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Spending most of my time at the hospital allows little time for making more specific thoughtful posts, but here are a few observations on some things I see happening.

The Clintons never change. They never will. They create turmoil, play dirty, speak in codes, parce their words, and then slink away and act the victims. They and the Democrat Party have been playing this class envy/race game for years. They pander to blacks and browns as long as they help keep them in power, throw their leaders a few crumbs, but knock them down as soon as they act too “uppity”.

Remember Mr. Clinton’s “Sister Souljah” comment, a calculated move to gain white votes in the South? Here we go again! Mr. Clinton says Obama's candidacy and oratory is a "fairy tale" and Mrs. Clinton says MLK was only a talker; it took a politician to bring about racial justice. Imagine if a Republican candidate and spouse had made the same comment!

And Hillary's playing the gender card yet again. She “cries” a bit because she thinks she’s losing, and the voters jump onto her bandwagon. We may be doomed if enough people are that shallow and gullible. Oh, and every time husband Bill bites that lower lip I want to puke.

As far as her MLK/Lyndon Johnson comment, she might have mentioned that the Republican Congress passed Civil Rights in 1964 despite Democrat opposition. BTW, Al Gores’s father, Al Gore, Sr., voted AGAINST Civil Rights.

It'll be interesting to see if they've met their match in Mr. Obama. Now they're accusing HIM of introducing race into the campaign! *lol* Even their surrogates like BET founder Bob Johnson is playing by the Clinton template, hinting at his youthful drug use *wink - wink*, then saying that's not what he was talking about. What a sleezy bunch these people are.

I was talking to someone who believed in man-made global warming recently. I asked her why we have different seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. She didn’t know her 6th grade science. Do you? I'll give you a hint. It has to do with the Earth's axis. Got it? Oh, brother! Ask me for help if you need it.

In Great Britain, the government can harvest your organs without consent after you die. Socialized medicine, you see. The government owns you.

Is Erika Jong still around? Maybe in New York’s Upper West Side? She’s sick of all the “pink (Caucasian) men” like me. We are the sources of all evil you see. Maybe she should live in Zimbabwe for a while, or Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan, or Venezuela, or Iran where they hang young Persians who engage in homosexual acts at the age of thirteen, cut off the hands of thieves, stone rape victims, etc. Yeah frustrated old woman … we the bad guys. We gave you the Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution, your lavish lifestyle, and the right to run your mouth and be heard all over the world trashing your country and culture. Be careful what you wish for … sweetie!

John McCain is still the darling of the media because he is liberal, wants open borders, more taxes and bigger government, wants to limit free political speech, and is too old to get elected - guaranteeing a Hillary or Obama presidency.

What a circus the media has become! Planting questions in debates, broadcasting the comments of analysts and pundits who don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground, dropping storylines and starting others depending on what agenda they're pushing. Oh, have you heard? We may really be turning the corner in Iraq, so that's not a story anymore. Watch for more coverage on the Taliban in Afghanistan, and how terrible the economy is though. It's an election year. Remember, 'It's the economy stupid!"? Shades of 1992!

A Colorado Swat team used a battering ram to break into a man’s home, allegedly terrorized his wife and children, guns to faces, throwing them to the ground, to forcibly take his 11-year-old son to be treated for what turned out to be nothing more than a little bruise caused while playing. They gave him a Tylenol and sent him back home.


Outraged? It’s your new liberal/progressive social services at work. Remember Janet Reno? Waco? Ruby Ridge? Get ready. Especially if you’re some hard-working traditional freedom-loving individualistic American family with common sense. It looks like it’s coming back, if the new progressives have their way. More big government anyone? Still want something for "nothing"?


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