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they're finally out of the gate


The Democrat National Convention is underway. Some opening observations:

The city of Denver has decided to remove the razor wire from the top of their temporary internment camps replaced by signs warning against climbing the chain link fences. I’m assuming tasers and pepper spray will be available for offenders. On the good side, there will be 2 truck-sized air conditioners sucking up precious energy resources.

The “green” movement has taken a setback with the decision to make healthy, organic food “optional” and good-tasting fried foods, etc. permitted. I wonder what leftovers will be provided for all the homeless people and protestor detainees? Tofu and soy souffle anyone?

Also, in an attempt to be environmentally-friendly, evil plastic hotel key cards (which are made from oil) were replaced by wooden cards made from renewable material (trees). Unfortunately, they don’t work so they’re back to plastic again. All of those living breathing trees apparently gave up their lives in vain. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

On the other hand, the police won't be arresting pot-smokers during the convention so the green revolution isn't entirely going up in smoke ... in a manner of speaking.

Barack Obama did another one-eighty away from his campaign of change by selecting long time psycho-babbler, Hair Club for Politicians member, speech plagiarizer, the Haditha Marines accuser, insulter of Indian-Americans, father of a dreaded lobbyist, and 36-year Washington insider, Senator Joe Biden, D-Delaware as his V-P running mate.

Oh, but he was born in Scranton, PA, which Obama desperately needs, although he hasn’t actually lived there for 55 years.

On the down side, Biden has had to admit to too many gaffes and fibs to count in the past and, on top of it, questioned Obama’s qualifications to be president in the past year.

Hillary Clinton's women supporters, who have perhaps seen the last chance of having a woman be elected president de-railed slip away, are still very very angry. Husband Bill isn't happy either since the DNC has told him what they want him to speak about ... which isn't him and, apparently, excludes how the Obama campaign played the race card against him.

Denver's homeless will be the spiffiest in the nation with fresh haircuts, tickets to museums, movies, and anything else that gets them out of camera range and/or sight of all the sympathetic elites and Hollywood types who will be fighting for available limousines to whisk them from party to party.

Governor Ed Rendell, Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania, admitted at a Shorenstein Center forum that the media, particularly MSNBC, has been in the tank for Obama, calling their coverage “absolutely embarrassing” much to the chagrin of NBC’s Tom Brokaw, ABC’s George Stephanopoulous, CBS’s Bob Schieffer, PBS’s Gwen Ifil and Moderator Judy Woodruff who tried to immediately muzzle him by interrupting and saying, “Why don’t we let Governor Rendell sit down" to wild applause.

On a related note, House Speaker Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi was on Meet the Press Sunday and, although Tom Brokaw continues to disappoint, he grudgingly asked Nancy about her stock purchases of T. Boone Pickens alternative energy companies after she began touting wind and natural gas and whether some of her detractors might use that against her.

Well, Nancy's eyes started blinking like they do when she's lying or caught off guard or embarrassed and she stuttered and "uh ... uh'd" for awhile, saying it was "only" $50-100,000 in investments, a TINY portion, 0.3% (in her words), of her total investments. What hypocrisy, and on top of it, the woman is a total train wreck.

By the way, shouldn't someone tell Nancy that natural gas is a fossil fuel?

Much, much more to come. It’s going to be fun.


Well, I'll bet you I'm gonna be a big star
Might win an Oscar you can never tell
The movies gonna make me a big star
'Cause I can play the part so well

Well I hope you come and see me in the movies
Then I’ll know that you will plainly see
The biggest fool that ever hit the big time
And all I gotta do is act naturally



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Aug. 25th, 2008 05:32 pm (UTC)
Of course if they did not suck up the energy to run those trucks and their spewing of CFCs then they would have been called heartless for not providing them. See... no win situations.

Of course it was the thought that counts! Glad to see you coming onboard.... (snickering noise from this end).

Honestly, I think that if any major event were to be held in Denver, the response by the city would have been similar. You think the Hollywood crowd would have liked to have homeless junking up their red carpet shots... or that the RNC would not have done the same... OH wait... isn't it the CITY that is doing this and NOT the DNC? I do not recall the DNC having the authority to kidnap citizens off the street and lock them up; but I seem to think the city does. The blame is in the wrong place. n It still stinks, but blame the city, not the party. It degrades the argument.

The homeless will look great with the new shower, shave and haircut policy. Be careful as they might become a slave to the city of Denver for future hygiene needs. Of course this might improve their professional achievement as people might be more likely to hand money over to them if they looked less threatening. Of course now I will be called insensitive... good thing I am not running for office. I guess we should add the haircut and museum passes to the list of government entitlements?

Then there is a headline in the web news that Scientists say that flip-flopping is not a sign of poor leadership, rather a statically supportable sign of human intelligence. The pundits are now saying that McCain is getting treated with kid gloves by the press and that the Obama attack has begun. It looks like a neck and neck slugfest down to the wire. I hope that I do not get so busy that I do not have time to pay attention to all the fun. I should get out my old Army Jacket and head to Denver to get my free haircut. I will be sure to avoid showering or shaving till I get there.
Aug. 25th, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
Ever notice how so many liberals never want to admit they're liberals? That they have to disguise their actual positions, and cloak their intentions?

I do.

The "pundits" have long attempted to redefine "flip-flopping" in a way that ignores what real "flip-flopping" really is. Obama has a hard-leftist bent and his rhetoric is designed to disguise it. When it comes to particulars, Obama has no real idea of what he wants to do nor the ramifications of what he proposes. That's why he "shoots from the hip" so much and has to come back the next day and correct himself.

If you had been able to follow the campaigns and the debates as closely as I have, you'd know that Obama has changed virtually every opinion he stated from the beginning, some several times, and a few withing 24-48 hour periods.

The pundits you speak of are mostly "reporters" and "apologists" for the Democrat Party. Remember, these people support Democrats by a 19-1 ratio. The fact that you still cannot admit that the overwhelming majority of the media, including the print press, have been almost entirely in the tank for Obama, disturbs me to no end. Magazine covers, glowing front page pics, favorable articles and stories (as I predicted to you back when McCain became the presumptive nominee) have universally favored "The One".

Pelosi has called Obama a "Gift from God" and the media, as far as their secular minds allow them, have basically bought into it, and use the "historical" nature of the Obama campaign as an excuse.

Oh how I wish there was a true comedy network to cover all of these things. Every day is a 90 minute comedy spectacular with these people. You don't even have to force it. Even the straight news is hilarious. Unfortunately, radials have no sense of humor. ;-)
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