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All of the time.

For example:

Take the stem cell funding order of President Obama.

The media and pundits have been saying over and over that Obama reversed former President Bush’s BAN on embryonic stem cell research.

That is a big fat LIE!

President Bush did not BAN stem cell research. Stem cell research has been conducted for years. What he did was restrict YOUR TAX DOLLARS from being used to pay for that research.

To date, many medical breakthroughs have been achieved using ADULT stem cells while embryonic stem cell research has produced little but promises.

There are many who consider the creation of human life earmarked for destruction as abhorrent. I now live with the knowledge my tax dollars may go to paying for experimentation that will push the boundaries of man’s right to decide who lives and who dies.

We have people who will strap themselves to a tree to protect a bird’s egg but who have no problem with destroying an innocent human life, even up to 9 months in the womb.

This literally sends chills down my back.

We have a president now who declares, when it comes to science, we are with the program or against it.

Just one more step toward authoritarianism and collectivism and away from individualism and human rights.

Speaking of science, do you remember the scientist in the original version of The Thing/? Sometimes "science" is not the end-all of truth and knowledge, and this is coming from someone with a lifelong love and appreciation of astronomy, physics, and the nature of existence.


Our way of life is changing day-by-day, as the votes of 52.7 % of the electorate have empowered a Democrat Government and President to do virtually whatever they want to us - Constitution be damned.

The backlash is fermenting. The media is trying to play it down and know most people are clueless to what‘s going on anyway so it’s easy to play the faithful servant instead of doing their job as our watchdog.

In my entire life, some of which I spent in the field of journalism, I‘ve seen absolutely nothing like this.

The entire weight of the media is used to attack critics of Obama and his minions while evidence is out there for all to read and see showing Democrats, media, and politicians WANTED the previous administration to fail.

Our “transparent” president has to duck behind closed doors to sign another outrageous pork-filled spending bill (breaking yet another campaign promise) and refuses to take questions.

Cities are already conniving to sell stimulus money they don’t need and the corruption is only beginning.

We have a president who reads someone else’s words from teleprompter everywhere he goes, even when answering questions.

The administrations want to give union thugs the power to intimidate workers into voting to unionizing their jobs.

Up to 300,000 illegals may be getting stimulus money due to “loopholes” (actually, amendments to prevent this were REJECTED) by Democrats.

We have an administration of ideologues that knows nothing of what they're doing except what they have learned and want to implement.

The President wants to talk to moderate Taliban, you know, the ones who use a sharp knife to cut your head off.

The world is starting to laugh at us.

More and more, the private sector is being dismantled while a giant centralized government grows in power and influence over every aspect of our lives.

And 52.7 % of the people WELCOME it.


Who is John Galt?



Another Obama appointee is possibly in trouble. The FBI has announced two arrests and has served a search warrant at the office of D.C.'s Chief Technology Officer.


Of course everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty or pardoned by the president. ;-)

Change you can believe in.


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Mar. 12th, 2009 11:32 pm (UTC)
You can't make this stuff up. It's damned depressing.
Mar. 13th, 2009 12:32 am (UTC)
Oy Vey.

I find it hard to even begin with the number of things that are wrong with this one Ed. From misrepresentation of facts, to spin, to spurious logic to just plain bogus propaganda. It makes my head dizzy just trying to think where to start... Let's start with the easy one...

Who was John Gault? A fictional and unbelievable character in a fictional USA, in a poorly constructed and contrived story that bored me to tears and had a HORRID message about the supposed virtue of selfishness and how all these masters of industry were the only real brains and power of the world. Rand was an angry, bitter and hateful hack.
Mar. 13th, 2009 04:10 pm (UTC)
You must be very busy these days. Your objections have been weaker and weaker lately.

All I do is report the news ... most of which the MSM avoids reporting or spins to their advantage.

Ayn Rand? Mike, are you aware when and where she was born? She does very well for someone writing in a second language, and some of her passages I find profoundly insightful and bordering on poetry. You can tell this is a person who has lived.

It is always obvious when truth is getting out and getting under the skin of the collective left and the media. The slurs multiply and the slime deepens. ;-)
Mar. 13th, 2009 04:52 pm (UTC)
I am very aware of who she was, where whe was, why she was required reading and why I strongly disagree with her.

I would say - and they have also said it, that the conservatives and the republicans are in disarray and seem to have no focus or leader. Thank Junior for that. See - he did some good. the more nasty their attacks, the more insane they sound, the more divisive they get, the more they just sound desperate. I heard a series of phone calls into several talk radio shows suggesting the likes of Rush for office. I almost laughed myself out of my chair. They are really feeling the pain... and I don't really want that. Everyone should have a voice and their voices should have outlets. They have. They need to get organized.

Some truth.

I watched a series of Republican members of congress berate the so called earmarks (and yes there are some) and then in the same sentence try to explain how their additions were not earmarks. I guess it is as I said before - one reps earmarks are another reps essential program.


