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is anyone going to demand a recount?


... although I doubt it, with so much of the "discussion" being controlled by people who have jumped blindly on the bandwagon and the powers that control them.

Yes, It is a predictable but unfortunate outcome. Al Gore has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his promotion of the theory of man-made global warming, a man-made global crisis and planetary emergency based on information that many independent, informed, and critical thinkers recognize as an flawed, overblown, and politically motivated science.

Mr. Gore and his followers would have you believe theirs is not a political movement. And yet:

There have been proposals that criticism and differing viewpoints should be criminalized and that meteorologists who express different opinions have their licenses taken away. They will not debate nor allow dissent. So much for open minds and free speech, huh? Sounds like fascism to me.

I saw the new United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon last night assert that the 15 year-old genocide in Darfur was caused by global warming and an enraptured Charlie Rose asked him if more conflicts would result if we and the other major “polluters” do not get our acts straight. How convenient to coincide their remarks with the Al Gore award! But these coincidental pronouncements are not supposed to be political, are they?

On a side note, Jimmy Carter insists the murder of male Christians and black Muslims, and the rape of young girls and women in the millions by Arab Muslims in Sudan is not genocide, although the look of embarrassment on his face, his stutter, and the way his eyes averted those of his interviewer were telling.

Jimmy says the violence and killing have subsided. Uh, yeah ... they've slaughtered what? a couple million already and countless others have either escaped or been put into camps. I would think that it would subside eventually.

So you see? We now know that Al Gore is helping to prevent global wars and conflicts in his MMGW crusade.

NASA director James Hansen was recently called on to explain how new data revealed that most of the hottest years on record were not in the last 10 years but in the 1920’s and 30’s.

His response? Well, the differences are not that great, he claims, and isn’t new temperature measurement more accurate than that of 50 or 100 years ago?

What? Do you not see the hypocrisy of this double-speak? When they assert today’s temperatures are hotter, the data from 75 years ago is fine. When their programs are shown to have flaws in them and show different results from the ones they want, that same data is suddenly not as good as today’s.

AND, the differences are suddenly not that significant. This is the hypocrisy of the man-made global warming crowd. When confronted with real facts and criticisms, they change the subject and/or attack the data.

It’s no surprise that we have learned that Hansen received several hundred thousand dollars in George Soros foundation grants (there seems to be some doubt as to whether it was in the 500 or 900 thousand dollar range). But a political agenda? Of course not.

Recent reports blast how Artic sea ice has been melting at record (since they really started measuring such things in the 1970's) levels. Again, there is no discussion of similar melting in decades past when the Northwest passage obviously had enough melting of sea ice to allow explorers to pass.

Also, the reports don't balance that with data that show Ice over land masses, like Antarctica are at record levels too. Sea ice melts due to warm water streams and the complexity of this worldwide circulation involves far more than simple temperature fluctuations.

Btw, as I've mentioned many times, where glaciers HAVE receeded, scientists have found evidence of forests and civilizations where there has more recently been ice. Common sense tells you that this has happened before. Why isn't this part of the discussion? Maybe because it doesn't fit the political agenda perhaps?

Also, calls to monitor the temperature measuring stations in the U.S. are still being ignored and results under-reported, despite evidence of many problems with their methodology. Check out some more pics of shoddy temperature measuring stations here:


Should we really pour concrete and asphalt under temperature stations and have them adjacent to air conditioning hot air exhausts if we want them to have meaningful results? There are some other interesting articles here so check them out. I’ve covered many of these issues before but it’s important to educate yourself before the GW thought police have us all arrested.

And, of course, the likes of Al Gore should be an inspiration to all. You can indeed fool some of the people all of the time. On the other hand, unfortunately, the truth is often hard to come by and even harder to get out.


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