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dirty tricks and gotchas


WOW! The Clinton machine promised to get nasty, and they’re off to a great start. Not!

Barack Obama, a genuinely likable guy no matter his views, claimed in Iowa that he hadn't been running for president as long as most of his opponents. The Clintons dug deep and found a kindergarten teacher who disputed that claim, recalling an essay written by the 6-year or so old Barack entitled, “I Want to be President.”

This is the first time I saw that mentioned by that kindergarten teacher back in January:


Oh, my! GOTCHA, huh Hillary? You're so right! Can this man really be trusted to tell the truth now? You've really come out swinging, haven't you! *lol* Oh, for cryin' out loud! You must REALLY be worried at those sinking poll numbers.

There's more. Over the weekend, Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson accused Barack of having PAC slush funds.


This would all be just too funny if these people weren’t serious. Slush funds? This accusation from a woman and husband BJ (who increasingly is acting as though it‘s he who’s the one running) who have been involved in scandal after scandal in fund-raising. These problems have continued throughout their careers in the public eye, from their time in the Arkansas governor's mansion, later receiving contributions from the Chinese military, ex-convicts who were pardoned by the first Clinton president, having brothers extorting money from others who were trying to get on the pardon list, and more recently in more questionable bundling of funds by Norman “On the Lam” Hsu and the contributions of thousands of dollars by poor dishwashers and low-income residents of Chinatown and elsewhere.

It takes a lot of nerve, or confidence that you won’t be challenged, to accuse others of not telling the truth, all the while burdened with a history of committing offenses over and over that the media just refuses to seriously scrutinize.

The Clinton formula never changes, does it? Deny, accuse, and take credit for anything positive that happens. Oh, it helps to have an enabling media. Ask the Republican candidates that were blindsided by planted questions and Clinton operatives at the recently CNN-sponsored YouTube debate, after the same CNN loaded the Democrat debate with Hillary supporters, what it feels like to be set up.


Notice how much hate there is all around lately? Isn’t that “Teddy Bear” incident in Sudan just too much? Such brave men storming the streets with their three-foot swords, demanding the head of a gentle 54-year-old British woman who’s spent years trying to help children. Not to mention the French “youths” (the French are not permitted to describe who these “youths” are so as not to offend) torching even more cars and beating people senseless with bats and tire irons, severely injuring others with shotgun blasts. Of course, it’s not their fault, is it? We must be tolerant of their intolerance.

It's amazing. Sometimes, the nicer you are the more you're hated. For shame.


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