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who writes these executive orders anyway?


I feel so much safer today.

President Obama issued an executive order to close down Gitmo within one year ... maybe. Sounds like there's some wiggle room in there to me. Mark it down. Gitmo will still be open next year ... and beyond. Nevertheless, it's fascinating whose interests he has placed at the top of his list, isn't it?

For all you Obama supporters, Gitmo is short for Guantanamo Bay. It's in Guantanamo Province at the southeastern end of Cuba, and is the place where high-end terrorists (some of whom were involved in killing 3,000 Americans on 9-11) and other illegal combatants have been kept.

Can't wait for the video.

You see, Obama was so vague on his own order that he had to ask White House Counsel Greg Craig (the lawyer who has represented Fidel Castro) if there was a separate Executive Order saying what they were going to do with the terrorists!

Priceless. You've got to hear that exchange! I wonder if his words are going to be inscribed in granite, or whether this remarkable exchange will make it on the late night comedy shows.

I wonder if anyone in the media will be asking any questions? Oh right, 2008 was the year that journalism died.

Look! In a nutshell, they have no clue about what they want to do, they admit, but will be working on it.

Assuming Osama bin Laden is still alive, maybe surrenders to U.S. troops, what do we do? Where do we take him?

They've sure hit the ground running!

Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha-D, who has compared and called some in our military "Nazis" and "murderers", said that they are welcome to come to his neighborhood.


How do you Pennsylvania folks feel about that? Especially the "bigots" and "rednecks" (Murtha's words) and those bitter folks who still cling to your guns and Bibles, etc. (Obama's words)?


Any other offers? I think you can offer your own suggestions on the president's web site.
I'm sure the blue states will be lining up to accept these poor victims of U.S. aggression into their neighborhoods.

Not all at once now!


Calling all dreamers, every heart-broken fool
Doing what I can but love is cruel
The highest mountain ain't high enough
I'm coming back, gonna take you prisoner of love

Baby, I'll be sailing far across the sea
Wild horses could never stop me
The highest mountain ain't high enough
I won't give up, gonna take you prisoner of love




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Jan. 22nd, 2009 08:50 pm (UTC)
I am overjoyed that the POTUS has decided to close the facility at GITMO.I do not see any ambiguity there at all. As to what to do with these guys? Apply the same standards to them that they are accorded under international and US law. Define them either as POWs or Criminals and deal with them accordingly. While I know you are grasping at the humor straws here - I think you missed the joke. IMHO the joke is that GITMO's detention facility existed in the first place.

Closing GITMO's detention facility is like storming the Bastille. In reality it accomplishes little. The status of these people (many of whom have NEVER had ties to terrorism or any actual crime or combat) is still in limbo. They are closer to getting that resolved at least, but the action only removes a symbol of the problem - not the problem itself. As for where they go? The US has plenty of military and non military government detention facilities they can and will use. I see this as a GREAT sign. I wonder when the investigation into the accusations of illegal activity will proceed against the members of the former regime. Not guilty until proven so, so let the evidence be brought forth. What do they have to hide?

The tone here is that no matter what the current POTUS does, the right-wing fanatics will hate EVERYTHING he does. They will crack jokes and try to devalue it. Fine. What goes around comes around, I suppose. Every POTUS takes his or her turn in the dunk tank. He will be no different.

Rush (wash my keyboard off for even mentioning the cretin) says he HOPES that BHO will fail. How patriotic is that!? This guy has only been in for a day and the howling has started. ME? I am surprised and impressed that two days in and the whole world has not imploded as the Right has told us it would ( guess it might be safe to seel my seat in the bombshelter now). So far I have not heard anything absurd, silly, dumb, or just plain wrong from the Office of the POTUS. What I have not heard is anything "Right"; and that suits me fine.
Jan. 23rd, 2009 02:30 am (UTC)
1. These are not soldiers but illegal combatants, terrorists.

a. Explain to me how prisoners were treated in previous wars.
b. Are you aware that at least 61 of these thugs have been released, only to return to the battlefield and kill again?
c. What do YOU think should be done with them?

2. The reason they are kept outside the U.S. is precisely so they don't wind up in the court system. There was a military court process already in effect which the president has suspended.
a. Do you now insist that terrorists captured on the battlefield be read Miranda rights?
b. Are terrorist attorneys to be given access to intelligence data that resulted in their capture?
c. If you had family in the intelligence field, would you want them to be identified in the public arena?

