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garbage in ... garbage out


Well, in many of my posts and conversations with people about “man-made global warming”, I have at times questioned the methodology that has “established” that a one degree temperature increase over the last hundred years or so has occurred. It is difficult to even imagine an average temperature given accurate information but I suppose it is possible. My own discussion of the “hocky stick” graph (mixing statistical apples and oranges) and the location of these temperature stations have also been at the center of my skepticism (see previous posts).

Well, a man named Anthony Watts has finally started investigating these surface temperature stations and come up with some not-so-surprising results. Since I have wondered aloud whether these temperature stations were located in rural areas, urban areas, around heat generating concrete, steel, highways, etc., his findings are a revelation to me.

Guess what?

Yes, some of these measuring stations are positioned next to airports ramps (where they can be affected by jet exhausts), atop buildings, in rooms with light bulbs generating heat, close to buildings, near trash burning bins, all which have the potential to inflate temperature averages in those immediate areas.

Our own weather stations in New Orleans will report temperature readings at various locations, and the airport readings, off the top of my head, will always be a few degrees above the other temperatures in the area … which may be important to people who work at the airport and to the anti-capitalist, agenda-driven, man-made global warming crowd.

Stay tuned because the individual who did the study is looking for another server to handle the “man-made” avalanche that has occurred after people have found out about his study and tried to go to his website, which you may yourself find soon at:


Other stuff:

New evidence has also been presented indicating, as I previously discussed, shrinking of Kilamanjaro’s glaciers is a natural and cyclical phenomenon, Greenland’s ice density has been increasing, as well as that of Antarctica, etc., etc. That doesn’t bode well for people who are looking for money from industrialized nations for “causing” their individual climate changes.

Additionally, someone has challenged the United Nations to produce the names of those 200 plus “climate scientists” who support their Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) study on climate change. You’d think they’d have a list immediately at hand but the response from the U.N. was … uhhhh … we’ll have to get back to you on that. Could it be that some of these people are not the big shot experts they are presented as being?

You'd think someone in the big old media would ask these kinds of questions ... I mean, that's Journalism 101. Of course, the answers might not fit their agenda.

Sorry to throw so much cold water on so many of you Believers, but it’s good to hear both sides, isn’t it? No?



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