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Barack Obama was not quite "right" when he said his racist anti-Semite pastor was a "child of the sixties". He actually attended high school from 1955-1959, according to a fellow student from back then who happens to be Mort Klein, president of the 110 year-old Zionist Organization of America (ZOA).


What's more interesting is that he attended Central High School in Philadelphia, the second oldest high school in the country. The school, which principally attracted serious students from the area, was 80% Jewish and 95% white, although most of the students were from the middle and lower classes.


However, it seems the Reverend Wright lived in a tree-lined neighborhood of large stone houses in the Germantown section, a lovely neighborhood to this day. Additionally, Wright's father was a prominent pastor and his mother was a teacher and later vice-principal and disciplinarian of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, also a distinguished academic high school.

So much for Obama's story of Wright's impoverished and oppressive upbringing, huh?

There's more.

It has been learned that the Reverend will be moving into a 10,340 sq. ft. $1.6 million home in a gated community in a suburb of Chicago:


WOW! Will Al Gore be jealous! I wonder how big Wright's carbon footprint will be? There's something about a $10 million line of credit in there too. Boy, I sure hope he isn't surrounded by a bunch of typical rich white people ... or, God forbid, Jews or "garlic nose" Italians!

Honestly ... you have to admit that you just cannot make up stuff this good!


'Member the hill, Nellie Darling,
And the oak tree that grew on its brow?
They've built forty stories
Upon that old hill,
And the oak's an old chestnut now.
'Member the meadows so green, dear,
So fragrant with clover and maize,
Into new city lots
And apartment block plots,
They've torn them up since those days.



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Mar. 28th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
I can't say everything I know about Germantown; however, I find it interesting that one of Jewish faith has posted about a black man. Did anyone ask any of the Quakers about the family? Or, did anyone consider what it's like growing up in a community such as that being black? Let's just say I have some issues with your sources. I don't doubt what they have said; I am sure they are heartfelt. What concerns me is that they are biased.

I hope everything is well with you, hon. Take care!
Mar. 28th, 2008 02:36 pm (UTC)
This has been my concern. If you've read any of my posts in months past, you know of my disdain for bias, but it is the mainstream media that dispays bias on a continual basis.

You see, the media has not asked anyone, although people like me have known about this issue for over a year. Has anyone interviewed Rev. Wright? Or his family? Or his friends? Or looked into his background? His relationship with Louis G+Farrajhan? Have they asked Obama if he's ever met Louis Farrakhan? What his views are on Black Liberation Theology?

Why is it that Mitt Romney's Mormonism was an issue, and Mike Huckabee's Baptist ministry, but not Barack Obama's 20 year link to what appears like a racist anti-Semite?

Is there any doubt that had John McCain been known to have attended church where white supremacy was being preached that no stone would have been overturned digging into this story?

One speech by Obama and the media wants to move on. We are expected to believe that he didn't know anything, then that, yes he knew, but this was like a crazy old uncle, we are being shown a 30 second clip over and over, the fault is not with him but some vast right wing conspiracy. ;-)

Oh, c'mon. I've written months ago how this would eventually come up and now the "chickens have come home to roost."

It would be so easy to ask Rev. Wright to explain himself and to look into his background. On face, it doesn't wash that he was so oppressed in 1955 that he was permitted an "exclusive" school like Central High. Did he see and experience discrimination in Philadelphia in the 1950's and on? I'm sure he did. Was he taught by his parents to hate those Jews he went to school with? Who knows? No one seems to want to ask.

The central issue here is that we do not really know who Barack Obama is and what he stands for. He says he is different and that he speaks the truth, but he is being caught again and again distorting the truth and playing political games as I have documented.

Associating with a man who gives lifetime achievement awards to Louis Farrakhan, who travels with him to Libya, who preached wild-eyed political/social conspiracy theories from the pulpit, should give us pause about the type of individuals who sit and listen to such stuff.

It's my opinion that he hooked up with this church a) because he believed in many things his mentor and pastor was advancing and b) it was good to be associated with the most powerful predominately black church in Chicago for political advancement.

By the way, as someone who advanced the cause of racial harmony and civil rights even as an adolescent, making me often ridiculed and ostracized by my own classmates on many occasions, I have grown tired of seeing so much progress made while still having people like Rev. Wright threatening to retard that progress.

That said, I support the right of anyone to say anything they want, as I did Don Imus for example - I just want to know who they are and what they have said. We have freedom of speech.

We have freedom of the press too - but unfortunately, the mainstream media have not sought to exercized that freedom where they fear it might upset their agenda ... IMHO. ;-) My posts on Hillary's "Bosnia Fairytale" and Obama's racist pastor months ago should make you wonder how objective they are and how much they want you to know about the people running for president.

Nice hearing from you. I thought the Philadelphia might catch your attention. Now let's see if the media can provide us with some unbiased information, if they are interested.

Edited at 2008-03-28 02:38 pm (UTC)
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