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And still ... with 95% of the media in the tank for Obama, along with almost the entire entertainment industry, with legions of democrat operatives working feverishly to dig up dirt on Gov. Sarah Palin in Alaska, with a barrage of condescending negative features, comedy skits, reporting, and attacks against Palin on television, with organizations like ACORN dragging the homeless off the streets and the infirm out of their nursing home beds to register and vote, with illegal money pouring into their coffers from overseas, with McCain's handlers seemingly playing to lose, Obama has still been unable to break the 50% barrier in voter support.

If McCain continues as he has recently, and the media stop covering the substance of Palin's messages as they have tried, McCain will probably lose on points.

Using a boxing analogy, McCain is in the latter rounds and probably needs a knockout punch. He'll have to get in Obama's face at the next debate and forget about offending the people who won't vote for him anyway and the media which will come after him for his "meanness" and erratic behavior.

The people have a right to know what Obama stands for and he has to make that clear.

Let people know.

You want Socialism? Vote Obama.

You think 95% of you are going to get tax cuts with Obama and the spend-happy Democrats in control (remember Bill Clinton's promises in 1992?) good luck. After voting to end the Bush tax cuts, Obama's promising to "cut" taxes on people who pay no income taxes to begin with. But, go ahead and take a chance on Obama, Reid, and Pelosi if you must.

The rest of the world is scrambling for oil and trying to improve their standards of living. Obama believes in central planning, tying the hands of people who provide us with fuel, and wants you to lower your expectations and see your lifestyles diminished.

If you like that, vote Obama.

ACORN? Lake County, Ind., election officials this month rejected a large portion of the 5,000 registration forms ACORN turned in after conducting registration drives in the area all summer. Some vote canvassers had pulled names and addresses from telephone books and forged signatures. According to local reports, “large numbers of voter registration forms bore signatures all in the same apparent handwriting style” and “apparently the organization’s canvassers broke rules to meet ACORN-set voter registration quotas to get paid.” The fake registrants included dead people and underage kids.

On a conference call yesterday, GOP officials noted that up to 11,000 voter applications were no good — tying up election officials and jeopardizing the voting rights of untold victims whose identities may have been stolen.

– Last month, Milwaukee, Wis., officials discovered at least seven felons employed as voter registration workers for ACORN and another affiliated group. They also uncovered a raft of problematic voter registration cards. The state GOP accused ACORN of attempting to enroll dead, imprisoned or imaginary people to voter rolls. Fraud has plagued ACORN’s Milwaukee chapter since the last election cycle.

– In Florida, in Orange County alone, ACORN workers turned in multiple copycat forms for six separate voters over the summer. According to the Miami Herald, “One individual had 21 duplicate applications.”

Election officials had flagged ACORN’s negligent practices several months ago, but it may be too late: In Orange, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, ACORN has signed up 135,000 new voters, nearly 60 percent of them registered as Democrats that constitute a fifth of all new voters in that region.

– In Ohio, large numbers of homeless people received free van and bus rides to register. Shelby Holliday, a reporter for Palestra.net, filmed ACORN shuttling prospects to the polls. She told me she spoke with one homeless woman who told her ACORN “told her who to vote for if she wanted a ‘better life,’ and told her not to worry about jury duty (one of the reasons this homeless woman didn’t want to register) because the government probably wouldn’t be able to track her down. She was registering with a temporary address.”

Holliday interviewed another homeless man targeted by the registration drive who exulted that he was voting for Obama because “I want him to do his thang. You know, do his thug thizzle.”

“Thug thizzle” is street slang for performing your trademark move. Obama and ACORN have practiced their thug thizzle together for years: organizing an ever-expanding community of ineligible and marginal voters to expand the Democratic power base. Rules be damned.

Voter registration fraud? Illegal campaign contributions bother you? Ever notice that the Dems never bring up voting fraud unless they lose. If you don't mind illegals being bussed from county to county to register and vote for your guy, or for crack-heads to falsify registration forms using names from the phone book, cemetaries, elementary schools, and pro-football rosters, Obama and the Dems are for you.

If you think it's okay for the government to strong-arm banks into giving loans to people who don't qualify and have you, who work hard and play by the rules, pay the difference, vote Obama.

Infanticide? Check out the Illinois "Born Alive" Act Obama opposed four times. How does that make you feel? All warm and toasty inside? Vote Obama.

