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As expected Hillary trounced Barack in West Virginia. As expected the media is reporting it doesn’t matter. You see, her supporters in WV are only poor, uneducated, racist white people. It only matters when Obama trounces Hillary, because the people who vote for Obama are superior to these poor, clinging, bitter, angry, religious yahoos with antipathy toward others who don't look like them.

It’s amazing how the media has been totally in the tank for this man, how they have tried to create an environment where people who oppose him are described as having something wrong with them, where any criticism of him is defined as being racially motivated.

It’s rather scary. The only ones who have brought race into this campaign have been the Democrat Party, the pundits and media, Obama himself, his former pastor, supporters, and fellow candidates ... and I’ve had just about enough of it. I think the American people know better than to fall for this tired old liberal/Democrat ploy and are going to make their feelings known come November.

I'm sure we'll see who the really angry and bitter people are come the day after the election ... at least I hope so.


Speaking of slippery characters, our Senate voted overwhelmingly today to do … NOTHING! about our oil and energy problems. They said no new drilling in ANWR or anywhere else, much to the chagrin of Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, who has been pushing for drilling for years:


The oil sheiks must be howling.

You see politicians, especially in the Democrat Party, WANT you to suffer because it allows them to point their fingers at someone else as the source of your pain. That’s how they get re-elected. You know ... class warfare, the victimization game and all that.

Apparently, the fact that politicians create more problems than they ever could hope to solve escapes enough people that they keep the bums in office.

Ironically the president is going to Saudi Arabia to try to convince King Abdullah to pump more oil and hopefully bring the prices down. I’ll bet I know what he’ll say. He’ll say, “Why should we pump more of ours when you won’t pump your own?”

Well, thanks for trying. And thank you Congress … for nothing.


She was coming flirty
She looked about thirty
I would have run away, but I was on my own
She told me later she's a machine operator
She said she liked the way I held the microphone
I said My! My! My! like a spider to a fly
Jump right ahead in my web!



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May. 14th, 2008 04:51 pm (UTC)
Hi Ed - see I am reading - just I have to limit my reading as I am rather swamped.

Hey - the reason they are saying that it doesn't matter has NOTHING to do with the cultural makeup of the area. It doesn't matter because it did not grant her enough delegates to make much impact on the outcome of the primary. It is still coming down to the Super Delegates. West VA was a good (and fair) win for HC, but the math still stands that she has little hope of taking the party nomination without the Super Delegates.

Unlike the picture the media paints of why she remains in the race, I understand completely why she is still in and I agree with her staying it out to the end. I think it is not as destructive to the party as it is being viewed in the media - at least no less destructive then Super Delegates and the Michigan and Florida fiascoes. Howard Dean pushing the runners and Super Delegates to close this all out asap and before the convention is also contrary to the process and the spirit of the election process. It really does send a message to any state that does come towards the end of the election that they really in fact mean nothing.

"You see politicians, especially in the Democrat Party, WANT you to suffer because it allows them to point their fingers at someone else as the source of your pain. That’s how they get re-elected. You know ... class warfare, the victimization game and all that."



Nope - not buying that. I think the process is a bit more complicated then that little spin. More like the two sides could not agree on what could be done and (or) they decided that nothing was better then either the opposing idea OR better then doing something that might make it worse (like a gas tax holiday !?! WTH!).

I think you're putting a heavy spin here... and of course you are.
May. 14th, 2008 05:09 pm (UTC)
You obviously haven't been listening very closely to the news broadcasts, reporters, and pundits over the last several weeks. They are refusing to talk about Obama's wheels falling off. There has been a concerted effort by everyone involved to get Obama nominated and elected. The only way they can do that now is to convince middle America that opposing him is racist and indicative of some mental defect and/or to destroy John McCain (coming to a theater near you soon).

I am putting no spin. I'm saying what's obvious. I mentioned a couple of months ago that the white male vote will elect the next president and the media is working overtime to shame them into voting for someone who is an elitist and closet socialist who who doesn't represent middle America.

The proof will be in the pudding. If I am proved wrong I will admit it. I have been absolutely on target for a year now and I don't expect things to change aside from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John McCain admitting they have been full of crap.

There are dark days ahead and a lot of people are not very happy at the prospects.
May. 14th, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
I think you are spinning (and while you say it is obvious you aren't I think it is obvious you are- but why quibble), and while I have only been watching the news out of the corner of my eye due to work I am still listening. The news HAS talked about HC's limited victories, but the truth is that they are not talking about the wheels falling off his bus because it looks most unlikely that they are going to do so. I think that is significantly less spin then some of the accusations you made relating to this. I think an HC vs JM race would be tighter then if BO was in the running. Truth is that HC is pretty much done at this point. It would take a Super big upset to make anything happen for her - and by Super I mean delegates - and they have been defecting her in droves as the party looks to sew things up before the convention. I wish they would leave things alone to be honest. Maybe McCain will adopt her as a running mate - wouldn't that be grand...lol.

I think we have gone from a huge field of some good and mostly horrible candidates to a watered down puddle of three varieties of the same flavor. While these three see differently on specific pet points, I do not see any of them as significantly better or worse then the other. I am massively unimpressed with the lot.

Spinning makes one dizzy - you should take care not to get disoriented as you might get lost and find your way in the left side of town.

< snicker >
May. 14th, 2008 08:20 pm (UTC)
I take extreme offense at being accused of spin when I only repeat what's going on in the media and campaigns. I have been watching one Obama backer after another, including pundits and so-called objective reporters, saying we should not mention race in the electorate, for example, that we should not "divide" voters into subgroups, that certain facts should be off limits. It's so ironic since that's what has been done in the media and on the campaign trail since Obama gave the DNC keynote speech in 2004.