3. I have no doubt that the current Democrat regime, which refuses to investigate their own, people that brought about the mortgage crisis, the tax cheats that will run the IRS, the other assorted crooks and scoundrels who pepper their ranks, will leave no stone unturned in abusing their power to go after the people who tried to protect you and me.

4. Tone? Like calling for the arrest and execution of the U.S. president? Like the disgustingly filthy and obscene assaults against the previous administration for the last eight years? The hatred and vitriol expressed by people who were allowed, even encouraged, to spew their venom on a daily basis?

Don't make me laugh.

The difference is that non-liberals are generally grounded in reality and their criticisms are aimed at policies and proposals, not personal assaults or character assassination.

5. Yeah, I saw that about Limbaugh.

As usual, the left and their protectors in the media have got the story wrong.

As I did a few days ago (I emphasized that I wanted America to succeed but not Obama in advancing the agenda I PREDICTED would come to light), Limbaugh said he did not want Obama to succeed in pushing his Socialist agenda and various radical programs people like you pretended he didn't support.

Remember, I was one of the FIRST to call it what it is, despite the media and the Obama campaign pretending he was a fiscally conservative centrist.

Remember? You pooh-pooh'd my analysis time after time, again and again.

Well, here it all is unfolding in front of us Mike, just as I said.

You and the rest of the 52% will just have to own up to the fact that this is what you wanted (or allowed).

The fact that there are people like me who knew and predicted what was going to happen refuse to allow it to happen if we have anything to do about it is what politics is all about.

The left fought against and tried to destroy Bush's agenda from Day One. That was their right. The fact that there are 52% of the people who voted thinking they'd get a check, or that a man with no resume but who gives soaring speeches from teleprompters that can enrapture "true believers" (whoever they are and for whatever reason) will save the world is a sad commentary on the state of our nation.

No, I sure as heck don't want to see socialized medicine. Or trillion dollar deficits, or welfare (those tax "credits" you denied would go to people who didn't pay income taxes), or bans on offshore drilling, or subsidies for alternative fuels and systems that aren't economically or even practically feasible, banning secret votes on union memebership, paying for abortions in foreign countries, allowing partial birth abortions in all cases and making me pay for them on top of it, cap and trade, and on and on and on.

I know what Obama's and th radical left Democrat agenda will do. Last I heard we are still a federal republic, not a monarchy ... yet.

But you are an ideologue, as I've said before, and now you have your 19th Century Socialist/Marxist/Fascist Utopia looming over the horizon.

And I'll forever remind you of it. ;-)

Oh, your birthday card will probably be a day or so late. Blame George Bush. *lol*


Edited at 2009-01-23 02:33 am (UTC)
Jan. 23rd, 2009 03:15 am (UTC)
The GITMO points
I am quite aware that they are "classified" as "insert arbitrary name for non-national, irregular combatant". Yes they are terrorists. Moving on.

a. Not nearly enough space or time to do that there save to say that I'm a history major and a former military person who was "educated" on the subject. It also has NO MERIT in the current context. Aren't we supposed to learn from the the past and uphold a higher moral standard?

b. Had they been dealt with properly they would not have had the chance. Also, most standards are that if ONE innocent is held improperly the system has failed. How many of the 61 were "converted" to the cause AFTER the point of initial capture due to learned hatred of the Yanks. Doesn't make it or the system right or give ANY cred' to the system at all.

c I already said what I think should be done with them.

That is called a loophole that circumvents the law's intention - IMHO it was dishonest and GITMO IS US territory and falls under US governance. It is an illogical and spurious defense and the courts seem to be leaning that way as well.

a if it comes to that sure - not that it has much merit. Even in WW1 and 2 we had legal means of dealing with those that did not fight in uniform. Many of those arrested (in and out of GITMO) actually reported to be national combatants of the Iraqi army by the way.

b How would that be handled in any military tribunal situation? There are already long established rules for this.

cIt would be illegal to do so. Even so there are closed courts that will allow for that - see last note. I have had dealings with NIS - I am no rookie with Military Justice system.

3 I do not draw party lines there. All crooks should be ferreted out. Of course war crimes is a bit more severe then paling around with NEVER CONVICTED militants from 40 years ago, questionable real estate deals, and blowjobs on federal time.

4 You give Junior too much credit. Dickey boy is the real prize. No one is seriously looking at the prosecution of a POTUS or senior official. That would be bad form. Truth is that Cheney and company would have us believe that "it is not illegal if the president does it" is a valid defense. Bumpkiss.

