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The Washington Post has admitted its reporting was biased in favor Of Barack Obama.

I'm shocked! Shocked they admitted it so soon after the election. Now, they and the rest of the media need to start telling us something we don't already know. What a laugh!

Joe Biden was booed in Philadelphia at last night's Eagles-Giants game. I wonder how many of those in attendance stayed home on election day?

It's too late now fans. You had your chance and blew it.

A Jersey City Councilman, Steve Lipski, celebrated the election by urinating on a crowd of people from a second floor bar in Washington D.C.


How do I know he was a Democrat?

Because the news sources didn't mention his party affiliation.

When Democrats misbehave, the media rarely do. Only Republicans are identified as such. Ask the Washington Post, the New York Times, the AP, etc.

The left-wing press, some fed by anonymous Republican campaign strategists who are trying to cover their own butts, are still attacking Gov. Sarah Palin, and their attacks are proving to be more of the kind of garbage the left-wing heaped upon her as soon as she was chosen to run.

They want to destroy her because they FEAR her. The media, in fact, have spent more time trying to destroy Gov. Palin in 8 weeks than they did investigating the background of Barack Obama in 2 years.

The Democrats are already conspiring to control free speech and destroy conservative talk radio. People who speak against their agenda will be targeted for destruction as well, as was evidenced in the presidential campaign.

Barack Obama ran on a "new tone" platform centered on getting rid of the old partisan ways, then hires the likes of Rahm Emanuel and John Podesta to join his team. Add former FCC commissioner and left-wing lawyer, Henry Rivera, to the mix and then connect the dots.

Lous Farrakhan, after keeping a low profile lest he hurt Obama's chances, is back warning of racial problems (interpretation - if you voted against Obama you are a racist). The media fell all over themselves ignoring the real evidence of racism in Obama's background and associations, accepting the transcendent post-racial Obama template that any criticism of Obama is racially motivated.

What a disgrace! Bill Clinton found that out. The only time race was ever brought up in the campaign was when it was coming from the media (who told the story in terms of race from day one) and from Obama's campaign itself. Disgusting!

Obama has said the first thing he'd do when taking control of the executive branch is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Abortion advocates will be happy. Now there will be absolute no restrictions on abortions period, no parental involvement laws, no informed consent laws, no funding restrictions, no partial birth abortion bans, etc.

Now that's change that we should all be proud of, isn't it? So, if a woman decides on the delivery table, "No, I change my mind, kill it!" and if it survives, "Kill it anyway!"

Well, that's her choice?

My God, what has this world come to?

We are about to find out, aren't we?

Wait until you have a union thug knocking on your door demanding you agree or refuse to vote a union into your employer's business, as the Employee Free Choice Act will require.

Isn't it hilarious how the left-wing uses these harmles sounding names for the laws that take away your individual and free speech rights: The Fairness Doctrine, the Employee Free Choice Act, the Freedom of Choice (unlimited abortions) Act.

Nineteen Eighty Four is here gang. Thanks to so many of you.

Talks of global government and taxation abound. Government-approved speech. Redistribution of wealth. Skyrocketing energy prices. Telling people they have no right to keep what they have earned. We are not a collection of individuals anymore.

Now I see that the Morman Church is under assault for opposing gay marriage in California.

Hey, I thought this was a democracy? California has now voted twice and said it wants to keep the age-old definition of what constitutes a marriage.

Barack Obama has said he's against gay marriage.

Also Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, as did every presidential candidate except Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel.

But the losers don't want to attack Barack Obama. Or the overwhelming majority of Muslims who oppose gay marriage, or African-Americans, or Hispanics.

I wonder why?

People of good conscious are in for the battle of our lives, and the opposition will leave no stone unturned in trying to destroy them ... you can count on that.

Oh, and FLASH! The new Obama website change.org, where Obama lays out his agenda, everything he's promised to do across 25 separate issues has been scrubbed!


I guess everything we heard and read never happened. Draw your own conclusions. On the good side, that mandatory "volunteerism" has apparently been scrubbed too. *lol*

Now, go back to sleep.


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Nov. 10th, 2008 06:23 pm (UTC)
Biden got booed?
Sure it wasnt cause we lost the game?? :)
Nov. 10th, 2008 11:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Biden got booed?
It was at 3:49 of the second quarter.

I taped the game. The camera showed Biden alongside owner Jeffrey Lurie and Al Michaels began to describe how Biden had been invited, etc.

Biden had a big old grin and suddenly the fans started booing very loudly. Biden stopped smiling and someone came alongside him and began whispering in his ear. Biden began laughing.

Meanwhile, Lurie was looking embarrassed and appeared to say "What's this?" after which the booing increased even more.

The spin is that the crowd was booing at an intentional grounding "non-call" by the refs. In fact, the booing had already taking place after Manning dumped the ball off and subsided. It was when Biden and Lurie flashed on the screen that the booing really escalated.

I've watched the scene several times, and there's no question that the crowd was reacting to Biden. You could also tell by Biden's demeanor that he was taken aback.

Nov. 12th, 2008 01:17 am (UTC)
Ah ...

now the Obama Drama really begins

I think I will reserve all further comments until he takes office. It is all just noise now.

When the world ends the day after he takes office, then I will worry.
Nov. 12th, 2008 05:21 pm (UTC)
Yes Mike. You reserve your comments for later. ;-)

I'm partly being mean but I know you are hard-pressed to keep up with my "nit-picking".

No comment is needed really. What can you say?

All you can do now is dance with the one you invited to the prom. And doesn't he look good!

Did you see that the AP just reported that people aren't concerned about getting out of Iraq anymore and that they're not concerned about tax cuts? *lol* There's so much more on the horizon but why rub it in? You have enough stress as it is. ;-)

Have fun!
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