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palin biden debate overview


Sen. Joe Biden was actually on his A game tonight. He's heard all these questions hundreds of times before.

Biden can recite these facts, figures, attacks on Bush, Cheney, and McCain in his sleep ... but ...

He didn't have the guts to go after his opponent, constantly forcing Gov. Sarah Palin to defend the record of others. Moderator Gwen Ifill saved him numerous times, once by rudely cutting off Palin and a few other times by changing the topic.

Once she asked a followup and tried to trick Palin into saying she agreed with Biden. Palin simply repeated Ifill's question and gave her answer.

This is a smart cookie!

Notice any gaffes? How about:

The idea he (Dick Cheney) doesn’t realize that Article I of the Constitution defines the role of the vice president of the United States, that’s the Executive Branch. - Joe Biden

Uh, according to my Constitution, Article I pertains to the Legislative Branch and says that the Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate. Article II pertains to the Executive Branch.

Sorry! I majored in PoliSci. ;-)

Biden made many mis-statements I caught and hopefully the mainstream media will report on them soon. ;-)

It is now obvious that the Obama game plan is to get people to think they're running against Bush/McCain and divert their attention away from Gov. Palin.

The best Biden could do for Obama was reiterate his plan to end the war and bring the troops home from Iraq in 16 months, and that they'd tax the rich and give to the poor and "middle class".

However, although Palin fought back noting Obama wants to wave the white flag, she missed an opportunity to say more directly that she wants to WIN the war, not just end it, and that Obama wanted to bring the troops home (in defeat) 2 years ago when he asserted the war was lost.

Lots of zingers by Palin ... using Biden's own words to criticize Obama. Biden was smooth but robotic and looked tired. Same old Democrat talking points but well-delivered.

Considering Biden has been doing this for over 30 years, Palin stood toe-to-toe with him, connected with real people, and won on points.

It's also much easier to criticize the previous administration and claim you were right about everything they did wrong.

Sarah rocked! Her joke about Gwen Ifill's lame joke about her lame Vice President joke was the highlight of the debate. Big laugh!

She's got such great timing! So fun to watch.

Biden got really cranky toward the end.

The claws will really start coming out now as the media and their friends on the left try to figure out how to go after this remarkable woman.

They so hate her common sense and sunny optimism.

Hey! Regular people (not snobby elites) are the hope for this country you people! DAMMIT!

Regular people may not know it all ... but we know the important stuff!

Tina Fey may be doing her for the next 16 years, if we're lucky.

As far Gwen Ifill. You are forever disgraced. Hiding your Obama book deal from the Debate Commission and the McCain Campaign was truly dispicable. Shame on you!



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Oct. 5th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
Biden is correct that the VP is part of the executive branch. Cheney is the first and only VP in history to have the gall to invent this quasi-state of the VP. He has changed his status with regards to what branch he is in so as to allow him to avoid complying with various executive and legislative orders as his whim sees fit to avoid. He cannot have it both ways. No Poly Sci major I have ever known (and yes I was a poly sci major at one point) has ever offered this strange and alien answer for the VP ever. It is a good example of the way Cheney operates by his rules, with no regard for upholding the laws he swore upon some nearly eight years ago. It kills me that we will soon be responsible for paying his pension.

I don't think Obama or anyone in his camp is afraid of or trying to distract from Palin at all. She is the weakest link. That they do not attack her whole heatedly is more to do with them not taking her seriously more then anything else. Call it fear if you like. I might avoid swatting a wasp as I do not like killing things and I don't want to be stung; but if the little pest gets me I will surely smoosh it with little afterthought.

The McCain / Bush thing is a valid political tactic. McCain has a 90% (+) record of voting with the shrub. He has demonstrated a desire to continue one of the most unpopular presidential track records in history.

I do think Palin did well in her debate; but she was no supernova of skill either.

