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there's a slow trainwreck comin'


The Hillary Clinton “Pinocchio” tour is reaching such a level of hilarity, is such an object of ridicule, that even I who have seen through the Clinton charade since husband Bill was campaigning in 1992, have myself been feeling a tinge of pity at the sight of this human train wreck, of the pathetic public meltdown of this admittedly corrupt and power-hungry odd couple.

No, that’s not an April Fool joke. Although I’d never vote for either of these people and the thought of them sitting in the White House again sickens me to no end, it is nevertheless disturbing to see the desperation, to realize to what depths they have descended, and how ironic it is that the very media who enabled them to survive scandal after scandal in the past, have helped create another “golden boy” and are now kicking the Clintons while they’re down.

Not that they don’t deserve it, but the media is showing how gutless they can be, ignoring their duty when the Clintons were riding high, and waiting until they have become tragic figures, and are now smelling blood in the water.

And yet, having hitched their wagon onto a potential flash in the pan in Obama, who's one tele-prompter glitch away from really screwing up (stop ad-libbing Barry), who knows but that Bill and Hill might have the last laugh yet?

That said, Hillary’s lies about her trip to Bosnia in 1996 and then her clumsy attempts to spin her version of the story despite video footage of her arrival, the testimony of the comedian Sinbad who was there, as well as the pilot who flew her in, confirm a pattern of deceit and an inherent pathological tendency to exaggerate, distort, and mislead that begs for professional help.

The Clintons have shown time and again that they’d rather walk a mile barefoot to tell a lie than to sit under a shady tree and just tell the darn truth. They seem incapable of living without drama, and the overwhelming majority of their drama is brought on by their own words and actions.

Now we hear stories about how Sen. Clinton, who’d have us believe she is equipped to handle the economy, can’t pay her own campaign bills, how she’s supposed to give us universal health care when she can’t pay for health care premiums for her own campaign workers.

We also just learned that Hillary’s new campaign advisor, Margaret “Maggie” Williams (I wrote about her in February …


… she was Hillary’s Chief of Staff who was said to have removed Vince Foster files from his office after Foster committed suicide) earned $200,000 as a board member of one of those “predatory” subprime lenders Hillary and Obama have been railing against.


Of course we shouldn’t be surprised. John Edwards was right. There are two Americas - one for the media, politicians, and bureaucrats, and one for the rest of us. These people live in a bubble, and have no real grip on reality.

Speaking of reality, here's some more insight into Hillary’s early "experience" and career. It's actually old information that was buried in the nineties, but is illustrative of her lack of character and ethics, and her early propensity to steal, obfuscate, and hide incriminating or damaging evidence when it suited her needs.

Go here to read a column by Dan Calabreese about how Hillary allegedly lied and hid information as a 27 year-old lawyer, wrote a fraudulent brief that promptly got her fired, and probably would have gotten her disbarred had she filed it.


The man who supervised her while she worked on the Watergate case while on the House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Jerry Zeifman, does not mince words in saying why he fired her and refused to give her a letter of recommendation later: “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

A letter of recommendation? Doesn't that sound like a typical Clinton manuever? Do you believe Zeifman? Will the Clinton attack machine cut this guy down to size? With Clinton's record of having problems keeping track of files (FBI File-gate, Whitewater, Vince Foster, First Lady Schedules, etc., shouldn't someone at least ask her about it?

Like a little child who misbehaves again and again without getting her little butt whacked, how smart can this woman really be thinking she can get away with her deceits and unethical behavior? I've grown to believe she may be more cunning than intelligent. She has certainly learned well how playing the victim and crying “unfair - I’m a girl” can get her out of trouble. How detached from reality she must really be as evidenced by her continuing to follow the same old patterns that have worked for her in the past.

Hey … she’s 60! Do you think she’s going to change now?

And do you think we’ll be hearing about this story anytime soon? Do you still think Hillary’s lies and deceits are just like any other politician's? Like Obama’s followers, I’m sure most of Hillary’s disciples could probably care less. Still, it will be interesting to see if this story has legs, and how much Obama's advisors want to use it to push back, especially in light of Barack's own credibility problems.

This is what happens when political elites and the media choose who our nominees are. What a circus ... and this couldn't have happened at a worse time in history!


You think that you're such a smart girl
And I'll believe what you say
But who do you think you are girl
To lead me on this way, hey
Lies, lies
I can't believe a word you say
Lies, lies
I'm gonna make you sad someday


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