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I wonder what the GAY community is saying about this latest slap in the face by Obama?


Of course, these kind of stories do tend to die a pretty quick death when they don't involve Mormans, evangelical Christians, or conservatives, don't they?

More of this and that:

Are you buying Obama's rhetoric that no Americans have ever confronted the challenges we're facing today? Yes?? Are you serious???

If so, I'd recommend you ask your most recent school attended for a refund. The way I see it, when Obama was running, his message was, "Yes, we can." Now that he's been elected, it's become, "Now, wait a minute! Things are worse than I expected!! This may take a LONG time!!! Don't expect any miracles!"

After all, it takes even the government a long time to throw away $1 trillion it doesn't have.


As for this inauguration thing:

After a $700 million campaign, in the midst of "the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression (not true), Obama is making us spend $150 million plus so we can watch him put his hand on Lincoln's Bible and take the oath of office.

For security reasons alone this is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Get ready to open your wallets over the next four years. The man is a spend-a-holic. Or maybe you're one of the people who supported Obama and think you'll be on the receiving end of some of that mad money. Obama and many of his followers believe in taking from producers and giving to the takers, right?

But have your fun. Never let it be said that I wanted it to snow on anyone's parade. There's reason to celebrate ... for now. The constant orgasms coming from the media are a little bit much though.

On a humorous note, Director Spike Lee asserted on Morning Joe that GOD caused our economic crisis so that Barack Obama would be elected.


I wish these libs would make up their puny little minds. I thought it was George Bush's fault. ;-)

What is this taking upon himself the mantle of Lincoln anyway, by the way? Isn't it a little presumptuous to put yourself in the same ballpark as one of our greatest presidents, one who kept this country from being ripped apart in a Civil War, when you haven't done anything yet besides read from a teleprompter?

Is it just me or are these journalists becoming more and more incoherent the more they "cover" Obama?

What about these Obama nominees and appointments?

Is there anyone he's chosen who does not have some scandal in his or her past, and will the media ever dare to do their jobs and stop pretending this is all just a distraction?

It's human nature, I suppose, although true journalists are supposed to be able to put that aside. Anytime the human mind is confronted with trauma the human mind tends to shut down. Maybe that's why most of these reporters refuse to speculate about anything and have continued to resort to attacking the guy that's leaving town.

And cut out all this centrist bull, please - all of you. We're not stupid. A trillion dollars or more in pork spending in the most massive growth of government intrusion in the history of the world, a stunning move toward socialism, redistribution of wealth (stealing from some to give to others) and government control of almost every aspect of out lives?

And you want we who actually have been responsible, worked hard, saved, spent sensibly to subsidize those who haven't? To sacrifice? My God!

The cult begins in earnest tomorrow. You may have to supply your own Kool-Aid.

Oh, and check out Al Gore's chilly invitation from Fairbanks, Alaska:



Oh, and there we were all in one place,
A generation lost in space
With no time left to start again.
So come on: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick!
Jack Flash sat on a candlestick
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