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Democrats of the far left and people of their ilk are getting nervous and worried the more Barack Obama speaks. And well they should because more and more people, even some in the fawning press, are getting a little irritated with his act.

I'm just hearing clips from his Jordan press conference today as well as clips frpm interviews with Terry Moran on ABC and this week's Face the Nation.

For anyone inspired and impressed by his soaring but empty rhetoric, you should really hear this man when he is asked a simple question ... and not just the sound bites either.

Even 300 policy advisors can't always help you if you don't have their e-mail comments in front of you.

Uh ... uh ... uhh ... uh ... "Next time I'll have to bring a pen to write down these three part questions!"

NBC's Andrea Mitchel has been griping that Obama didn't take any real questions from real reporters in Iraq and Afghanistan over the weekend, preferring to submit "phony interviews".

After his performance in Jordan, it should be clear now why that is, although the media does a good job of editing down to his best "sound bites".

When he does speak candidly without a script however, we learn the most revealing and telling things about his character. Like his refusal to admit he changed his position about an issue or that he was ever wrong about anything ... like The Surge.

After not covering the Iraq War to any great degree for the last year, the good thing about the media's tagging along for Obama's Magical Mystery Tour is that they are seeing the progress for themselves first hand and are finally admitting what they didn't want to admit - the Surge has been a success. Big time.

Questioned about the Surge on the Today Show, on January 11, 2007, Barack Obama said, "We are not going to babysit a civil war". Asked yesterday if he'd changed his opinion, after seeing all the progress, knowing now that it has worked, he refused to admit he'd have supported it. He refused to admit that he was WRONG.

He just cannot give the people who did the work and sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears full credit for their accomplishments. How do we know, he asked, that his "plan" wouldn't have worked? He also maintained that the Surge worked, but that the administration was lucky it just so happened that the Shia militias put their arms down, the Sunnis turned against al Qaeda, and that the central government finally started to get their act together ... etc., etc.

Of course, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, the Iranians, when they haven't been killing our men and women, helped a lot too. Maybe she can personally thank Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he returns to New York soon.

The gall of this man! So Muqtada Sadr wouldn't have run off with his tail between his legs to Iran if he wasn't afraid of being squashed like a bug in a real battle. Like the Sunnis would have stood up to al Qaeda if they knew the U.S. military was going to go home like Barack and the Democrats promised their hard left supporters they would.

I wonder if he explained all of this to those smiling troops he met? "You guys (and sweeties too) have done a great job. It's a good thing you got so much help, which I didn't forsee because you'd have fallen on your butts, but thanks for your efforts anyway.

Suddenly, the man who said he'd pull out our troops, that a resulting bloodbath would be an internal problem, is concerned about unemployment among Iraqi men!

I guess he didn't see stop at any of the belly dancing clubs that are so popular after the Sun goes down. I saw saw video myself. Yowza! Things are looking up!

And now he wants another Surge ... into Afghanistan! On that note, I saw one of his surrogates, Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia on Charlie Rose last night. He spent a great deal of time describing all of the problems with our strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, but when Charlie made the mistake of asking him what our strategy should be, it was another of those "deer in the headlights" monents - something about diplomacy and using force if we are attacked ... or some such gobbledygook.

That was so the Democrat Party in microcosm. The Soviets lost 100,000 soldiers in 10 years in Afghanistan but Senators Obama and Webb think we can negotiate and, when necessry, engage the enemy militarily with drones and tit-for-tat firefights.

Come on people! Everytime this man opens his mouth he shows what an inexperienced empty suit he really is.

That's why his backers, handlers, and enablers, the ones at the top, are scared to death to let him speak in an uncontrolled and unscripted setting, even with an adoring media. You see, the media can take you down as easily as they can build you up. John McCain has learned that lesson over the last few months ... or he should have.

A lot of the people who've been so looking forward to November are very scared ... and a lot of people who are noticing what an orchestrated charade this has been are getting more and more irritated. There's nothing so satisfying as a blowhard falling flat on his face.

With the effort to get this man elected so intense, the investment in media support so high (Obama gets almost three times as much coverage), and the pedestal on which he has been elevated so lofty, it will be interesting to see what a discerning electorate will decide, and what the reaction will be from the left should we decide to reject this big-government socialist agenda and declare that we simply want our country and government back.

Oh, and as for the sudden debate about possible bias in the news media? That was so funny I forgot to laugh. Still, the networks feel compelled to explain their Obama Public Relations coverage:


Too funny ... although as the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers always say, "So what!"


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