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fascism … "but he’s from new york!"


I know I’ve told this story before ... about my college days as news and then managing editor of the student paper - so I'll keep it short.

After a “discussion” with a visiting student in the newspaper office the day before about his objections to some piece I'd written, his “girlfriend” came in to dress me down for questioning his left-wing rhetoric.

After becoming increasingly agitated, she called me a FASCIST and, after I questioned her about whether she knew what fascism really was (she had no clue) she stormed out uttering the immortal words I shall never forget:

But he’s from New York!

Over the years I’ve had to challenge people over and over (sometimes the same person) on the origins and meaning of fascism and usually to no avail because … Well, they’re from New York (metaphorically)!

I invite you to research the facts for yourself … and that doesn’t mean from the likes of The Daily Kos, Media Matters, MoveOn.Org, and the Democrat Party/Media complex.

Some highlights you might want to check on - a few I learned about as far back as high school when history was actually taught - might include:

The Fabian Socialist utopians who counted as members the likes of George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells who (Wells) actually is credited with coining the term liberal fascism back in the 1920s.

The early “progressives” from whom today’s “liberals” evolved (classical liberalism was more like today’s conservatism) identified with dictators like Mussolini who subjected Italy to his own brand of fascism in which the state does not own businesses and the engines that turn the economy but basically regulates them and calls the shots.

Kind of like the "crony capitalism" and "partnering" between government and private industry under this administration ... which, along with the widespread corruption, explains why it has been such a disaster.

As GE's Jeffrey Immelt is finding out after taking all those subsidies and jumping into bed with the Obama administration.

Progressives and utopians, you see, are Statists who have no tolerance for democracy, parliaments, checks and balances … they want to get things done … as THEY want them done. The world, Wells noted, is sick of talking and negotiating and such obstacles as parliamentary democracies and representative self-government.

The NAZIS (National Socialists) had their own version of fascism … adding the quaint elements of racism and anti-Semitism to their formula.

Even the Nazi variant of Fascism found favor on the Left when it was only a movement seeking power in the 1920s.

And not surprisingly, Hitler had his admirers here among the left, including renowned sociologist, historian, and civil rights activist, W. E. B. Du Bois, even when American Jews, who knew better, expressed outrage, and only until it was too late and the horror of Hitler’s vision became clear.

Aside: For a clue as to where Hitler developed his views of race, check the eugenics movement which grew out of the progressive left … as did Planned Parenthood.

In 1933, DuBois declared that the Nazi dictatorship was “absolutely necessary in order to get the state in order” and as late as 1937 he said that “there is today, in some respects, more democracy in Germany than there has been in years past.”

Fascism, Socialism, Statism, dictatorships were all trumpeted by the Left in the 20s and 30s because they shared their agendas and methods

Until Hell broke loose.

And then there’s Conservatism … the “Right” … with devotion to free markets, limited government, individual sovereignty and responsibility, traditional values, religious freedom … free speech … all mocked and demonized by the fascists and their brothers and sisters of the left who want to control each and every aspect of our lives ... even what we must believe.

So … feel enlightened now?

Want to throw out that “FASCIST!” epithet without knowing what it even means again?

I know … it’s futile to try to change the mind of an ideologue.

Facts, to these, are like kryptonite to Superman.

But I never tire of telling the truth … because the truth is so easy and effortless ... and I so enjoy when someone tells me I "obviously" have no understanding of fascism. The truth flows like a cool mountain stream.

It’s deceit and revisionism that take so much effort.

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