Obama lied about unrepentant terrorist and radical leftist professor Bill Ayres only being a casual acquaintance. Obama launched his state campaign in Bill Ayres living room, wrote glowing reviews about Ayres book on Education "reform", sat on foundations like the Woods Foundation and the Annenerg Challenge doling out tens of millions of dollars to liberal/leftist organizations. If you're a radical leftist, Obama's for you.

Obama has stood before European audience and apologized for America's flaws, actually pandered to the people who think we are the source of evil in the world, on the very ground that Hitler spewed speeches describing his demonic vision of hatred and world control. If you hate America, Obama's your man.

Obama thinks it's only fair that people are required to have money extracted from their pockets (while his brother lives in poverty, a large portion of his own millions are deposited in tax-free investments, and his running mate has donated a little over $3,500 in TEN years)to give to people of his choosing ... especially people who aren't willing to make the sacrifices you are and are likely to vote Democrat.

You get a government check? Want free health-care? Obama's your man.

If you think taxes on the rich and a trillion dollars in new spending makes Obama a "fiscal conservative" and will result in prosperity for all, vote for Obama.

The Obama enablers say that Gov. Palin's a racist because she appeals to people with small town values (translation - those people who cling to their religion, guns, etc.). If you're not sick of Obama and his supporters playing the race card and don't believe people can simply oppose him because of his big government liberal agenda and questionable background and associations, that people SHOULD vote for Obama because electing a black president should be a given, by all means, vote for Barack.

The pundits and AP have been playing the race card ad nauseum. They've even suggested blacks will riot should Barack lose. I think it's absurd that they have excused and/or defended Obama's former racist pastor and terrorist friends and at the same time want to advance the idea that McCain "offended" African Americans by referring to Obama as "that one" and that they will riot if Obama loses.

Isn't Obama "The One" anyway? That's what they've been saying. Of course if you think calling McCain and eratic, confused, old man is okay but you can't talk about Obama's record, friends, record, name, wife, etc., that they are off limits, go for it.

Jobs in short supply? China is offering companies tax-free incentive to bring their companies there and employ Chinese workers. Obama wants to tax businesses more and give the money to the poor and middle class. You into the Democrat's age-old class warfare schemes and get a good feeling knowing "the rich" are getting it put to them good, even though you won't see it yourself, vote Obama and the Dems.

Democrats who cooked the books at Fannie Mae and other lending institutions, helped to cause the current mortgage crisis, and earned hundreds of millions in bonuses and commissions are walking free, have been protected by the Dems and the media. If you don't choose to look at the facts and simply believe that Republicans are evil and the source of all our problems, please vote Obama.

If you think individualism and personal achievement are archaic concepts and that big government and central-planning are the hopes for your future ... yeah, you've got it.

I could go on and on and on.

This election is still a referendum on Barack Obama, whether people want to put the most radical/leftist politician in history in the Oval Office, and whether you can be made to believe that Barack Obama is just the guy next door.

John McCain has to challenge that assertion. Say these things to his face. The media aren't going to bring it up, and will continue to tell people, "Doesn't he seem just so cool, look so presidential, intelligent, and thoughtful.

"Doesn't he look so good in a suit!"

Hey! He is an EMPTY SUIT guys!

C'mon Sen. McCain. Somebody's got to say, "The Emperor Has No Clothes." Wake up and fight this guy, and your "admirers" in the media be damned. They only admire you because you've poked your conservative base in the eye so often, and could care less about you anyway.

And you know that they are scared to death their house of cards will fall under its own weight. Believe me!

Or do we have to drag you across the finish line kicking and screaming?


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Oct. 8th, 2008 08:52 pm (UTC)
That's a looooong post, my friend.
Oct. 8th, 2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
I'm just getting warmed up.

My mom is back from the hospital and I'm catching up.

There's a lot of stuff breaking, although I don't know how much the media will choose to ignore.

It's beautiful and fall-like today. :-)
Oct. 9th, 2008 01:30 am (UTC)
How is your mom doing?

I am staying out of politics...it is hard enough for me to understand the politics of where I work right now.
Oct. 9th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC)
She's still weak but doing a bit better. She was basically delirious and disoriented, talking out of her head for eight days. Very upsetting and they were thinking the worse but I'd seen her react to medications like that before and was convinced she'd come ot of it. It was a while but she did.

She's been hospitalized about 15-16 times since January of 2007 for high blood pressure, diabetes, gastro-paresis, chronic pain, and other related problems. She was in for 18 days this time. She gets very depressed being sick all the time and has lost interest in most things.

I keep trying to encourage her and remain hopeful. It's hard getting old, losing family, friends, and a reason for living. But, we don't know how long we're here and try we must.

Thanks for asking. :-)
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