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Taking apart clocks and fun boy stuff

I may be regressing but I don't think so. There is something gratifying about taking things apart, fixing them, and putting them back together. I am not averse to tackling a brake job, water pump, busted drain trap, etc. However, I've never really had that much experience with wood.

Katrina changed all that. I've finally begun to tackle the repairs necessary to get my home back in order. Contractors are so hard to get for my kind of damage, their rates so high, and my repairs so time-consuming, I've chosen to go the do-it-yourself way until I reach projects I can't handle by myself---like putting up a new hip roof (or gable, I haven't decided).

I'd already ripped out the damaged paneling in my laundry room after the hurricane. Today was spent tearing out some sole plates and corner studs that needed replacing. I did it with my little pry bar, crow bar, hatchet, hammer and some tools from my dad, whose direction is much needed. I can tell you that building from scratch is a lot easier than ripping out old work and putting good wood back in.

It'll probably take me forever, but I've got a plan. I'll make the necessary repairs to the plates and studs and the other rafters and sills that need fixing first. I'll start tearing out the bad tongue-and-grove boards on my roof and then put in new plywood in preparation for a new roof. The soffits and fascia and gutters need work too. It's a lot of work. I have plenty of time; my only enemy is the weather.

Here's hoping for our continued and deserved share of blue skies.


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Nov. 15th, 2005 10:43 pm (UTC)
good luck with the repairs and I do hope you have lots of good weather!
Nov. 15th, 2005 11:52 pm (UTC)
You certainly sound busy! You have a heck of a job ahead of you - my grandmother's house is falling apart, and there's just not enough $ or available labor to get it all repaired any time soon. We're having to do it a little at a time, months in between projects...
Nov. 16th, 2005 03:35 am (UTC)
I've never been handy, unfortunately. I can take stuff apart but putting it back together the right way...well, that's another story. I wish you blue skies and successful repairs!
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