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more and more of the veneer peels away


This is what happens when Barack Obama does not have a pre-written speech to deliver, has to stray from the teleprompter, and actually think on his feet:

In case you don't want to feel the pain of watching and hearing our mumbling messiah with the clay feet first hand, I played the video over and over until I was able to transcribe the following for you:

"What they'll say is will it cost us too much money? But you know what? It would cost about ih ... ih wuh ... it would cost about the same as what we would spend ... Eh oh-over the course of ten years it would cost what it would cost us eh uh hunh ... alright, OK, we're going to. The ... it would cost us about the same as it would cost ... for ... about ... hold on one second. I can't hear myself. But I'm glad you're fired up though - I'm glad heh heh"

By the way, the audience wasn't fired up. I was surprised Obama didn't use his, "I haven't been getting much sleep lately" excuse.

Did you ever notice how so many of these leftists "uh ... uh ... uh ... (pause) ... uh" an awful lot, as they search for some semblence of a coherent thought? Bill Moyers comes immediately to mind. Is it just normal brain snaps at work or does all that chemical usage catch up with you?

No wonder Obama always reverts back to the simple mantra of hope and change and "together we can". It's easier to simply whine and play the blame game than it is to actually come up with rational ideas and real solutions.

I do wish the late night talk shows would share some of these gaffes with the nation as a whole like they do with the politicians they love to ridicule. Don't you? Hee hee. I thought so. ;-)

For sure no one outside the continental United States will ever see or hear this kind of stuff on any of their media reports, where they feed the masses snippets of Obama's roaring rhetoric and the adoring crowds of fainting fans.

Footnote: Most everyone knows about the Dan Qualye gaffe in which he mispelled potato. Did you know that he was given cards with the words spelled "correctly" by the teacher in that classroom to use in the elementary school spelling exercise and potato was mis-spelled on the card, and that the cars were aupposed to have been checked for accuracy? That says a lot about the teacher who supplied the cards, the educational system in general, and the quality of the tools they use to teach our children, doesn't it?


We-lllll ....
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