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Anyone know who said that?

I just got back from the hospital in time to catch most of the President's "press conference".

Did you see it?

Oh, too bad. I'll summarize.

The sky is falling and we have to do something!

Some more observations:

Well, the first thing is that we'll never get the core of issues with the pre-selected reporters asking questions like, to paraphrase Chip Reid of CBS, "Given your desire to get bi-partisan cooperation, did you ever think it would be this hard to change the old ways of Washington?"

Pass the slobber-towels around, would you?

The next thing is that someone has to have the guts to follow up on President Obama when he creates these straw men arguments and makes excuses with misstatements of fact and his opponents' positions.

Where is Sam Donaldson when we need him?

For example:

He says his critics complain about his plan, but their plan is that they want to do nothing, and this isn't what the American People voted for.

What they want is targeted real stimulus spendings and tax cuts that create jobs rather than a laundry list of trillions of dollars in bailouts and PORK spending.

He says the reason for our crisis is banks making bad investments with their client' money and a debt to asset ratio which is too high, but fails to mention that it's the government that forced banks to write risky loans and for government enterprises like Fannie May and Freddie Mac to buy them up, while financial institutions invested in high-risk mortgage derivatives, a disastrous move when combined with the housing bubble bursting and so many mortgages going into default.

At the core is a problem with government, not the private sector.

As I've been saying for a year, the Democrats TOLD banks they MUST loan to people who couldn't pay them back (or face lawsuits and penalties) and loosened the debt to asset regulations that Obama was talking about.

And this "create or save" 2 or 3 or 4 million jobs. What a crock! If we lose a million more jobs this year, Obama will simply pull out the old liberal math book and say we were projected to have lost three million, so he actually saved two million.

Just like the $850 billion bailout in September which he warned had to be passed IN A HURRY or Wall Street would go down the drain. Remember?

Well, he admits it didn't work as planned, but said it did avert a catastrophe.

Well! Thank goodness for that, huh?

Mr. Obama said he didn't come to Washington intending to spend $800 billion.

Oh, my! What a whopper! In fact that's exactly what he did propose and before the whole mortgage meltdown even started. And how was he to pay for it?

Why, with cutting unnecessary spending - remember? With a scapel and not a hatchet.

But that was the campaign, and in campaigns you say whatever's necessary to fool enough people to vote for you.

He also repeats the old mantra about not accepting the same old policies that got us into this trouble in the first place. In fact, it was the abandonment of these tried-and-true market principles that got us into trouble.

Remember, the former President inherited a recession, had to deal with 9-11, Katrina, two wars, a spend-happy Congress (the Democrats blame Bush for budget deficits of two to three hundred billion dollar deficits each year for eight years but we'll have probably created close to ten TRILLION dollars in debt in the next 2 to 4 years alone!

And remember, no matter how much the opposition wants to spend, the Democrats complain it isn't enough. Now that they have control of the executive and executive branches, we can see that.

And they haven't even started on Socialized Health-care, although there are some disturbing preparations contained in this bill no one seems to want to ask about.

How about EVERYONE's health records in a national data base? Big Brother is coming, guys!

Oh, and remember the rage at Bush for not allowing the press to record the arrival of caskets containing our "fallen heroes" from overseas?

Someone did ask him about that and his promise of transparency.

He said he'd have to study the matter and consider all of the ramifications.

Oh, and eight-eight year-old White House reporter Helen Thomas used the phrase "so-called terrorists" in a question about sanctuaries in Pakistan.

It will be interesting to see how Helen treats the new president when things start unraveling.

And unravel it will. These are dark days coming. The government already spends 40% of our total GDP. Now they want to spend more - and print funny money to pay for it.

There's no free lunch folks, and we are collectively going to find that out soon enough.

Of course, as I warned during the campaign, once the Democrats have control, there will be no stopping the insanity.

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