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I’m sure there were few if any of you who saw the “inquisition” of the republican contenders for president yesterday, but allow me to mention a bright moment for me.

Finally, someone had the guts to tell it like it is about the “Scooter” Libby prosecution for perjury and obstruction of “justice” in the case of the outing of “so-called” covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson. I have been saying this since March and no one in the media has had the intestinal fortitude to examine the underlying issues.

Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani had the guts to tell the truth, and Milt Romney followed the lead. When asked by Wolf Blitzer (who in typical cowardly fashion tried to force a simple yes or no) whether he’d pardon Mr. Libby, Giuliani responded thusly (italics are mine):

GIULIANI: I think the sentence was way out of line. I mean, the sentence was grossly excessive in a situation in which, at the beginning, the prosecutor knew who the leak was…
BLITZER: So, yes or no, would you pardon him?
GIULIANI: … and he knew a crime wasn’t committed.
I recommended over a thousand pardons to President Reagan when I was associate attorney general. I would see if it fit the criteria for pardon. I’d wait for the appeal.
I think what the judge did today argues more in favor of a pardon because…
BLITZER: Thank you.
GIULIANI: … this is excessive punishment.
BLITZER: All right.
GIULIANI: When you consider — I’ve prosecuted 5,000 cases.
BLITZER: I’m trying to get a yes or no.
GIULIANI: Well, this is a very important issue. This is a very, very important — a man’s life is at stake. And the reality is, this is an incomprehensible situation.
They knew who the leak was.
ROMNEY: Hey, Wolf, can I explain…
GIULIANI: And ultimately, there was no underlying crime involved.
BLITZER: All right.
ROMNEY: This is one of those situations where I go back to my record as governor. I didn’t pardon anybody as governor, because I didn’t want to overturn a jury.
But in this case, you have a prosecutor who clearly abused prosecutorial discretion by going after somebody when he already knew that the source of the leak was Richard Armitage. He’d been told that. So he went on a political vendetta.
BLITZER: Was that a yes?
ROMNEY: It’s worth looking at that. I will study it very closely if I’m lucky enough to be president. And I’d keep that option open.

So contemptible this media can be. They try so hard to hide, minimize, and control the facts that go against their slanted views and agendas. Their questions from today are designed to create the headlines they've already written for tomorrow. They must really fear a leader who speaks plainly and, in the process, threatens to expose their biases. Their power to control works too, for how can you explain how so many politicians are afraid to open their mouths in disagreement? It is the people who suffer for this too, even those whgo are oblivious to what's going on. No wonder their ratings are dropping as those who do care are turning to other sources for their news. Unfortunately, there may not be enough objective and open-minded people out there to make a difference as more and more free open speech and honest debate is squelched.

I read this morning that the head of NASA apologized for expressing his “opinions” on man-made global warming. Apparently some scientists were offended. So sad.


We started to talk and you smiled
Sorta like you knew the way that I felt
You moved a little closer in a while
And I knew my heart was startin' to melt

(There was-a so much I wanted to say)
(But all the words came out this wa-a-a-ay)

C'mon now!
(Let's lock the door and throw away the key now)
(shom-dooby-dom, dooby-dom-dom)
(I can't wait to kiss you)
Oh, no!
(One little minute more)


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