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It’s the nature of the beast.

Some people get the forces and resources of the powers in the media and government heaped upon them in orchestrated vendettas for even the suggestion of impropriety. Others get a pass or, in some cases, their sins are not even mentioned.

The Hillary Clinton fund-raising scandals continue and there is barely a mention in the mainstream media. Where are the calls for an FBI investigation? When are the concerns which led to McCain-Feingold, the corruptive influences of money, especially dubious contributions, going to be brought up again?

The Washington Post did have an OP-ED on the newest revelation of the continuing story of suspicious fund-raising by Chinese interests, a pattern that first came to light during the Bill Clinton administration but has for some reason not been deemed worthy of serious investigation. Indeed, on Meet the Press, Tim Russert had yet another Hillary “love fest” with a panel of woman commentators (and Tim) waxing eloquent on the virtues of Senator Clinton.

There was no mention of the latest eyebrow raiser, of course, dishwashers, service workers, sellers of Rolex knock-offs and stolen goods, and the general working poor in New York‘s Chinatown, some with bogus names and addresses, contributing $1,000-$2,000 apiece to Hillary’s campaign totaling some $380,000 so far.


John Kerry raised $24,000 there for his entire campaign for the presidency. Now of course we are a diverse country and a foreign-sounding name in and of itself should not raise red flags but given the history of the Clintons, the Chinese military, Johnny Chung, Norman Hsu, and on and on, isn’t it time someone starts to connect the dots?


Oh, and just a couple of comments about the terrible fires in California and the drought and water shortages in and around Atlanta. I’ve been hearing the “It’s Global Warming” hysteria again. To all those pople affected, I pray for your health and safety, but to the Al "Gore-Bots" I have some news.

Friends! When you build cities and homes in the California desert, stuff happens. Likewise Atlanta. A city which has swelled to three million, originally founded because of the proximity to railroad routes with limited water resources, is a recipe for eventual disaster. Man's technology can do just so much. We have periodic stretches of below average rainfall here in the New Orleans area but, as has been well documented, we are surrounded by vast resources of water. That’s why so many large cities and populations are located on the coasts or on major rivers.

As an aside, can you imagine what would happen if the environmental wackos start seeding the clouds with ground-up rubber tires like they're proposing. Imagine what that might do to our water supply.


Or am I not supposed to use common sense?

P.S. I was amused at Harry Reid’s shameless attempt to turn his lying Media Matters directed attacks on Rush Limbaugh into an attempt to share in Limbaugh’s raising over $4.2 million for the children of Marines and police officers killed in action. What a weasel! What he should have done was apologize for spreading a LIE from the Senate floor and maybe join the other 40 Senators who signed onto his ridiculous letter in contributing to the charity. Think the media will demand an apology? Think they’ll actually tell the real story at all? *lol*


Chinatown, my Chinatown,
Where the lights are low;
Hearts that no no other land
Drifting to and fro.
Dreamy, dreamy Chinatown,
Almond eyes of brown;
Hearts seem light and life seems bright in
In dreamy Chinatown.



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Oct. 22nd, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
Who in their right mind is saying that the southern California fires are due to global warming? Certainly not a native southern Californian! This is a bi-annual phenomenon that takes place every year, no matter what the weather, and it is actually part of the natural order of things here! It would happen whether there was human habitation here or not! And the fires are actually good for the environment out here! (Not safe for humans or animals, but good for the soil.)
Oct. 23rd, 2007 01:10 am (UTC)
There have been any number of stories over the years of the alleged GW impact, this one being the latest that caught my eye today:


Just as we here are subject to the interaction of the the warm humid air from the Gulf and the drier, cooler air from the North, you guys are subject to the hot dry desert air and the low pressure moist air from the Pacific, as you well know.

Our coastline was rebuilt over the centuries by periodic flooding but civilization, the building of levees, etc. have upset the natural balance. The normal sediment that used to flow down toward us is artificially diverted upstream and even the course of the river is artificially maintained.

We can do great things but Mother Nature has a way of kicking back. All solutions seems to create new problems, don't they?
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