Jan. 23rd, 2009 03:35 am (UTC)
Re: The GITMO points
They are "classified" illegal combatants because under the Geneva Conventions that is what they are.

We are a country of LAWS, Mike. Who is the arbiter of what is morally right? I thought you leftists don't believe in morality. That there is no right or wrong. That's what you and others have been saying long as I can remember.

Yeah, better three thousand innocents die a horrible burning death in a skyscraper than one murdering animal have his "constitutional" rights violated.

Yeah, it's we who made them do it, isn't it?

I've sent this to you before but you probably didn't read it:


There are others.

Republicans are always held to higher standards. PERIOD!

Obama is about to have a TAX CHEAT approved as Sec. of Treasury and head of IRS. The man who approved the Marc Rich and FALNA pardons under Clinton.

Can you imagine the Congress and media giving conservative Republicans a pass had these been Republican appointments.


You underestimate the hatred, power lust, and vindictiveness of people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, et al.
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Jan. 23rd, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
The other points
It may be unfolding, but what is inside has yet to show itself. I do not know if it will be good or bad, but it smells good so far - and the stench of the last 8 years of stagnation is still fresh up my nose. Almost anything would be better. I would have taken a Palin POTUS over Junior or his aging dictatorial VP who was (with his monstrous pal Rove) the closest thing to a Kingmaker I have seen in my lifetime in this country.

Just watched several news bits and a couple radio bits all defending my position on the cause of the financial meltdown and how F&F mac were just one bog of a sucking mire of doom that was going to blow up sometime. The other major bogs cited almost uniformly by these folks? Poorly managed firms, LAX OVERSIGHT from the fed (executive branch appointed and managed btw), risky business practices, comical levels of excessive greed, poor regulatory processes and rules, SELF MANAGING CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT (that one just makes me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants), and the F&F mac - and political pressures from all party reps. And we keep giving these people more and more money to drown in.

No one wants to see all that bad spending you mention Ed. Junior sure did bring it all forward though - wasn't it HIS guy that proposed all the spending in the bail out and then flip-flopped twic on how it was to be spent and refused all oversight and had to have that rammed down his throat after the fact (slight exaggeration, but still)? Worse financial record of any POTUS. I wonder how much the bail out would have helped if the money had been put directly to paying down "toxic" assets instead of shoring up the capitol position of the financial institutions. How much health care might that have paid for. How many upgraded Humvees or MWRAPS, or predator drones? I am not a fan of "true socialized medicine", but that is not the call these days now is it? I do not support off shore oil bans but I sure as hell do think drillers should be held truly accountable for screw ups. That goes for ANWR as well. Alt fuels will HAVE to be researched and developed. It is denial to preach otherwise. May as well start now. Look how far Germany and Denmark, Portugal and others in the EU have come on that subject. We can do better. The rest of that is a mixed bag - much out of context or ambiguous. Nonetheless, I do not belong to either party for a reason and that is that I do not follow lockstep with either of them. I think for myself and have mixed opinions. Let's have fun and see how this 100 day breaking in period goes. I think it will be interesting. I do not and never have thought BHO would be the end all answer to all prayers; but I think he will do fine. Truth be told, I have guarded optimism for the new guy in town.

Blame the socialized postal system for the mail. UPS runs more or less on time - they just charge more, don't they? Thanks for thinking of me - insane though I may seem.

One thing all this has done is to reinforce all the opinions and characterizations I have had on the political side. We could have elected the cast of Cheers and gotten better results then team Junior. I still need to throw my farewell party, but I am too busy trying to stay ahead of the layoff curve.

I wonder how Dick and George can sleep at night... lack of conscience if they ever had one to lack.
Jan. 23rd, 2009 04:03 am (UTC)
Re: The other points
The last 8 years, given a Clinton-inherited dot.com boom bust recession, 9-11, Katrina, were a relative picnic.

The first thing Marxists do when they cause a problem is run to the microphone and blame the free market and "de-regulation".

The market, as I have shown you, is no longer free and all the leftist/socialist economists in the world can't explain away the facts. I've seen them too, although not since I stopped watching TV.

***OH! Did you hear what Barney Frank said on Morning Joe recently?***

He said the reason the mortgage crisis occurred was because we were giving too many loans to people who shouldn't have gotten them.

LOOK IT UP!!!!! *lol*

Kinda late, huh Mike? Too bad he didn't admit HE was a main force behind it.

