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Well, I saw this cartoon last night before going to bed and went to sleep anticipating the howl from the left that was certain to resonate:

Today's New Yorker Magazine Cover


What's even funnier than the cover is that the article, which accompanies the cartoon, is supposed to target the conservative right wing wackos that are supposed to be spreading outrageous lies about the Obamas.

Huh? Hey, lets not revise history so quickly. Wasn't it the Democrats, primarily Hillary Clinton supporters, that first spread rumors about Obama's alleged Muslim past, his middle name, whether he might or might not be "black" enough, his own campaign playing the "race card" (by Bill Clinton himself), his association with a sleezy "slum lord" (by Hillary), and on and on?

In fact, the Obama and the media keep reciting the mantra that the Obama story is such a wonderful "American" story but, after a year of campaigning, we have yet to hear what that story is. They say once we hear it we will all know him better and trust him more.

We're waiting. But you see, until now, we have been having to do out own digging, and what we've found is unsettling.

We've found a man who smiles a lot as long as things are going his way, says little but very well, and promises some kind of change. When we note that he seems to flip-flop a lot, change his positions constantly, he says we haven't been listening to what he's been saying.

I mean, isn't this the guy that wants us to drive little battery-operated cars you have to plug in after going to the supermarket but wants to invest in a NASCAR sponsorship?

Can a Smokey Obie and the Bandit movie be far down the road? A Dukes of Hussein sitcom in the works?

We've found a man who went from being a "Jakarta street kid" who got in trouble making funny faces during classes on the Koran, to Law Review editor at Harvard, a wife whose senior thesis at Princeton is being withheld until after the election, a career as a "community organizer" in Chicago, strange associations with the likes of controversial figures like Bill Ayres, Rashid Khalidi, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, Tony Rezko, and others, a short stint as a state representative, and less than 150 days in the U.S. Senate before he began a full-time career running for the presidency.

Maybe the New Yorker article, which I hope to find today, will raise more questions than it hopes to answer about Mr. Obama's early career ... in spite of the alleged purpose of exposing the wild-eyed claims of the extreme right.

Mr. Obama's response to the subject as "tasteless and offensive" probably indicates he'd just as soon the subject not be broached at all, that we just take him and his campaign at their word.

And if you "still" want to argue that the cartoon is beyond the pale, I'd suggest you Google political and editorial cartoons of Condi Rice, President Bush, etc.



Funny, aren't they? Of course these are in fairly good taste.

Oh, have you noticed how much Obama agrees with McCain on so many issues now? If he moves any more to the right he'll have to run as a Republican. The Daily Kos and MoveOn.Org crowds must be having a collective heart attack.

And what are his hardcore grass-roots "community organizers" to do now in explaining all his new positions to potential voters? He's certainly not the Barack Obama they thought they knew. Oh, that's right ... it's the old "McCain and the Republicans are evil and Obama will bring change" ... whatever he finally decides what that will be after examining all the information at hand. But you'll get free health care and lots of other good stuff for free ... and the rich will pay ... just trust him ... and have some more Kool Aid.


Come to me tonight, come to me tonight,
Taking everything in sight,
Except for the strings on my kite.

Judy in disguise, well what you aiming for?
A circus of horrors, yeah, well that's what you are.
You made me a life of ashes, I guess I'll just take your glasses.



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Jul. 14th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
I thought the cartoon was kind of cute, actually.
Jul. 14th, 2008 10:20 pm (UTC)
I just bought my copy at B & N. I wonder how many they'll sell?

I'll bet if the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Baltimore Sun, et al decided to lighten up a bit, not be so biased, their readerships would would stop plummeting. Same with news media and the Dave Lettermans of the world on late night T.V. I can't stand to watch him anymore. He's become so mean-spirited in his old age.
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