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I was happy to see that Barack pulled his grandmother out from under the bus the other day, crediting her with helping to make him the man he is today (whoever that is - we're still trying to connect the dots ... thanks to an in-the-tank news media).

Who Will Obama Throw Under the O-Pod Bus Next?


It's still pretty crowded under there, especially after de-seating his "former" church's congregation, although he did pull the old liberal trick of making the fun-loving, high-fiving, race-baiting pulpiteers and worshipers of Trinity United innocent victims (as the media swooned and had tingling sensations up and down their legs). It's probably going to get even more crowded in spite of the media trying hard to smooth the way for him because ... well, his associates just can't seeem to help themselves and those bitter Americans in middle America are getting more and more suspicious.

After listening to his "victory speech" last night (Hillary doesn't know what she wants to do yet), it almost made me proud to be a Democrat, except I realized he didn't say anything. His supporters should thank God he still has his oratorical skills. He can say nothing (unless you consider promises to calm the seas and change the whole world more than political rhetoric) better than almost anyone in recent memory. Of course, he's threatening Iran now which should make his most radical far-left supporters nervous except they know he isn't serious.

Still, if he and his adoring media will just stop taking everything that embarrasses him off the table and allow us to scrutinize him and demand he explain the kind of "change" he envisions, maybe we'll find out whether he's qualified to be president, and whether we want to have him as our fearless leader before it's too late.

Btw, his longtime pal Tony Rezko was just just found guilty of sixteen of twenty-four charges in Chicago. I'm sure this is not the man Barack Obama thought he knew all those years. ;-)

EDIT - Obama is now pandering to Jewish voters, it seems, and asserted today that Jerusalem must remain the undivided Capital of Israel.

Maybe someone should inform Barack that Jerusalem has always been a U.N.-ordained divided "international" city, is not recognized as Israel's Capital, with East Jerusalem being the city of choice for Capital of any future Palesinian State. He'd also better make his intentions clear to his Palestinian supporters, and might also suggest how soon the U.S. Embassy should be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

I don't care how much I pay (Too much, the Magic Bus)
I wanna drive my bus to my baby each day (Too much, the Magic Bus)
Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus
Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus
Give me a hundred (Magic Bus)
I won't take under (Magic Bus)
Goes like thunder (Magic Bus)
It's a bus-age wonder (Magic Bus)



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