I was one of the few who spoke out against the bailouts from the beginning. Bush was wrong but the Democrats wanted it just as much.

Had a REAL Republican been running for president and spoke out against it, he or she would have won the election.

The Congress didn't include any oversight and gave Paulson full power. That's a fact. Then, instead of doing what he said needed to be done, he did the opposite and gave it to the banks.

It was RUSH, RUSH, RUSH! Remember? Pelosi and Reid said it had to be done NOW!!! otherwise the stock market would crash and out economy would go into free-fall.

What good did it do? Bush listened to his advisers and proposed what they advised him to do.

Too bad I couldn't explain to him what happened and how recessions come and go.

People spend too much, live beyond their means, and go into debt and the Obama/Democrat solution is to spend even more, go into more debt, but take it from the private sector, grow more government, and use the money to reward their constituents.

Have you researched where all that money is going yet? Not including the TRILLIONS we can't actually document.

You big government Socialists are so delusional.

I will be proved right yet again, but too late I'm afraid.

You are reading the green energy propaganda mills again. What alternative energy sources places like Spain, Germany, et al have is heavily subsidized and probably require more energy and resources than they produce and, once their maintenance costs accelerate, will become a burden.

There's a place for nuclear and a few exotic energy sources but only on a limited/expensive basis and should be totally subsidized by the leftist/socialists who want it.

Bush screwed up in promoting Amnesty, believing in global warming, executing too gentlemanly a war, not reining in spending, and not getting down to the level of the morons in the Democrat Party (after Clinton it WAS refreshing to see someone who had respect for the office) but he cut EVERYONE's taxes, the economy did well until the efforts and propaganda of the left finally caught up, he appointed good Justices, and did what no one would have predicted --- kept this country secure for over 7 years.

For that I will be eternally grateful and objective historians will note all this. The behavior of the democrats and their precious media lackeys will be documented to be a total disgrace.
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Jan. 23rd, 2009 04:30 am (UTC)
I went back and RE-listened to Rush (breaks out the keyboard wipe again). No - I disagree with your assessment. He is a malicious twit and is GROSSLY misrepresenting the goals of the BHO admin. If he looks at what he said and applies them to the last admin I am pondering how he isn't RAILING against the actions of the last admin.

Enjoyed the clips on John Strwart of Charlie Rose's hypocritical comments (overlapped with his own words) and the absolute FEAR mongering that Fox has been going on with (odd since only liberals are supposed to do that - huh?)

Ed, it is the same crap in reverse. Just as always. Just as I said. Hannity is a freakin loon.
Jan. 23rd, 2009 04:46 am (UTC)
What did Rush say that indicates he wants Obama to fail.

I listen to him off and on pretty regularly now, enough to know where he's coming from. I've grown tired of seeing sites like Media Matters and the mainstream media saying something he's said and, after researching or having heard it first hand, realize they've completely taken it out of contest.

The "Phony Soldier" comment was a prime example. Complete lie. I've started to appreciate him a lot more seeing how he's attacked, not by debating his opinions, but by misrepresenting what he says. They do it all the time.

They did that with Ann Coulter (after first canceling her appearance and then banning her from NBC) and she kicked Matt Lauer's butt when NBC was exposed and got called on it (wanna see the e-mail I fired off?). In every interview she had, they ignored 99% of the book, focused only on unmarried mothers and crime, and then criticized her TONE (while they were screaming and ridiculing at her).

Everything she said was factual.

But as you know, the left ALWAYS uses language and words to trick people, tries to control the subject, makes ridiculous charges on minor points while ignoring the meat of issues.

"You said 70% of inmates come from fatherless homes. That's RACIST and SEXIST!"

Why do you think they NEVER admit to being liberal? They have to fool people like Obama did.

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Jan. 23rd, 2009 05:57 pm (UTC)
Just another puppet president...

Please give these sites a look.

So many people out there fooled about Obama, a man with no real power whatsoever. People need to wake up!

Jan. 23rd, 2009 07:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Just another puppet president...
Thanks. I bookmarked them to check out later.

Unfortunately, some people are in perpetual slumber, so they will never wake up. This new version of liberalism requires that you know nothing. That's what makes it so seductive.

When you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will vote for you.

That's the core of the problem more than anything. ;-)
Jan. 27th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
bad link

Off to bed anyway
Jan. 27th, 2009 05:21 am (UTC)
It worked for me.
Jan. 27th, 2009 05:32 am (UTC)
Acknowledgment without action is like saying sorry and robbing the bank anyway. And the world is full of hypocrites - and often in my life they are the ones shaking their Bibles the highest.

