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Random thoughts on the Katrina blame game

Let's face it. Neither Nagin nor Blanco had any real plan or coordinated effort to deal with what they claimed they knew would happen. If there was a plan it went the way of the winds, not to belittle those on the ground who performed heroic feats. Every order and action by state and local government, however, seemed initiated by the "seat of their pants."

The lack of communication and pious "breast beating" at a federal government "that has abandoned us" was embarrassing and non-productive. The anguished tears and cries for foreign governments to send help were surreal. Were these early shots to deflect criticism and avoid responsibility? Methinks they did protest too much.

Examine the early comments and things become clearer. Nagin advised non-evacuees he was opening the Superdome as a last resort shelter but said everyone would be own their own. There would be no food, no water, no bathroom facilities, he emphasized, so come prepared. He then blamed FEMA for not getting supplies there quick enough and not evacuating tens of thousands of people after the fact. When asked about the school bus issue he proclaimed, "You're thinking small man! They need to get every Greyhound bus driver's ass down here now!" Right!

Ms. Blanco stood up after the levees broke and actually blamed the people who didn't evacuate for their predicament before the chorus of complaints were directed toward the federal government. "We told you to leave!" she admonished the victims, many who had no means to do so nor any place to go. Check the early press conferences before all hell broke loose.

As commander in chief she could have ordered in the national guard immediately but didn't. Too expensive for out poor State? Sad if it was so. The litany of mistakes and misinformation could line Canal Street from the river to the cemetery. While the politicians patted each other on the back, Katrina's victims were beating their heads against the wall.


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Sep. 29th, 2005 06:18 pm (UTC)
How are things back on the Westbank?
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