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so now we know who we’re fooling with?


Did you watch it? I thought not. Let me help.

Why, you might ask, did Michelle Obama do a one-eighty and give what was basically a conservative speech? Did you notice that there was none of the “America is a mean country” rhetoric from Michelle, no “I’ve never been proud of my country until Obama was selected as the presidential nominee …”, no "things have never been so bad" tripe, and so on.

After angering middle America which takes offense to anyone, especially someone who has benefited so greatly from all America has to offer, who trashes this flawed but magnificent country, Obama's bitter half Michelle was sent out to assure us that America is indeed the land of opportunity and that she and Obama are just like us ... struggling to pay for their kids' ballet lessons and the mortgage on their $1.6 million mansion on last year's $4 million income.

Yep, America is wonderful! Even a couple of hard-working young kids like Barack and Michelle could overcome their humble beginnings and, get married, have a couple of beautiful kids, attend Princeton and Harvard, and buy a mansion in Chicago … all by refusing to sell out to the corporate world and spending their lives helping people less fortunate than them to prosper.

Uhhh … so tell me “Mrs. Cleaver”, why all the anger, doom and gloom for the last year of this campaign … before you were muzzled and re-invented that is? And no mention of Reverend Wright, Bill Ayres, Michael Pfleger, and Tony Rezko who were so instrumental in your career development in Southside Chicago? Oh, of course, I know. It’s all illusion and we’re supposed to ignore all that now.

Some other observations.

1) Much was said about former Iowa Republican Congressman, Jim Leach supporting Obama and giving a first night speech.

Oh, my! What a snoozer! This man would make an anchor baby take the bus out of town.

He’s no Zell Miller, to put it kindly … but who is?

2) Ted Kennedy, dying from a brain tumor, looked and sounded good. You couldn’t help but feel emotional, no matter your political persuasion. I wonder who wrote his speech? It sounded like classic divisive David Axelrod to me.

3) Nancy Pelosi? Another sad spectacle. I heard the Church has been a little irritated at her misrepresenting its position on abortion and when human life begins. Having a candidate who supported infanticide in the Chicago state legislature is an additional embarrassment.

4) Caroline Kennedy? She’s got this slight nasal twang that irritates me to no end. It was nice to hear her reminisce about “Uncle Teddy”. Her family sure has endured more than their share of tragedy.

Isn’t she a hedge fund manager … like Chelsea Clinton? Of course, the Obamas would prefer you and your kids not stoop so low.

5) Gaffes: Jim Leher referred to Obama as Barama. When Nancy Pelosi began to say something nasty about John McCain she said Barack Obama. Former President Jimmy Carter referred to Barack Obama as a little black boy, although he followed that by saying his election would end racial animosity throughout the world!

6) Media spin: PBS’s Judy Woodruff referred to Michelle Osama’s “never been proud” comment by saying she said a few months ago that she said she’d never been as proud of her country as when Barack won the nomination.

Katie Couric asked, "Does America want to elect a couple who is faithful to each other?" Only at a Democrat convention could that question be asked with a straight face.

One pundit complained, "Democrats have never been good at negative campaigning." Oh, my!

A PBS pundit said that McCain was in trouble because he had to shift to the far right to win the nomination! Has this guy been following the news? McCain won the nomination by accumulating “winner-take-all” primaries and caucuses on the back of liberal and moderate democrat and independent voters. The conservative base mostly supported Romney, Huckabee, and Thompson allowing McCain to slip through the cracks.

That’s a fact, Jack!

Will try to keep up with the goings on as the Great Illusion and Repackaging of Barack Obama continues. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Oh, and where is John Edwards? They're letting Bill Clinton give a speech.


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