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I've learned more about the arrest and tasering of the student Andrew Meyer at the University of Florida yesterday.

The student is reportedly a prankster who probably intended to create a scene and apparently made sure his 15 minutes of fame was recorded.

He may not have anticipated the taser bit (I've talked to people before who say it is extremely painful). That said he milked the situation for all it was worth.

I think two things are obvious though.

First, campus police is what it is. The woman who tasered Mr. Meyer has probably seen too many cop shows and, from her appearance on the tapes, looked to be physically incapable of handling the situation in any other way. I wonder what percentage of taser use might be attributed to "under-qualified" personnel.

I still think they over-reacted despite the student's juvenile and rude behavior and, although this was more or less intended to provoke this reaction, I think it still is indicative of deeper free spech issues.

Second, John Kerry looked like a deer in the headlights. This is not surprising. He was probably awaiting orders from the United Nations for permission to intervene.

I think his reaction is very telling. It was an opportunity to show guts and leadership and he just stood there paralyzed, not knowing what to do. Thank you God and America that this man never became president!

Likewise the students who kind of giggled and stood by helplessly. Students today are being programmed into this Kerry-like passivity, at least the male students. It appeared the only ones really upset were the girls! Hhhmmmmm ... A woman tasers a man and more women get upset. Interesting.

Finally, just for fun, I recalled the time I learned what the word TASER comes from. As a lover of kids books and a storyteller of such stories myself, I thought I'd share what I discovered a few years ago when I first got a computer and began digging up all kinds of senseless and useless information.

So, JUST FOR MY FRIENDS NOW, the origin of the word TASER!

HEY! I said "Friends Only"! ;-) Kidding!

Thomas "A" Swift's Electric Rifle

Get it?


Hee hee hee! The ORIGINAL Taser Boy!

The "A", by the way, was simply added to make the acronym more readable. To my knowledge, Tom Swift's middle name or initial was never revealed. Hope you enjoyed that little tidbit. Now, go tell all your friends.

I may manufacture my own t-shirts. *lol*


There goes a loser, another loser gone
There goes another, another who's alone
There goes a loser, another loser gone wild
I don't mind if violins don't play
I won't listen to them anyway
I don't care what people say
Some things just can't be arranged
Icy fingers touching you.
Silent voices calling too
What else is there to lose-
I am here but where are you?




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Sep. 21st, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
have you read it is it a good (kids) book?

Just finished another Phillip K Dick book. They are getting hard to find.

Sep. 21st, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
I skimmed them as a kid in the school library, mostly looked at the "cool" pics. Lots of futuristic gadgets, etc., at least in the second series (Tom Swift, Jr.). They seemed a lot more exciting than The Hardy Boys which were easier for me to read. I'll have to read one or two for old times' sake soon.
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