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pre-caucus gaffes and funnies


Not enough is being said about the presidential candidates’ glib comments concerning the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, particularly Sen. Clinton who, as I observed earlier, apparently didn’t get her talking points quickly enough. Now, as she opens her mouth more often, it is evident that her political advisors don’t have a firm grip on the nuances of foreign policy anyway.

Clinton noted Sunday on George Stephanopolous' show that, after the assassination of Bhutto, President Musharraf could very well be the only candidate on the ballot! I’m sure political science professors were upchucking eggnog on that one, although the significance of her statement probably went over the heads of 99% of the people who heard it.

You see, Sen. Clinton, the smartest woman in the world, didn’t know that Musharraf had already been re-elected President in October. Remember the big to-do about him having to stop wearing his military uniform? The new elections are parliamentary and Bhutto was running for Prime Minister.

Oh, the horror!

It is about as bad a gaffe as the one that sunk Gerald Ford in a 1976 debate when he stated that Poland was not a Soviet satellite state. The result was that we got political "outsider" Jimmy Carter, double digit inflation, gas shortages, the 444 day hostage crisis and the birth of a radical Iranian theocracy.

No one seems to have noticed another historical revision when Clinton lauded the career of Ms. Bhutto, noting that her father had been assassinated too. I suppose it depends on what her definition of assassination "is" but, in fact, her father was executed by hanging after being convicted of corruption charges.

Oh, well, I’m sure Iowa caucus voters will be more concerned with ethanol subsidies, free health-care, and re-distribution of wealth than how capable our president might be in dealing with the complexities of international politics and national security. These are probably only peripheral issues, and is reminiscent of the attitude of the O.J jurors, one of whom was quoted as saying after Simpson was found not guilty, “I didn't understand the DNA stuff at all. To me, it was just a waste of time.”

Hillary’s not answering questions anymore in the days before the Caucus, so I’m sure the matter will just be dropped.

Other fun stuff. I admire John McCain in many ways, but his claim that he didn’t support illegal immigration amnesty is mind-boggling, when, in fact, his poll numbers bottomed out after his championing the mammoth bill. He even berated the near 90% of the country who were justifiably outraged when the specifics of the back-room deal were revealed, by joining the likes of Pelosi, Kennedy, et al in saying the opponents were racist and ignorant.

These politicians think we the voters are really stupid, don’t they? Unfortunately, they survive because so many are truly ignorant of the facts and/or have such short memories.

Also funny is Ron Huckabee announcing he was going to run a negative Mitt Romney ad, then saying he'd pulled it, but showed it to the media who broadcast the story AND the ad. He said he wanted to prove he really wasn't going negative. What is it about smooth-talking Arkansa former governors?

It reminded me of Sen. Clinton’s campaign bringing up Obama’s drug past, then saying Clinton knew nothing about it, then sending people out to the news shows to apologize over and over that they'd brought up the subject of his DRUG past, how his DRUG usage should not have been a campaign issue, that it was the media’s responsibility to investigate whether he might have sold DRUGS, and that they were only concerned that the bad old Republicans might make his admitted DRUG use an issue were he actually chosen to be the Democratic candidate in the primaries.

These commentators have to keep a straight face too!

Hey! Remember when our bridges and infrastructure were falling apart and everyone was saying something had to be done NOW! What's happened? With all the pork spending by Congress, don't you think they could have appropriated some money for bridge maintenance instead of all the pet projects for their friends?

It’s enough to make you convulse with laughter.

Oh, and how about the Hannah Montana free tickets for essay scam?


For shame!

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