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Like Bill Clinton's administration, Obama Rule will simply be an extension of his presidental campaign, controlled, simplistic, ruthless, carefully orchestrated and scripted, with an emphasis of style over substance and slash and burn politics.

The selection of thuggish political hack, Rahm Emanuel, a man who once spewed the names of politcal opponents while driving a steak knife into a table and screaming "Dead! Dead!", as chief of staff in the administration of change and hope is but one example.

I mentioned Emanuel awhile back to illustrate the frustration of getting a liberal politician to answer a simple question and how they (think lawyers like BJ and BHO) use word trickery to lie and deceive.

From a George Stephanopoulas interview in which he misleads the questioner SIX TIMES despite being asked the same simple question repeatedly:

QUESTION: What did Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi know and when did they know it?

What? You don't know Rahm Emanuel? Remember this exchange between Emanuel and George Stephanapoulos in which Stephanopoulas asked if he had been AWARE of the emails and Emmanuel said (SIX TIMES) that he hadn't "seen" the Foley emails.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera): All week long there have been suggestions by - on talk radio and by Republicans and their allies that this was perhaps a Democratic dirty trick. And I just want to ask you plainly, did you or your staff know anything...


STEPHANOPOULOS (Off-camera): About these e-mails or instant messages before they came out?

EMANUEL: George, never saw them. And I'm going to say one thing, let's go through the facts right here.

REP ADAM PUTNAM (CHAIRMAN OF HOUSE REPUBLICAN POLICY COMMITTEE): But were you aware of them? You said you didn't see them.

EMANUEL: Never saw them. Let me just go right through the facts, one Brian Ross, who broke this story on your network said it came from a Republican source. Very unusual to do that. Fact two, the Hill paper said it came from a Republican source. All the Republicans and staff people are coming forward are Republicans. Mark Foley who wrote the e-mails originally at the bottom of this whole problem, Republican. The leadership of the Congress from Tom Reynolds to John Boehner to Speaker Hastert who can't come on this show...

STEPHANOPOULOS (Off-camera): So you were not aware and no involvement?

EMANUEL: No, we never saw them. No involvement and she said not anything, George, and what the fact is this is...

PUTNAM: Was there an awareness?

EMANUEL: No. There's a holy...

PUTNAM: Was there any awareness?

EMANUEL: No. Never saw them. The first time I ever saw these things right here when Brian Ross broke the show and when "The Post" had the story. What you guys want to do is take your dirty laundry and throw it over the fence and try to blame other people for the problems and this is ...

Emanuel never said he wasn't AWARE of them. He couldn't. It was fed to the media to influence the elections and the media ran with it. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and Emmanuel i at the center of the scandal again. What a bunch of weasels these Democrats are!


Emanuel, by the way, will initially annoy Muslims and encourage Jews because of his ethnicity and symbolism. It's all smoke and mirrors, however, as you shall see.

Meanwhile, now that the election is over, 1) Watch the media begin reporting the stories they have been sitting on to protect Obama and 2) Watch the continuing effort to destroy Sarah Palin, the only hope that people center and right of center had to lean on.

In the beginning of this campaign, I explained how the Democrats, liberals, and moderates, the New York Times and the mainstream media all helped to get the weakest Republican candidate nominated, taking advantage of the open primaries and crossover voting and effectively canceling out the more conservatives running on the ticket, how they would then tear him down, the ways they would do it, and that they would completely turn against him in the end.

It's all in my journal.

The liberals and moderates (like David Brooks and the country club Republicans) now look as foolish as we all said they were. I think they're more than foolish. They should stop pretending they're moderates and conservatives and join the left.

Pundits and campaign managers said the Republican Party had to drift farther to the left to attract liberals and moderates, that McCain would take votes from the Democrats, and they were WRONG. That's why the Republicans lost Congressional seats in 2006. The majority of people in this country are right of center. They are insulted and angry at not being represented, and at what the left is doing to this country.

Now they are trying to cover their collective butts by blaming McCain and, especially, Sarah Palin. The "anonymous" reports of Sarah Palin's ineptness, etc. are starting to leak out, encouraged by the left who fear her and promoted by the gutless weasels who screwed up and are making excuses for their stupidity.

Meanwhile, we are finally hearing about how the Dems want to nationalize your 401-K's (they're having meetings now), that New York is getting rid of 1,000 police and replacing them with 200 meter maids (they need the money), and how the left seeks to destroy talk radio.

The Stock Market continues to drop with the largest post-election losses in over 100 years as investors sell sell sell in fear of a tax-crazy Obama Socialist big government agenda.

It's also emerging how no one knows who Barack Obama really is (Oh really?), how the comedians are getting ready to make fun of President-elect Obama (they have to do something to pull back the millions of viewers they've lost), and NOW, FINALLY, people in the media are beginning to discuss the influence of leftist radicals like SAUL ALINSKY in Barack Obama's life, all issues I've discussed here and with anyone who would listen.

A lot of people are going to wind up with eggs on their faces and people like me won't let them forget why. The entire mainstream should be very concerned that they totally dropped the ball in exposing what everyone who's listened and read have known for over a year.

Oh, and to celebrate Hamas shot 35 rockets into Israel, the Russians are planning to install missiles in the Balkins, the word is that Vladimir Putin wants to run for President again next year, stocks are tumbling, and ... oh, read the news yourself. It's all out there.

The final insult is last night's Charlie Rose interview with Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas of Newsweek. After Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose "admitted" we know nothing about Barack Obama, Meacham and Thomas presented a chilling appraisal of the Obama phenomenon, referring to his election night speech in disturbing terms like a "creepy cult of personality", and describing Obama as a creation Obama himself seems to view as a manufactured personality.

Why is this kind of stuff coming out now? Why were they so determined to get Obama elected?They all knew what we were getting readers but they kept it to themselves.

People have been hearing it on this journal for an entire year. I begged people to read The True Believer. Rules for Radicals. To look into Barack Obama's disturbing radical ties. You're starting to hear about it now, but what will happen when Obama is sworn in? Will anyone care? What will be the penalty for criticizing "The Chosen One"? Or asking embarrassing questions.

The entire news media complex have been disgraced. Will they have any relevance?

But isn't nice that we've sent a message to the world that "change is on the way"? That we're not mean old racists who want to keep other people down across the globe?

This is serious stuff. Congratulations for doing your part.

The naivete and intellectual laziness of the American public never ceases to amaze me.

LAGNIAPPE - By the way, included in the bottom third of the 23 major polls, most predicting huge Obama majorities, were:

17. ABC/Post
19. CBS
20. Gallup
21. Reuters/ C-SPAN/ Zogby
22. CBS/Times
23. Newsweek



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Nov. 6th, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
Disgusting, ain't it?

Half the population really ARE lemmings.
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