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is obama the new american idol?


I had one of those cosmic flashes of realization last night, one of those rare instances of clarity when the meaning of the universe becomes clear and the skin of existence is peeled away to reveal the substance of all things new and old.

I now understand and can explain the origin of all this Obama-mania that seems to have consumed a goodly number of our population. This campaign, like a never-ending surrealistic road trip, has been leaving a weekly trail of fainting, crying, whimpering, devotees, many speaking in unknown tongues, leaving the rest of us shaking our heads and asking, “What is it that you people see in this guy?" He says absolutely nothing, although admittedly better than almost anyone in recent memory save the Peter Sellers’ fictional character Chance in the political satire Being There.

Like a 21th Century Messiah, Obama continues to roll along healing the faint and promising the abundance of the Kingdom to one and all. Ironically, it was a 21st Century "Simon" that triggered my dream and revelation, all rolling eyes and befuddled bewilderment, in declaring months ago the good news that the emperor (of 2007) indeed had no clothes ... or at least no real talent. Getting the picture? You will.

Which is not to say that Obama has no talent, just that it is limited and over-rated. Anyway, this is the image that came to me in my dream:

ObamaSan - a new American Idol ©


Doesn't this explain everything? Can it be that he same people who voted for American Idol "phenomenon" Sanjaya Malakar last year are the same people voting for Obama now, are the same adoring faithful flocking to his revivals by the thousands? And is his monotonous droning message of change due for a change ... uh, facelift? I think so, and soon.

I predict that, just as Sanjaya seemed to pull one gimmick after another to avoid elimination from American Idol, despite increasingly obvious demonstrations of his limitations in talent, Obama will also begin to alter his approach as well. I see him resting his one-trick pony message of change, hope, faith, belief in the future, and bringing people together, and trying to really capitalize on his “rock star” status by changing his look as well as his outlook.

Isn’t that what all of us really want anyway? To be cool ... and to feel we’re with it, a part of something new? After all, appearance is everything, isn’t it? Why, we could probably make the whole world sing with us if we just seemed optimistic, innocent, fresh, and new, and invited everyone to come along.

The Mohawk, I think, is just a start, but perhaps all Obama supporters could start wearing Mohawks to show support. Too costly? I think the rich should pay - don’t you? Think what it would do for the economy! And all those hairdressers! Where are you Sanjaya? A joint appearance with you and Obama would really rock the house. You should be 18 by now too. Are you registered to vote? Maybe we could bring back Obama (I Got A Crush) Girl too.

Isn't politics just so simple? I believe we can save the world, if we all just changed ... a little.


Steppin' out with my honey
Can't be bad to feel so good
Never felt quite so sunny
And I keep on knockin' wood



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Mar. 6th, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
Der Spiegel just reported that Obama took a lot of money from the Mafia while he was involved in Illinois government.
Mar. 6th, 2008 04:57 am (UTC)
Oh, that's no fun!

I'd have doubts about the accuracy of such a story, although anyone who cuts his teeth in Chicago politics, especially in Cook County, can't have his hands totally clean.

Maybe they're speculating about Tony Rezko's link with Obama now that information has been dripping and drabbing out of his corruption trial which should begin Thursday. The fact that Rezko's wife bought the lot next to the house Barack purchased a couple years ago (on the same day) looks curious, especially since she then sold a portion of the lot to Obama who saved several hundred thousand dollars in the deal. I heard by word of mouth that it just came out that Rezko had toured the property with Obama despite Obama's insistence that he had nothing to do with the transaction.

Regardless, I've said all along that the Clintons will bring back the heavy artillery when it is absolutely necessary, so I'm sure new revelations will be forthcoming. The Bill Ayres, Rashid Khalidi, and possibly Louis Farrakhan relationships may be innocuous, but are certainly worthy of investigation. The problem is that the Clintons closets are not exactly devoid of skeletons either. The New York Times recently reported how Bill Clinton netted $131 million from a Canadian investor whom Bill helped get a uranium contract in Kazakhstan. Isn't it funny how the Norman Hsu story disappeared to quickly. Hillary complains that she gets beaten up by the press but, overall, she has gotten pass after pass for years.

Regardless of their sordid pasts, it's what these people want to do to this country that disgusts me. Politicians will be politicians, but if people continue to vote these people into positions of power, facts be damned, well ... it's on them. They're not going to ruin my day.

I find it all quite amusing and would even more so were it not so deadly serious.
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