The LEFTY - why has no one made a Marvel Super Villain out of that one. He would have to wear a cape and have a snidley Whiplash sort of mustache and own a Bull Mastiff named Dante.

Ok don't know where that come from... it is late after all.

Muslims don't get a pass. no one gets a pass. It's kind of odd saying that considering the Islamic paranoia that the US has right now. Yes I know you were speaking of the Gaza issue, but you made a more blanket statement than that.

To ignore the grievances of the Palestinians will mean never ending violence in that area. Israel has a right to defend itself, but so do the Palestinians. To go on about how the Israelis are only defending themselves is to ignore the same claims of the Palestinians. It is not so cut and dry - else it would have been resolved a long time ago. And to go on about the whole creation of the Jewish state and European Guilt and the 6 day war... all easily argued and obviously flawed discussions in attempt to justify the past. Might doesn't always make right.

Some how the Palestinians need to shown that they will never have peace and stability if they do not toss out the terrorist thugs that got them into all this trouble, and they need to understand that they will win nothing by repeatedly harassing the Israelis. Israel needs to learn that they are playing into the political hands of the Palestinians and prolonging hostilities by this overwhelming but largely ineffective show of strength in beating down the already beat down.

I don't see any lack of blame or lack of justification on either side. I see a bad situation made worse by well intentioned Europeans and Americans followed by decades of all the wrong moves and never ending war.

Tired must sleep... I am sure I am starting to drift off here and there.
Jan. 27th, 2009 05:38 pm (UTC)

Oh, come now.

Seven years after 9-11 and there has been virtually no backlash against Muslims unless you want to count a few oddballs now and then.

On the contrary, groups like CAIR are always claiming violation of Muslim rights. Most of the charges have been shown to be bogus. Muslims have actually been granted special rights.

I heard a phone call from a supposed young Iranian student who said when 9-11 occurred the students were sent home and he was subjected to taunts because he was Iran.

All before anyone even knew who was responsible? Oh come now!

Refusal to recognize the radical goals of militant Islam will bear the predictable fruit, as it has done across the globe.

Seeing reality is not paranoia.

There is no solution to the Israeli/Palestinian issue because the Muslim world seeks the destruction of Israel. Period.

Jan. 27th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)

The phone call supports my claim - the fact is that a: sure the Iranian might have also just been paranoid and b: Must have been right after the attack as they had it all over the news pretty quickly about suspected Arab links and c: just because one side is paranoid it doesn't mean the other side can't be also.

No overt backlash, maybe? On the other hand there is plenty of anti Islamic sentiment and general paranoia. I hear it all the time, and doubly so from my less worldly so called conservative friends and relatives - and coworkers - then anyone else. Even in the Right wing media I hear it.

Not all Islamic are radical just as not all of any group are radical. It only takes a small and very loud, active or visible group to make a much larger population look bad. Most Islamic are not of the crazy terrorist variety.

The Egyptians ceased their overt and constant attacks on Israel and have managed a solid peace accord for a long time. It could happen elsewhere - and it may happen elsewhere. I have heard that before and I understand that the Islamic world would like to wipe the Israeli state off the map. Doing so would cause them immeasurable harm both politically and economically. Besides, this situation in Israel is not so easily and one sided unless one wears blinders and ignores that the current problems there are easily being fed by hostile intentions on both sides. Of course if one even suggests that Israel is even possibly acting beyond reasonable limits the critic is obviously anti-Semite - BS. I do support the Israeli state, but they have a tendency to go WAY over and beyond reasonable response and have little sense of restraint. I am also not pro Palestinian - they cannot continue launching rockets. I am not sayin it is easy - but taking the easy route is not going to resolve the problem.

So what would happen if the UN told the US that we were going to have to cede New Orleans to a population of displaced Cajuns and everyone had to move out of those areas for them. And let's suppose they get into a shooting match and take the rest of LA. Would the we sit and just let them have it?

I am well aware of why how and when the Israeli problem started. I am also aware that it wasn't exactly a fair situation and the people living there are pissed off about it. Who wouldn't be. I am less worried about the root causes, but unless some sort of address is given to the root cause the current problem will not ever be solved and the region will be forever involved in combat and it has NOTHING to do with what we want, like or support.

Will keep us selling good and services to the Israeli for a long time.
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