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You mean, this wasn’t the Bill Ayers you knew, Sen. Obama?

Bill “the bomber” Ayers - “rehabilitated“


“ ... respected Chicago professor and school reformer ... ” - Tom Brokaw


So let me get this straight.

After months of me and others knowing about Bill Ayers, it took George Stephanopoulos to bring up the subject in a debate last April. Obama dismissed the question out of hand and Stephanopouos was roundly criticized for bringing it up.

Obama has explained that:

1. Ayers was someone who lived in his neighborhood he spoke casually to now and then and he condemns his "despicable" acts committed when Obama was a kid.

2. The next day his campaign manager claimed their children (Ayers’ kids are adults - Obama’s are under 10) attended school together and the two men knew each other casually.

More information started leaking out, information I’ve documented for almost a year.

3. Obama happened to remember (after being reminded) that he served with Ayers on the liberal Woods Foundation.

4. Oh yeah. He also served with him for several years on the Annenberg Challenge, doling out tens of millions of dollars to liberal groups including ACORN, the controversial organization accused of voter registration fraud and a former client of Obama.

5. Gosh darn it! He forgot that he launched his political career in Ayres living room when he first ran for state office in Illinois.

6. Terrorist? Hey, Obama thought he was just an education reformer, despite the fact Ayers “reform” included indoctrinating K-12 school kids, radicalizing them, preaching socialist doctrines and encouraging them to tear down our capitalistic system.

Sure, he wrote a glowing review of an education "reform" book Ayers wrote in 1997, praising his casual friend and “neighbor” for his progressive ideas, but who really reads all that stuff, right?

7. Yipe! He forgot that wife Michelle worked at the same law firm with Ayers’ wife, co-terrorist Bernadine "I wish we'd done more" Dohrn, 20 years ago … about the time he started attending that racist hate-filled anti-semitic pro-Farrakhan church where he missed all those hate-spewing sermons by his mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

8. Michelle admitted to Obama pal, Larry King, that, sure, she knew Ayers. Everyone in Chicago did, but that the voters didn’t want to hear about stuff like that, that's it's not an issue … and Larry dutifully switched the subject and started asking about the family.

Sorry, sweetie! It is an issue to me.

9. An interview with Bill Ayers in the New York Times demonstrated that Ayers was unapologetic for his terrorist activity and regretted he didn’t do more. The story has been known by anyone who doesn’t get all their news from the “mainstream” media but somehow Obama must have missed it.

10. And today, Barack finally admitted that he did know about Ayers past but thought he had been “rehabilitated”.


I guess he didn’t know about Ayers’ coziness with Hugo Chavez, that he was recipient of a Chavez reward for his efforts to bring down capitalism, that his education "reform" is totally out of the mainstream of American values ... or maybe he does ... and agrees.

Want more? How about the account of a man who was Obama’s age when Bill Ayers terrorist group tried to blow up his house:


Thankfully, he isn't one of the nine orphans left in the wake of Ayers and the Weather Underground.

The September 11, 2001 interview:


And people wonder why I so distrust this man Barack Obama and what he says.

Is there anyone who finds it troubling that so many people like Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, Ayers, the ACORN people, etc. are (supposedly) able to pull the wool over his eyes?


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