Remember, it was the MEDIA that asked, "Is Obama BLACK enough?" or "authentic" enough, and has pushed the template of the wonderful storyline of this first "legitimate" presidential black candidate. They constantly refer to the energized new young voters, the intelligentia, the high income earners, etc. who support Mr. Obama, as oposed to the old white ladies, the poor and uneducated (non-blacks), who support Mrs. Clinton.

They have suppressed controversial news about Obama's background again and again in order to maintrain the mainstream "above-the-fray persona" Obama has cultivated. They have allowed him to run for over a year now without any degree of scrutiny whatsoever, to the point that people STILL cannot say why they support him other than he's for change or he gives them hope. The media WANTS Obama elected, worked tirelessly to make sure the weakest Republcan candidate opposed him, and is doing everything it can to SPIN every aspect of the campaign in favor of Obama, even if it means throwing their former sweethearts, the Clintons, under the bus.

Had the Democrats has a "democratic" process, instead of the proportional/elitist superdelegate system they put into lace to prevent another Mondale/Carter fiasco, the delegate count would be far different. mrs. Clinton is correct in asserting that the states Obama has actually "won" will not be states that support democrats in November (like West Virginia).

I don't believe any Democrat has one a majority of white voters since Carter, and that has nothing to do with race. It has to do with their politics. Mr. Obama may very well win in November, but only with the complete support of the media and a complete meltdown by John McCain who seems to be working hard to appeal to the wackos on the left.

I have another suggestion. Let both Hillary and Obama drop out, let McCain run as a Democrat, and run Micky Mouse as a Republican.

I have never in my life folowed a campaign where there has been such shameless political bias and subterfuge in the media. Period!

If this sounds angry - it isn't. *LOL* It's just that sometimes the truth stings.
May. 14th, 2008 08:52 pm (UTC)
I agree that race has little to do with what matters, but sadly it has everything to do with the process. The truth is that like things have a tendency to lump together and people relate to that which is most like them. I can see why people would feel that the race card is important, but it bothers me. AS for the media - I guess we watch different news. Sure there are comments here and there and even every day, but I have not found them overly pushed into my face and ears - except when one candidate or another brings it up and I have to listen to it all over again. Not sure that the media is at fault there.

Throwing people under the bus... what a term... n Seems like the phrase of the year.

What I see is media and politics doing what they have always done. Nothing else.

Like you, I believe fully that I give the news and the rants a fair and honest shake. I don't call names (generally - unless I am ultra disgusted - or if it is the shrub) I try to base things on fact where applicable and opinion when called for. I trust much of my instincts and I have rarely let myself down with those regards. One time I did was when I supported the Republican party when I was younger. I am MUCH wiser now.

heh heh heh

May. 14th, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC)
Race matters when running for office. The Dems have blacks in their back pocket the vast majority of the time no matter who is running. Winning states while racking up 90% of a sizable black population and 25-40% of a white population does not bode well in a general election where the black population is 13%.

Like the pundits have been fond of telling Mrs. Clinton, the numbers don't add up.

These are facts of political life. We can bemoan reality all we want. I watch CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, the sunday morning shows, Charlie Rose, Him Leher, Tavis Smiley, etc. Nothing exotic there.

Except for most of FOX, everyone is on the "protect Obama" train, although some commentators, even Smiley last night while he was interviewing an Obama Moonbat, at least acknowledge some of the problems he must overcome.

They are almost all committed to seeing that he does overcome them. I know how the libs think because they speak their thoughts and they are all over the networks. They control Hollywood, advertising, television, the talk shows, magazines, newspapers, and 95% of the media.

They are constructing a template that says if whites don't vote for Obama, it is primarily due to race.

You should listen to or read some of the black commentators like Juan Willaims, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Cynthia Tuicker, Shelby Steele and others to get a different perspective if you don't already. You'll get a lot more than talking points and spin there.

May. 14th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Democrats ALWAYS muck up the works so they can say, "Vote for me and I will fix things."

I'm sorry. I have been a lifelong Democrat and I know how they stay in power. Most of us keep trying to elect moderate Dems and they turn left when they get to Congress or the Senate because of the Party elites. That's why Republican voters keep voting out country-club Republicans. Not because they want librals to represent them.

When will I get this through to you? *LOL*
May. 14th, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC)
Vote for me and I will fix things

EVERY politician says that, Ed!

Everyone knows it is only true when I SAY it.

I am honestly not sure why you are a life long Democrat. I am closer to their base then you are and even I find them annoying.

The thing is that people want fairness. They don't want people whith their hands and hearts deep in the coffer of some corporate interest any more then they want some nut job ultra socialist running the game. Yet they elected the shrub.

The people will never get a candidate that is what they want or need. The moguls of the world, the popular media outlets, the lobbyists and politicians (incumbents) would NEVER give them the support they need to get to where they could do what is needed.

Who is this person... ME of course...

No really - it is a person that will not make decisions on how popular they will be and how much money their next campaign will rake in the next time around. One who will give us the bad news, admit when they make a mistake, and strive for fairness, equality, and advancement - and for respect for people over corporate entities.

I have YET to see one.
May. 14th, 2008 08:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Vote for me and I will fix things
I fight for my beliefs. I don't sing to the choir like liberals do and ignore the realities of life. I spank my representatives like bad children when they do wrong, I don't run off to look for another politician with a smile and a promise.

The Democrat PARTY deliberately mucks things up. Haven't the last seven years shown you anything? Iraq for example. They've never wanted it to succeed. They used it for advancing their political agenda and increasing their power base. They've dragged their feet on judicial nominees hoping they can get own appointed with a Democrat administration.

If Democrats were able to help people be successful, they'd be out of a job because they'd al become Republicans. They have a vested interest in a poor uneducated lower class ... can you say illegal immigration?

I could go on but what's the use.

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