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the times they are a changin'


Oh, what, the YouTube presidential debate? Are you kidding me?

What is this … high school? I’ve never seen so many empty suits, simplistic empty questions and insipid uninspiring canned responses. Too bad nobody watches these spectacles because the more these democrat candidates open their mouths, the more obvious it becomes how much we have to fear from putting them in office. On the other hand, it’s very likely that a “majority” of people will actually elect one of these people and for shallowest of reasons --- "it’s time for a change" (oh, that’s a good one - and so unique!), "he seems like a nice guy", "let a woman try", Great smile and nice hair", and "I like his sincerity", … etc. Deep huh?

OMG! This is not a teen popularity contest! Not a Prom King and Queen selection. This is serious! And not a single probing question or follow-up about the most serious question of out time … the war on terror. Oh, of course … I forgot. It doesn’t really exist, does it? Like the killing fields of Cambodia and Vietnam never happened either (according to John Kerry). Like the two plus millions of victims in Sudan haven’t been Christians and black-skinned Muslims, murdered at the hands of Islamic jihadists. The war on terror is just a slogan, you see, and any mention of the true perpetrators is followed by hang-wringing, threatened lawsuits, and finger pointing at the administration.

No worry though … Barack Hussein Obama has already said the U.S. should never use the military to prevent genocide, so it‘s okay to “cut and run“ and leave our allies and innocent people in the lurch. I’m sure that comforts the croissant crowd but I’m not sure how the people who actually know how dangerous a place the world is feel. Uh, what has this guy ever done? Maybe someone from Illinois can explain what made the media turn this guy Into such a “rock star”. Hasn’t this “new and improved and fresh” thing been seen for what it is yet? How many “it’s time for change” slogans will people fall for before they realize it’s the same old same old and they are being taken for suckers. Hasn’t anybody grown past their high school days yet?

Of course, people like Clinton, Obama, and Edwards never get challenged and never get tough or embarrassing questions. Oh, you want to reason with blood thirsty irrational dictators who want to wipe the free world off the globe? Okay, Mr. Obama … what would you tell them? You’re sorry the previous administration picked on them? *LOL* What a joke. The man's afraid to talk to FOX News!

And Mrs. Clinton … you obviously haven’t a sincere bone in your body. You will say anything you think will help you politically, even if it means contradicting yourself again and again and again. Barack's naive? You just critized the Presidnt for NOT talking to these same madmen a few months ago. Of course no one in the media will mention that, will they? "Bring people together"? "End secrecy in the White House"? Oh ... come now! Does that mean you'll outsoarce the bimbo eruption squad? Or make it bi-partisan?

What an agenda this party has! Raise taxes even more, surrender to our enemies, take over the health industry, limit free speech, control what children are taught, open the borders, change the culture of this country, continue the man-made global warming charade, stick their nasty fingers into every segment of society they can, and make as many people dependent on them so that they can have an ever-increasing government and bureaucracy. As if government can do anything right! Of course they count on enough people wanting to get their "freebies" so they really don't have to be logical, do they? Just make the "rich" pay. Yep, they have quite an agenda ... no matter how they twist it into platitudes and ignore the ramifications of what they want to do. Why do you think they want another fifty million "illegal immigrants" legalized?

But do you think they worry you’ll notice how empty and dangerous this all is? Of course not. They’ll never hear an embarrassing question … never be probed with a follow up, never have past statements thrown up to them, nor their associations, nor their (lack of) accomplishments. They pick and choose who they allow to interview them so what do you expect? Well, if you want the progressives (liberal/socialists) at CNN, and MSNBC, and the "kids" on YouTube (how manipulative and what a bomb! - only 663,000 18-49 Viewers), etc. to tell you what you need to hear - be my guest. But don’t whine and complain later when we reap the fruits of your indifference and naiveté. Actually, that may not be an issue anymore since the chances are good criticism might not be allowed anyway.


Oh, the ragman draws circles
Up and down the block.
I'd ask him what the matter was
But I know that he don't talk.
And the ladies treat me kindly
And furnish me with tape,
But deep inside my heart
I know I can't escape.
Oh, Mama, can this really be the end,
To be stuck inside of Mobile
With the Memphis blues again.



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