It amazes me that people will watch the same debate and they come away with such different impressions of the events. It seems with regard to Palin, it is strictly political interpretation. Since I am not on either side of the fence yet, I will grant she did well; but if this was her at her best we all have much to fear for McCain's health should he get elected... oh, yes and he would then have some of the FINEST government health care available ANYWHERE - a service he would never extend outside the government.
Oct. 6th, 2008 06:48 am (UTC)
RE: He has changed his status with regards to what branch he is in so as to allow him to avoid complying with various executive and legislative orders ...

Explain to me where any executives powers are granted to the Vice President, Mike.

Biden correctly cited Article I as defining the role of the VP. However, what branch does Article I pertain to, Mike?In case you and Joe haven't noticed, Article I says that the Vice President shall be the President of the Senate.

Did you not read my post?

Of what branch is the Senate, Mike?

Not as easy as you and Joe pretend it to be, is it? Hhmmm?

You don't think? Well, you think wrong because that was the Obama.Biden strategy. To avoid attacking Palin. They leave that to NBC, CBS, ABC, the NYT, Glen Ifill, Tom Brokaw, Keith Olbermann (on Sunday Night Football no less), and the rest of the Obama devotees and DNC political hacks in the media and entertainment industry.

Impressions of the debate? Did you hear anyone cite the 8, 10, 12 outright lies Biden got away with? Funny how all the pundits talked about Palin's deficiencies.

Not only are they in the tank and it's obvious, they could care less.

They make me so sick I want to puke. What an era of darkness we are entering!
Oct. 6th, 2008 01:02 pm (UTC)
I read your post. - don't be patronizing. I disagree with your defence of the sleeze. Cheney has played it loose and fast with his interpretation of the C. I think he is one of the most corrupt and despicable VPs since Agnew - and is probably worse. He is one of the most disturbing people in politics today. I would take even HC over him.

This issue came up LONG before I ever heard Biden say it this past week and I was growling over it from the beginning. At least HC did not switch branches when she avoided turning over records.

Since before the end of the first term, Cheney and is staff were declaring that as members of the executive branch, they did not have to hand over documents relating to Cheney's involvement in NEPDG. They claim that the executive branch classifies the material and doesn't allow for the legislative or judiciary branches (as this was a Supreme Court Order) to inspect these papers or their records. Cheney specifically cited his executive branch privileges when refusing the orders. There has a been a case filed against him that is still pending. So yes, Ed – he has changed his association with one branch and then the other as suits his needs.

SO what was so bloody secret. NEPDG had reportedly made secret deals with Saddam Hussein to develop his oil fields while Cheney was a member.

I am not channeling Biden or Obama or anyone else. I have been talking about this back to when it first came out. He defied a demand from the Congress and the Supreme Court. By deftly changing his roll from one branch to another – and we did not demand he be hauled into court and onto public media to answer for himself – which we should have done. Let him tell the people himself about how he does business.

The list of complaints about this bum is long and nasty. He has done more to cause other nations to be suspicious of us then any other VP I can recall. I put him right up there with Kissinger (you probably love Kissinger). I feel a rant coming on. I need to work.

More then anything else - I am part of the anti-Dubya party. McCain will have to convince me he is not a clone before I can vote for him. Even Ross Perot makes me less uneasy then the current admin – and that is saying a lot.

I have not finished with the debate yet. CNN ran a list of false statements they both made. It looks like I will see the second Presidential debate before I get to see this one all through.
Oct. 6th, 2008 02:45 pm (UTC)
Okay, for the third time.

The idea he (Dick Cheney) doesn’t realize that Article I of the Constitution defines the role of the vice president of the United States, that’s the Executive Branch. - Joe Biden

Joe Biden was WRONG!

Article I refers to the VP's role in the legislative branch!

Cheney has every right to fight against partisan witch hunts and he has Constitutional Grounds on which to stand.

Got that Mike? Biden was WRONG and your biased, slanted, obsessive, cherry-picking dumb Cajun friend in little old Louisiana caught it and the entire MSM didn't - no matter what anyone thinks about the validity of Cheney's legal argument.

Blame the Founding Fathers for not being more specific.

God, what a bunch of morons we have in Congress.

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