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They don't listen!

Months ago, I did a post of a Saturday Night Live skit I absolute loved in which Keenan Thompson (Marvin) was confronted by a zombie-like coterie of school-mates who seemed oblivious to the fact he had a broken knee. They insisted on trying to “cheer him up”, to get him to jump and dance and perform all kinds of physical feats he obviously could not do and all despite his constant screaming protestations:

“Nobody listens! You’re not listening to what I say!” he kept yelling (or something like that) in both mental and physical torment until they finally left him alone exhausted and fallen on the ground.

I told you … you didn't listen … leave me here I tell ya… go away .. gooo awaaay!”



THAT’S the left! They not only don’t listen, it doesn’t compute when they do hear what you're saying.

Like Charlie Rose today when a Shell Oil executive schools him on oil drilling and EDUCATES him to the fact that those so-called Big Oil “subsidies” are NOT subsidies. They are the same deductions for costs all businesses have.

Did you know that? That when Obama says Big Oil is getting "subsidies" he is not telling the truth?

But that doesn’t matter to Rose. He just plows ahead and browbeats him, trying to get him to accept his narrative that Shell should just give Obama more of their money … as if that will keep gas prices down.

He doesn’t listen!


Or Gail Collins of the New York Times who just cannot understand why ObamaCare could be unconstitutional:

"I can’t believe this might be overturned. How can this law not be constitutional? The other alternatives are forcing taxpayers to cover the cost of the care in emergency rooms for people who don’t want to pay for their insurance, even if they can, or letting human beings just die on the side of the road. I can’t believe fiscal conservatives think either of those options is a good idea.

"Really, I have my hands over my ears. Not listening."

She’s not listening! And WON’T listen.

And you can go down the rogue’s gallery of liberal pundits, reporters, “experts”, and politicians … they can’t compute that the arguments they have ridiculed and mocked and dismissed out-of-hand could actually be valid.

And why is that?

They didn’t listen … and the reason they don’t listen?

Read what Jay Cost wrote in the Weekly Standard about what people like me have noted so often but not so concisely:

“The problem for the left is that they do not have a lot of interaction with conservatives, whose intellects are often disparaged, ideas are openly mocked, and intentions regularly questioned. Conservative ideas rarely make it onto the pages of most middle- and high-brow publications of news and opinion the left frequents. So, liberals regularly find themselves surprised when their ideas face pushback.

“I think that is exactly what happened with Obamacare. The attitude of President Obama (a former con law lecturer at the University of Chicago, no less!), Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid was very much that they are doing big, important things to help the American people, why wouldn’t that be constitutional? No less an important Democratic leader as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee cited the (nonexistent) “good and welfare clause” to justify the mandate.”

You might say that liberals are afraid of the facts and lack critical thinking.
Liberal talkers live in echo chambers where only people who share their collective thinking are allowed.

When reality slaps them in the face … collective cognitive dissonance

Radical liberals like Gail Collins and Chris Matthews (“I was TOTALLY UNPREPARED for prospect ...”) and Charlie Rose are always surprised amd dumbfounded.

Of course they are. Close-minded liberals won't listen to anyone else, rarely "talk" to anyone who may not agree with them (and only on their terms), and believe they are the soul of all intellect.

So now, if indeed ObamaCare IS overturned, what can we expect?

You only have to see the commentary that is going on now which is NOT focused on the actual Constitutional issues but on the POLITICAL aspects and how this will affect their Messiah … Barack Obama.

Get ready for the smears, the incivility, and the unrest.

And note where it is coming from.

You see, the radical left is incapable of defending their ideas on a level playing field.

And they just don’t listen.


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Apr. 1st, 2012 03:54 pm (UTC)
regarding The claim on Shell Oil...
Because I am going to start doing single issue posts responses - too many issues per post - not enough time to read all that at once and still have a functional life...

Of course this is the SAME GAME that the GOP uses in describing "tax increases" that are actually expirations of "tax breaks". It is an argument of semantics and the term used depends on which side of the argument you are on. If you believe so much in the free market then you should not believe they should be given tax breaks OR subsidies for what is the normal cost of doing regular business in an otherwise healthy industry that doesn't need the help.

And they are in fact subsidies:

1916 - Write off for drilling costs - every company drills I guess - so says the Shell Exec?
1926 - Write off for cost depletion - "...deduct costs based upon overall gross receipts and not just the actual value of the oil" - and of course everyone has these problems.

All I have time to research right now... sorry This is well enough.

As you have noted - we can only encourage corporate behavior two ways - legal restrictions and tax code.

You "freemarket at all costs" folks should be SCREAMING for these sorts of breaks to be removed. You HOWL when other energy industries get breaks. Apply these SAME brakes evenly to all companies in the energy sector or not at all. These breaks were applied to the oil industry (and the Shell Oil Exec apparently forgot to note that these two breaks are specifically worded to apply TO THE OIL PRODUCERS) around 100 years ago to help a relatively new industry gain footing and reduce the costs of developing product. Thought you guys were against that sort of thing... but anyway... so now lets give the emerging energy development industry the SAME breaks... and when these guys are making RECORD profits it is hard to justify continuing these paltry sums of tax breaks or subsidies.

Show me where this is wrong... I don't think you can.

Apr. 1st, 2012 03:56 pm (UTC)
then I read the rest of the post and realized it was completely unrelated to anything - and the above was really what the post was about. The rest was just an attempt to pick - so I'll simply ignore it.
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