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shades of marat sade


In case you don’t follow international current events, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) was taken over by abusive dictatorships like that of the Sudan years ago, basically to cover their butts, and launch attacks against democratic countries in the West, the vast majority of those attacks and condemnations involving the tiny country of Israel.

That’s why when friends point out that Israel has one of the worst records on human rights I want to laugh out loud --- although it’s such an outrageous assertion I can only shake my head.

The UNHRC last met on March 27, 2006 and was replaced by the current Human Rights Council.

They have chosen to send an investigator, Doudou Diene, to dig up and expose all the dirty racism and its accompanying human rights violation that exists in - you guessed it - the United States.

Mr. Diene is from Senegal, a predominantly Muslim country, that is a member of the Organization of Islamic States (OIC), the largest voting bloc in the U.N. General Assembly, an organization that arose in response to criticisms from the UNCHR.

The Islamic members of the original commission repeatedly ignored condemnations of actual human rights violations in their countries and, after the Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran in 1979, representatives declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “a Western secular concept of Judeo-Christian origin and thereby incompatible with the sacred Islamic shari’a”.

In 1990, representatives of the Islamic states adopted the “Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam”, declaring shari’a law as “the only source of reference” for the protection of human rights in Islamic states.

The Cairo Declaration received official UN recognition in 1997 when it was published in the UN’s Compilation of International Instruments without a vote by the General Assembly.

The result of this and other differences of “opinion” on what human rights are and what can be done about ignoring them is that genocide can continue against Christians and non-Arab Muslims in Darfur, the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe can continue in Zimbabwe (a country that is starving under his oppression after being a net exporter of food prior to his ascendancy), thugs in the former Burma can allow tens of thousands to die of hunger and disease rather than allow help from the free world inside their borders, women can be rounded up, tied, and burned alive for witchcraft by bands of vigilantes, boys can be hung for homosexual acts allegedly committed at the age of 13, women can be buried up to their necks in the ground and stoned with rocks but men with dirty beards, others can kill their own sisters and female relatives for being raped or even being seen in the company of a man …

… all without meaningful condemnation or action lest their accusers be accused of politics, insensitivity, cultural intolerance, or Isalamophobia - but the representatives of people like these are being allowed to come here and judge us?

I think the presidential candidates should comment on this. Don’t you? Or maybe you think it’s appropriate and that all of these atrocities are somehow our fault. It’ll be interesting how much of the context I have provided will be brought up by our scintillating, objective, and probing news media and pundits.

If Sen. Obama says it's okay to talk about it, that is.

The world is now completely upside down, in my humble opinion.


It makes you tremble and it makes you weak

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I can't get enough



May. 23rd, 2008 01:45 pm (UTC)
First off as I read it he is no longer the Chair. That has changed has it not?

Second - it is still a committee, not just the will and opinion of one person.

Third - I think the UN saw that as a problem and maybe that is why they dissolved the UNCHR and reformed the UNHRC. OK, so it still under the same management, but we give them a clean slate when a US company does the same thing, so why not.

The UN has been so amazingly ineffective in this area. It has been quite sad. It is also rather presumptuous to assume that any organization that finds fault with the US or doesn't tote the line we hand them is wrong, evil and misguided. I am not saying you are, but in many (mostly conservative) circles there exists this sort of mentality. There is NO room for any discussion of contrary thought or positions. This is plain arrogance and the WORLD sees the US as one of the MOST arrogant and pushy governments and societies ever. I see why - and sometimes we ARE. Sure we do it with good intentions, but what was that about a road to hell?

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson... ha! Maybe THEY will. That will cause a fair amount of credibility loss. Most people in the world see them as the charlatans they are... Sharpton more so then Jackson.

Isn't it also that the UNHRC did actually write criticisms of Sudan in their reporting. I think the Sudan's appointment has had little direct effect on an already ineffective institution. They have reported on many of the truly horrid locations of the world. Just because they find faults in Israel and the US doesn't mean much unless you look at all this with tunnel vision.

Membership in the UN is not suppose to have ANYTHING to do with how well they support any specific country's agenda or will. The US has been accused for the entire history of manipulating or trying to manipulate the UN. It is obvious to me that this is holds little merit, but it IS true that we have tried. I guess everyone tries - so it is to be expected.
May. 23rd, 2008 03:19 pm (UTC)
Deep Doudou
No, Doudou Diene has never occupied the Chair to my knowledge. He is just their ace investigator.

None of what you said are things I'd disagree with in broad terms. I attempted to put this story in context, however.

Do you find it suspicious that the UN might be inserting itself into a presidential campaign inasmuch as one of the candidates is half-black and has ancestors from Kenya? That this might be just another attempt to make a case for America's "lack of" moral authority in the world? To demonstrate how xenophobic we are.

"Critical" of Sudan? Oh, yes. They expressed deep "concern" over the butchering of hundreds of thousands over more than two decades. In fact, as far as I know, they have only "condemned" one nation - Israel, NINE times, which may be why you imagine they have such a poor human rights record.

Yes, the first UNCHR was dissolved because of politics. And, as I mentioned, the OIC still does not recognize human rights as defined by most 21st Century nations.

I think that distinction and informaton should be made available to the masses by the media, as well as the inhumane treatment of some people considered traditional and proper in certain nations, who subscribes to those practices, and why the UN is impotent in doing anything about it.

You can be sure, any of the vestiges of racism, bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination which are sure to be found here (whether against blacks, hispanics, asians, and whites if they do their homework) will be published and broadcast across the globe and there won't be much attempt at context, especially in regard to people with antipathy against others who don't look like them.

Maybe that will be a good thing and deter some of the out of control illegal immigration we see ... although I doubt it. Most people are not that gullible.

Oh, btw, Senegal takes money from European countries to fight and restrict illegal immigration.

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