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I think he's working for the mainstream media.

I’m beginning to believe no one out there has read Nineteen Eighty-Four, maybe some of you haven’t even heard of it.

In the George Orwell novel, which I read in high school never even considering things like that could happen here, Winston Smith is employed by the Ministry of Truth for the purpose of re-writing newspaper articles to revise history, to make facts conform to the ideology and purpose of Party, and to advance The Party agenda and its cultish leader - Big Brother.

Thinking rationally and objectively were considered thought crimes.

People were subjugated, individuality crushed, privacy abolished with anyone and everyone under possible surveillance … all for the collective good.

Inconvenient characters from the past, or those eliminated by The Party, became “unpersons”. They ceased to exist.

Every time I watch or read the news, hear politicians and pundits speak, I see more and more elements from Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The POTUS says Jesus wants us to pay higher taxes and the slavish media swoon.

Major news networks have advance out-and-out propaganda and lies that:

Food stamp recipients have decreased under the current administration.

The size of government has remained at pre-Obama levels.

The economy is recovering.

Unemployment is decreasing and millions of jobs have been “created” through government policies.

Right out of Nineteen Eighty-Four as the government and their “ministries of truth” figure they have you so distracted and dumbed down you’ll believe anything.

Are you?

Do you actually believe that unemployment is going down … or do you know that this is all just smoke and mirrors, that there are MILLIONS of fewer people working since 2008 and that these supposedly shrinking numbers are simply accounting tricks?

For example, when your unemployment benefits run out (hard to believe but they can) you become an unperson.

You no longer exist.

You are counted no more.

Also if you simply give up trying. Go on the dole. Get your freebies.

You become an unperson.

It’s very unsettling.

The media simply don’t care anymore about educating you … telling you the truth.

They have an agenda to advance.

Watch for “unemployment” to "dip" below 8% just in time for the 2012 elections.

With fewer people working than have worked in decades. At lower wages. With less disposable income. And more and more inflation.

Such good news … huh? The economy is flourishing. The land of milk and honey is just around the corner ... just 4 more years ... and a few more trillions of dollars in debt. And more and more control over each and every aspect of your life.

With fewer and fewer workers paying for the entitlement (Democrat) class.

Happy? Scared? Clueless?

Be careful what you say.

Big Brother IS watching you.

Hmmm ... I wonder what it feels like to be an unperson?

Actually, I have a pretty good idea.


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