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I try to make sure I document everything I think needs clarification but occasionally in my conversations, e-mails, and journal comments, people will say things like, “I’ve never heard that before or I don’t agree with your facts.” Differences of opinion are fine with me, but it's frustrating when people are missing out on details either through their own lack of time to research or, unhappily, when it is not provided them from their news sources. So, if you get most of your news from NPR, CNN, CBS, David Letterman, Chris Matthews, and/or other comedians, I encourage you to allow yourself a little more variety.

I mentioned to a good friend recently that countries like Canada have been having tremendous problems with their socialized healthcare system and are considering reforming it to allow for private insurance and healthcare. Now, if you depend on Michael Moore (whom I once actually had a soft spot for), Hillary Clinton, and the other “progressive” elites who want to sell you yet another pig in a poke, you may not know of this debate in Canada as well as other countries. As for me, I read both sides and when I want to know what Canadians think of their system I don’t listen to anecdotal evidence, I read their papers. Here’s a recent sample of my sources for those friends who occasionally forget or don't realize I rarely form emotional opinions without facts. Check this out:


There is so much propaganda out there and, not surprisingly, the people behind it are the same ones who want to control the flow of information. Having an early background in journalism, I am appalled at this and, on the flip side, am mystified as to how people can allow themselves to at once be indoctrinated and then even consider the argument that certain voices ned to be silenced.

Without free speech and critical thought, elites would feel even more confident in their ability to twist facts, suppress facts, and on occasion, just plain lie. A free press is supposed to be an important check on the ability of political institutions’ to lie and propagandize. However, when the media makes no bones about promoting and advancing certain political philosophies, we are in trouble as a country.

Joe Scarborough recently reported that on his first day at MSNBC, the news staff stood up and started booing during a presidential state of the union address. That should come as no surprise. Despite denials of bias by journalists who maintain they are objective, every poll and study of bias in the news has shown a liberal bent for decades. When I was in college, the topic of journalistic “activism” was a common one. When virtually the entire media seems to have succumbed to that spirit, when Democratic presidential candidates refuse to speak to Chris Wallace, when a former first lady can declare her support for the military and no one asks her about her husband’s “I loathe the military” attitude where military readiness was cut by over 25% from 1993-2000 when our enemies were declaring war on us and plotting against us, when our representatives turn on their constituents and bend over backwards to give away the store to illegal immigrants (their “comprehensive plan was thwarted but now they are trying AGAIN piece-by-piece), I wonder if it is possible that enough of us will ever wake up in time.

Oh, for a good example of where your tax dollars are going, check this out:


"Public propaganda" television strikes again.


You can hear his long holler from away 'cross the moor
That's the holler of a werewolf when he's feelin' poor

He goes out in the evenin' when the bats 're on the wing
An' he's killed some young maiden before the birds sing

For the werewolf, for the werewolf
Have sympathy
'Cause the werewolf he is someone
Just like you an' me


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