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the news keeps getting better and better


It sometimes happens in a people amongst which various opinions prevail that the balance of the several parties is lost, and one of them obtains an irresistible preponderance, overpowers all obstacles, harasses its opponents, and appropriates all the resources of society to its own purposes. - Alexis De Tocqueville, "Democracy in America", 1831.

Learn your history friends!

Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s faces must have dropped to the floor when new Prime Minister of Great Britain praised the United States’ war on terror.


You see, despite having to play politics, most "leaders" have at least some semblance of a spine, understand what’s going on in the world, and know the consequences of their words and actions. Most of them. They can also smell progress and success and want to be a part of it.

The Democratic Party is, of course, invested in defeat. Any success in Iraq and elsewhere spells potential defeat for them in 2008, at least the radical slash-and-burn wing of the Democrat Party and their fringe kooks, and possibly for years to come. They’ve promised to bring the troops home but don’t have the guts to cut off funding and force the issue. They’re famous for criticizing and complaining and attacking, but they are short on answers and vision, preferring to buy their votes with promises of goodies for their supporters. They’ve resorted to harassing and demonizing the current White House for political advantage, whining and posturing, but retaining the ability to either point the finger later or take credit depending on the good or bad that might occur.

I can guarantee you Hillary will reverse her position once again, bury the shrill speeches about how she was "tricked" into her vote, how Bush lied, etc. and drag out the videos and statements she made which showed her disdain for Saddam and support for the war. Poor Barack ... he was "agin" it from the beginning and is stuck with that. So watch if there are any signs that things are improving in the next 16 months! It will be fun to watch.

Even the New York Times (with it shrinking readership) is publishing evidence (by members of the LIBERAL Brookings Institute no less) that there has been great progress in Iraq:


Also on Sunday, poor Chris Matthews was sputtering even more than usual on the CMS at the observations of liberal reporters who echoed these sentiments and acknowledged that withdrawal would be disastrous and lead to a bloodbath.

An accident? A coincidence? Of course not. The liberal main-line media doesn’t work that way. It’s called “COVERING YOUR BUTT” in case “OH, MY GOD! WE’VE BEEN WRONG!” Or worse, "OMG! We've known this all along but have been holding it back to protect the Dems and now we're being found out." With their feeble readership and viewership, negative ratings in public opinion polls, and an actual potential for success in Iraq, they don’t want to be held accountable for their biased blatherings over the past five years and are, IMHO, positioning themselves to APPEAR to be objective.

Of course, events can turn on a dime, but I’m sure the Dems (“This war is lost!”) are trying to figure out how to take credit for success should history prove them to be the weak agenda-driven collection of politicians they are. It would probably be something like, “Had we not pressured the President, none of this success would have happened.” *LOL* The sad part is that President Bush is so gracious he’d give the military the most credit but would probably share the success with his political opponents. We’ll see, won’t we?

Of course, as I indicated, this is still a long-term struggle. It should not be about partisan politics, but such is the nature of our political system and especially this new version of radical “liberalism/socialism”. When proved wrong, people don’t want to be seen with egg on their faces, however, so look for a subtle shift in the template they follow. There IS an election coming up, you know, and a report on The Surge in September.

Maybe they’ll start changing their tune about man-made global warming too. Do you think? You know, it’s nice to be right but nicer to be intellectually honest and an objective searcher for truth. There aren’t too many of those these days. I look at them as nuggets of gold when I find them. Of course there are those who only see the light when it’s advantageous for them to do so. I suppose we’ll have a chance to know some day who said and did what and what their differences were depending on who writes this history. Thank God we still have a measure of free speech in this country, in SPITE of those elite snobs who would just as well some people would be silenced.


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