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Of course many won't pay a dime and they'll probably be considering voting for Clinton, but she'll be the one to determine who among the rest can afford to pay or not.


Yep, if you work you'll HAVE to purchase health insurance under Hillary's plan IF you can afford it. Which begs the question. What about people who prefer to purchase flatscreens and direct tv, fun get-away vacations, large homes, cars for their kids, fast food, private schools, ipods and video cellphones, the latest shoes and fashions, etc., etc. Doesn't all this stuff make people feel a lot better than a shot of antibiotics once or twice a year?

Maybe the government will just have to start providing everyone with vouchers to purchase the toys of their choice. I'd certainly feel offended if I were the only kid on my block without new running shoes and the NFL network. It'd only be fair we all had everything our little hearts desire. Don't you think? After all, we could just make the rich pay.

Oh, and yeah, Senator Clinton teared up again this morning at the Yale Child Study Center where she was involved in the beginning of her 35 years of public service. If you want to read a more revealing report of the way she spent the first 20 years of her career, go here:



Here's a shocker! Twenty-three percent of Brits think Winston Churchill and Florence Nightingale were fictional characters while fifty-eight percent think Sherlock Holmes was real!


Maybe that explains some of the decisions being made in Great Britain these days. For example, certain people in the medical field may be exempt from washing their arms before performing surgery because they think it's immodest! And now, if you are a polygamist, you can get additional welfare benefits for all your extra wives:


Of course, polygamy is illegal in Great Britain, but apparently the powers that be want to appear sensitive toward people from other cultures. God save the Queen! Why is it that Westerners are bound to obey all the laws of other countries when visiting but no one seems required to obey ours anymore, even when they're on the dole?

I wonder what a similar test like the one in the story above given to American citizens would reveal about the world they think they're living in?

For example, were/are the following characters historical or fictional? Daniel Boone, Betsy Ross, Robert E. Lee, Carl Sagan, Martin Luther King, Darth Vadar, The Monkees, Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, Batman, Snoopy, Al Franklin, Dr. Phil, and Ron Popeil?

Maybe you'd like to make up your own list. I shudder to think who'll be voting on Super Tuesday, and I wonder what they think about radical Islamic jihad, open borders, and universal health care?

Oh, and isn't this thing about Politicians endorsing Politicians just too funny? Like what, there not positioning themselves for lucrative positions and influence with a new administration? Oh, they're just concerned about the future of our country right? Yeah, right.


I am always amused when people write about how stupid people are who care about what happens to celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, etc. They usually preface their remarks with something like, "I couldn't care less ..." then trash said celebrities and their followers by listing everything that is wrong about them, the media that cover them, and the people who eat up the gossip.

How do they know all this stuff about Britney's early career, her mother, her breakdowns, her morals, her kids, her boyfriends, her behavior, etc., etc., unless they watch and listen and read too? They sure seem to know everything about her life!

When I was in the emergency room with my mom recently, the news droned on with most everyone oblivious to what was being reported until Britney's latest trip to the hospital caused everyone's head to turn and conversations to be cut short. Most everyone stared in rapt attention in the sudden quiet of that emergency room. Too funny.

I think people who complain the loudest are mostly people who crave the attention these people get. Hey guys ... the media cover these people because people like you eat it up. Even if you say you couldn't care less, you still can't help talking about it ... not that you care. ;-)

Oh, and since I have your attention, did you hear about how 50 Cent reduced Paris Hilton to tears after the Superbowl? At her own party yet? I've got pictures. Poor Paris!




Why do fools fall in love?
why do birds sing so gay?
And lovers await the break of day
Why do they fall in love?

Why does the rain fall from above?
Why do fools fall in love?
Why do they fall in love?


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