political noise - really, how can you justify some of this, and why dodge these things. If they are so easy to diffuse, let's hear it. No name calling and right wing catch phrases...

Really - it is astounding. I would be writing a Masters Thesis on this if I were still in school.
Sep. 20th, 2009 02:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Seriously - an aside Not part of the thread , but where else would I put it?
Where did I say FASCIST in referring to ACORN. I did say Pelosi was a hypocrit for crying crocodile tears because of "protest speech" because she is and I can prove it. It is SHE and the DEMOCRATS and their supporters that have truly engaged in over-the-top hate speech --- not by fringe elements either, but from top to bottom.

When I'd bring up the relentlessly disgusting signs, jokes, movies, books, about Bush, Chaney, Palin, etc. (not to demand they be censored but to show who the left is) I was again pooh-poohed.

Imagine if someone wrote a book or made a movie about the assasination of this president, said he orchestrated the death of 3,000 people ... but not a whisper from the media during the previous eight years.

I have told you again and again when I refer to the left, I refer to the ideologues which have taken over the Democratic Party of which I still am a member.

John F. Kennedy was a moderate/conservative Democrat. Carter was a left-leaning DISASTER, but even he looks good in comparison to the radicals like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Boxer, etc.

This Democrat Party uses every dirty trick imaginable, and when nothing works, pull out the RACE CARD!

You want RACISM? Did you see my post on the hearings where BOXER insulted the head of the Black Chamber of Commerce, Harry Alford, by taking him to "Colored Town"? Not a second of reporting in the media.

No, Mike! I am an American, and when I expose The Left, I expose all the things I KNOW about what they want, how they do it, how they lie and mislead, how they become poverty pimp, etc.

And why bring up the Catholic Church. Yes, we know certain elements infiltrate organizations and do wrong. They are usually rooted out.

But the press has NO RESERVATION about reporting ANY CHARGE of scandal when it comes to a religious organization (with one notable exception) whether they have the FACTS or not, do they Mike?

NO, it's blasted all over the entire spectrum of the media, while that same media bends over BACKWARDS protecting their own.

FYI. Mike, Christianity does not condone pedophilia, adutry, or other crimes, perversions, and outrages.

There is a segment of society that does, though, isn't there? And they want to make teaching against what they consider "sin" - what? HATE SPEECH?

ANd you question why I prefer freedom, liberty, individualism, personal responsibility, limited government, patriotism, free speech, etc. over the rantings of The Left?

Seriously? ;-)
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