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Facts are pesky little things, aren’t they?

Yes, I'm back to my jogging, up to 2 miles so far, and when I'm running my mind turns over many of the things that interest me. Some thoughts:

Mum's the word!

Writers go on strike and some of the most erudite and witty entertainers and conversationalists in the business suddenly become mute. Talk shows with people who can't talk without writers is a fun concept. Next may be reporters (on CBS) who can't report if their writers go on strike. Interesting.

Hillary campaign threatens Wolf!

Hillary Clinton has a couple of bad weeks and now her husband and staff are demanding the debate rules be changed and still attacking people like Tim Russert who get in her way. We now discover that friendly questions have been planted at her events …


... confirming what people have been saying for years … the Clinton machine is controlling, intimidating, and manipulative, and strikes out viciously when crossed (Remember when she accused a young man of asking her a planted question on Iran?). More recently they call the waitress who revealed she hadn't received a tip a liar, accuse the "boys" of piling on, and now poor Wolf Blitzer has been given his marching orders concerning the next CNN debate. I can see the CNN promos now. Will the big bad wolf be intimidated by Red Riding Hillary? Stay tuned!

Talking points.

Presidential candidate Gov. Bill Richardson cited comments by our Iraqi commander Gen. Ricardo Sanchez as evidence that the war is a quagmire and all is lost. Uh, Governor Richarson, Gen. Sanchez hasn’t been commander in Iraq since June of 2004 and has since been replaced by first Gen. William Casey, Jr. and then by Gen. David Petraeus.

You’ve got to give these people credit for sticking to their talking points since Chris Wallace brought this to his attention and it didn’t phase him one bit. Facts don't matter to these people.


No wonder the Dems hate Fox News.

Hollywood flops.

Speaking of Iraq, anti-war Hollywood is rotting beneath its own festering body fluid. The collection of much ballyhooed anti-Iraq War/U.S. films recently released are being ignored by the paying public. Rendition, The Valley of Ellah, The Kingdom, Redacted, Lions for Lambs, and others are flopping terribly.


Reviewers and commentators are trying to say that the public is just war-weary, perhaps are confused as to who the enemy is (?), and generally rationalizing as to why these anti-America movies are being rejected. The Dems should be worrying along with the producers and executives in Hollywood at the mood of the public. Hey guys, for the most part, we don’t believe we are the bad guys. We may object to the way the war has been conducted, but most people who are educated on the subject understand who we are fighting and what we are fighting for.

They came here and killed 3,000 people, would love to kill 1,000 times that many, and are making inroads all across the globe. The Iraq war is a continuation of the first Gulf War, but it is now the main front in our war against Islamo-fascist terrorism, a war that was brought to us and ignored in the 1990’s leading to the events of September 11, 2001. Remember? We're kicking their butts and, although events can change, things are going so good that you don't hear much about Iraq on the news. ABC's Charles Gibson had the nerve to say recently that "the news from Iraq is that there is no news." You see, only bad news is news to these people.

Here’s hoping some of the brave man and women who have been making the sacrifices to preserve this country run for office when they return.

Socialist teen agnst.

I read where Karl Marx had a terrible skin condition and often spoke and wrote about getting back at all the women who spurned him in his tender years. To be poor, unpopular, and ugly to boot is a lethal combination. It’s all about not getting laid for some people, isn’t it? Sound familiar?


"It is the greatest scam in history."

The media and elitist global government crowd continue to work in concert advancing us toward a time where the few and the privileged control and regulate our lives. Businesses like General Electric and others stand to make a fortune developing widgets to help us do something about the weather. The voices of opposition are many but they are speaking against a tidal wave of propaganda, arguments that have long been made to be seen as suspect, overstated, and sometimes outright wrong.

Check out the thoughts of this latest "skeptic", The Weather Channel's founder who calls it a "scam":


I heard him interviewed and he echoed many of the points I have been bringing up over the last nine months.

Being a wild-eyed liberal/progressive/radical/revolutionary is easy, isn’t it? You don’t have to know anything about government, the Constitution, the separation of powers, true facts, and the issues of the day. Just follow the template, beat your chest, whine, point fingers at the opposition and blame everybody else for your problems. Being informed and objective is much tougher. So don't let the empty suits fool you. Inform yourself. And remember ... you actually have to work at it.


They got little hands
And little eyes
And they walk around
Tellin' great big lies
They got little noses
And tiny little teeth
They wear platform shoes
On their nasty little feet

Well, I don't want no short people
Don't want no short people
Don't want no short people
'round here



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Nov. 13th, 2007 06:31 pm (UTC)
I wonder how far I would get jogging? :)

o epmfrt jpe gst o epif hry kphhomh
That is Hanna saying what I just said. LOL
Nov. 13th, 2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
Well, if you're jogging in front of me you'd better keep moving.

Hanna's typing is improving. ;-)
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