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the second two weeks ...


The pattern continues ... President Obama's tenure, as I predicted, would be a continuation of his campaign as he jets here and there telling everyone the sky is falling and we have to redistribute more money.

Here are highlights of his second two weeks:

As predicted, the EPA will be mulling whether to declare an essential gas, carbon dioxide (or as we call it in Louisiana "plant food") a POLLUTANT.

The claim is that it's causing the increases in global temperature that have been dropping since 1998 and, since they can't control water vapor, urban sprawl, and solar output (which are the main reasons temperatures might be higher where you live) why not tax the air you breathe?

On a related note, the left-wing environmentalist wackos are blaming those Australian fires on - what else - GLOBAL WARMING!

I guess they didn't read that they were caused by ARSONISTS and that environmental laws PREVENT people from clearing dead brush which feeds fires.

One couple broke the law and cleared their land and were FINED $75,000 for doing so, but their home and property were saved by their lawbreaking while other families were not so lucky losing property and loved ones to the fires.

Anyone asked Al Gore about that yet?

ACORN is breaking padlocks in foreclosed homes, taking them over, and declaring they now belong to them. You know, ACORN is the organization of community organizers that registers all those bogus voters to help elect Democrats and, with the help of Bill Clinton, sued banks to lend money to the people who couldn't pay for their mortgages.

And they pull this stuff on your tax dollars.

Does that make us guilty of aiding and abetting?

By the way, as any homeowner knows - it's not your house until it's paid for. SOMEONE has to pay for it, and if you can't afford to pay for a home, you are what we call in Louisiana - RENTERS!

What a concept!

Al Sharpton is at it again, stirring up people because the New York Post for publishing an editorial cartoon showing a policeman shooting a chimpanzee (in reference to the story about the woman whose face was ripped off) and saying someone else would have to help write the "Stimulus Bill".

Rev. Al says it's racist!

Why is it that the race hucksters and their enablers in the media and the Democrat party are the only ones who read racism into everything?

Every criticism against candidate Obama was attacked as being racist. Dems and liberals are obsessed with race. Is Rev. Al aware that the alleged object of the cartoon is NOT President Obama but Nancy Pelosi and the Congresional Democrats and lobbyists who actually wrote the bill? The bill they were in so much of a hurry to pass no one had time to read it, then sat "on the President's desk" until he had time to sign it in Denver on Tuesday.

Funny no one had a thing to say at all the actual "Chimp" references aimed at former President Bush, not to mention visual and verbal attacks that were much worse and inflammatory, even violent.

And don't forget the racially-charged and insulting charactcitures aimed at Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice! Oh, I forgot. THAT was different.

On a related note, Attorney General Eric Holder declared that we are all COWARDS because we are afraid to talk about race.

I don't know about you, but I'm totally bored with the subject. It's been tiresome for a long time. The entire coverage of the presidential campaign was centered around the historic nature of electing a "black" candidate. Any criticism or non-support was deemed to be racist. No one in the media was the least bit interested in investigating who Barack Obama was, what he had accomplished, why he hung around the people he was associated with, how he had gotten to the position of being elected president. Everything was off limits - why?

But, to be fair, okay ... Have your way. I'll let you, Mr. Holder, go first. Tell us. What is it about Hispanics, Asians, and Caucasians that bothers you so much?

I'm waiting.

The AP actually ran a story about Democrats being in trouble with ethics issues, but said they were lucky it's all coming out after the election and mentioned how the Republicans were unlucky that their "scandals" (the Mark Foley e-mail episode) came out months before the election.


Hey ... Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Tim Mahoney, Chris Dodd, Rahm Emanuel, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Jim McGreevey, Charles Rangle, and now Tim Geithner, Rod Blagojevich, Roland Burris, Tom Daschle, Eric Holder, and on, and on, and on ... most of these scandals well-known but under-reported by the media to protect Democrats and Barack Obama.

Poor Ted Stevens! What he must be thinking.

Where were the "CULT OF CORRUPTION" headlines last year?

Oh, that's right ... 2008 was the year that journalism died.

People laughed when I warned of Obama's leftist bent and coming Socialism. I guess when it's spelled out for them or when the President makes references to things like our "collective responsibility", they must still be clueless ... or are they getting the message?

Free speech is under assault as the chatter increases week to week to stop all that - well chatter (on talk radio and the internet). This is the most frightening of all the left-wing's agendas.

Make your voice heard! Before the thought police and truth squads get a foothold in your community. Think I'm kidding? Watch!

Big Brother is coming! He wants to know where you are and where you're going:


The Executive branch wants to take over the Census count from the Commerce Department and, along with it, the job of redistricting in the states. Control the re-drawing of districts an you control who gets elected where.

How convenient!

In Obama's home town, Rick Santelli went on the rant of the milleneum attacking President Obama's "Stimulus" plan. He's calling for a new "Tea Party", an idea that was not his originally, btw.


I've been calling for a Mississippi River Kool-Aid party myself. I wonder if we'd get arrested for dumping pitchers of Kool-Aid into Ol' Muddy?

Anyway, I'm waiting for the media to come after him and his family - a la Sarah Palin. Does the word "erratic" come to mind?

And the stock market continues to plunge. Gee! I wonder why confidence is so low?

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