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look before you leap is always good advice


Which is one of the reasons why average, mainstream Americans so despise the media and their pals on the left.

Strutting, smug, pompous, self-righteous, angry, mean-spirited, infantile, and disrespectful elitism may play well on late-night talk shows and progressive blogs … but not in Middle America.

The books that will be written about the 2008 Democrat campaign will marvel at the ineptitude of the Obama strategy and the failure of the “in the tank” media, Hollywood, and almost the entire entertainment industry to rescue the second “Celebrity” presidential candidate (B.J. Clinton was the first) and the most radical leftist politician ever nominated for the most powerful office in the world.

No doubt many will be shelved in the humor section

Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky must be spinning in their graves.

It is what happens when amateurs with no substance and no core values become so full of themselves, believing for a season that it is they who control the agenda, frame and define the issues, manipulate the emotions and behavior of their audience, and deceive themselves into thinking they can persuade the voters to blindly follow a fantasy - trading in their freedom for a sack of magic beans.

They forget that most of the people who fall for their slight-of-hand don’t really pay attention to issues, at least in a substantive way, mostly just go blindly along oblivious to reality and (maybe) casting a vote for a new “Savior” every four years.

Think I’m overstating it? Well explain why Air America, with all it’s support and promotion, has been on life support since Day 1?

Most people may rail against their president, their representatives, politicians in general, but don’t take kindly to people who attack their goodness and decency, the things that define them as human, and the things that remind us of the hardship they’ve endured and sacrifices they’ve made.

The latest example of the Democrat Party’s chronic symptom of “Foot in Mouth” disease is the latest Obama ad’s mocking Sen. John McCain’s inability to send e-mails and lack of computer expertise.

Apparently the pre-pubescent snarky mentality of the Obama campaign doesn’t allow them to think before they attack … as was evident from Sen. Obama’s thinly-disguised “lipstick on a pig” and “stinky old fish” comments directed at Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. John McCain.

The reason John McCain can’t e-mail or use a computer, or comb his hair, or tie his shoes, is because his arms and shoulders were repeatedly broken and dislocated by the Vietnamese (who actually engaged in real torture) during 5 ½ years of confinement as a POW.

Nice job Mr. Obama.

The left never learns. I remember when Bob Dole, whose right arm was so mangled and crushed in WWII as to render it useless, fell off a stage during his run for the presidency while shaking hands with the crowd. The reporters and photographers nearby, instead of coming to his assistance, simply allowed him to fall, snapped their pictures and took their videos, ensuring that late night comedians would have hours of funny clips to show over and over ad nauseum along with the same old tired old jokes they’ve resurrected for John McCain.

On a personal note, my uncle took several bullets on his right side and shoulder from the Japanese in WWII. The tendons in his arm had to be pulled back to reattach them so that his right hand was frozen in a perpetual fist. After the War, he returned to his former occupation as a carpenter and I can tell you from personal experience, once that hand got a grip on a hammer or anything, there was no letting go.

When I hear people like Obama and his supporters in the media and entertainment mocking American patriots like John McCain, and indirectly, every other man and woman who has sacrificed life and limb for this country … well, I’d better not say what’s on my mind.

The Democrats are getting more and more panicked every day, and all you have to do to continue getting them riled up is to keep repeating what they say and do, which I am happy to do.

Someone has to. The mainstream media sure won’t.


From the Joke's on You Department: One of the more recent examples of the desperation of the left is its exploition of Jesus Christ, a figure it normally despises, ridicules, and treats with derision. Someone has pointed out that: "Jesus was a community organizer while Pontius Pilate was a governor." Apparantly, this is supposed to imply that Barack Obama is a new messiah while Sarah Palin is a compulsive hand-washer.

First of all, Jesus was not a community organizer but He was a Jew and, I assume, never sat in a racist hate-filled "church" for twenty years in silence. And speaking from personal experience I can say, "I know Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a friend of mine. And Barack Obama is no Jesus Christ!"

On the other hand, between 1977 and 2008, the Office of the President has seen former governors occupying the Executive Chair in all but four years. Count them. Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

It sometimes helps to know your history before speaking, don't you think?

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