It really is just politics.

I wish I could have engaged you in the e-mail exchange I had on this a couple days back. I will try to recapture my post for you. I think you will enjoy it.
Mar. 13th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
Republicans will follow WE THE PEOPLE or get left in the dust.

Funny how you libs always deflect attention when your guys are in charge and screwing things up.

After 8 years of dispicible disgusting treatment of the former president, people calling him a murderer, calling for his arrest, execution, a traitor, etc., and you are suddenly concerned about the tone of people who see what Obama and the Dems are doing.


YOUR guy promised to not tolerate ANY earmarks. He just sneaked into a back room to sign on to 9,000 of them.

He created a $1.75 trillion deficit in two months and talks about ending deficits. He breaks his promise on earmarks then says some earmarks are okay.

What do you think of his executive order on embryonic stem cell funding? In favor? Yes or no? Bill Clinton just said in an interview that an embryo is not fertilized (5 times) and the CNN guy (Gupta) who was in line to be an Obama apointee disn't correct him. I say none of these people even know what they're doing and have shown it again and again.

What a disaster!
Mar. 13th, 2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
Let's see - even if I was to agree this is a disaster - which I am not -

Which would I rather - this disaster, or the last one.

I will HAPPILY take this one... no contest.

At least he hasn't dropped us into a quagmire of a war that we should not have engaged in to start with - broke international treaties and laws with regards to conflicts and torture, confinement and intelligence (laughing ) and is trying to limit our general international isolation and he hasn't even had 100 days yet! Wow.

The stem cell thing is interesting. I will settle to say that the federal ban was lunacy and needed to be reversed.
Mar. 13th, 2009 05:31 pm (UTC)
More equivocating? *LOL* You libs love to talk in theory but when the rubber hits the road ...

Mike! There was no FEDERAL BAN! I pointed that out.

Obama just reversed his executive order and is basically doing what Bush did. *LOL*

Quagmire? We won Mike and liberated what, 70 million people and have possibly established a bastion of normalcy in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Obama is ESCALATING the war in Afghanistan.

Are you in support of that?
Mar. 13th, 2009 09:55 pm (UTC)
There was a Federal Ban call it what you like. I know and have talked to people in the research side. It is splitting hairs. Junior even called it that.

No federal money could be used in ... bla bla bla... It was a ban and it was decreed by the federal government. IT DID NOT BAN the research. Right. Many universities went ahead and there was administrative chaos as a result that hampered the research. Since many / most of these universities and programs got their research money from the federal government the ban all BUT murdered the programs. They were kept alive often by private donation. A grad student researcher I know was telling me of the nuttiness that was going on in this area - It was lame and counter productive.

I like that Saddam Hussein is no longer walking the sands of Iraq. I don't think there are a lot of folks that would disagree. I disagree that we had right or reason to be there.

Liberation is a strange term. Yes I like what can and will happen there, and what we WANT to do there; but does this mean that we will now have a “right” to invade any country we feel is not in line with our social, political, or economic desires. Will we invade any country that we feel might be threat. And will we do so at the cost of other active hot spots we are ALREADY engaged in. How quick will US popularity and favor fade in the world? How many battles can we fight at once? How far from our goals will a country have to be to be considered a danger? Stability? It isn't there yet. Sure it will get there. It has already taken WAY longer then junior and company told us it would. I do not argue that we are trying to make the lives of these people better , but that is a n mighty big stick you're calling on us to tote around. I don' think we have that sort of stick without talking the BOMB which would just be dumb.

Iraq is nowhere close to being “normalcy” in the middle east.

BOTH candidates proposed to escalate the war in Afghanistan. Both were probably right to do so. Afghanistan is (as I have said so many times) THE place where we actually had some sort of legitimate casus belli. Fighting in Iraq drained and continues to drain resources from Afghanistan - where the real fight was all along.

While I would like it to be over in Afghanistan, I do support it more then I would any actions in Iraq. The war in Iraq was NEVER a war on terror until AFTER we mopped up the Ba'athists. Sure we drew the terrorists to Iraq and it was great to fight them there instead of in the US; but they would likely have been drawn to Afghanistan and we could as well have fought them there, where we had real cause (no matter how tenuous that was).
Mar. 13th, 2009 11:10 pm (UTC)
Expose a liberal lie and you are accused of being technical.

Liberals and leftists constantly use language to confuse people and to create false impressions.

I repeat. President Bush DID NOT ban embryonic stem cell research. He limited Federal Funding to a certain number of
existing lines.

Period. And yet another 10,000 liberals will repeat the lie that George Bush banned stem cell research.

I've been chronicling left-speak for 25 years Mike. That's why I can pick up stuff like this so easily.

Now go and research how Obama backtracked from his Executive Order 48 hours after he delivered it in front of the cameras.

Of course the media is not going to report that, are they? *lol*

The Congress has been spending as much every 10 hours as it has every 30 days in Iraq.

If the Democrat Party had not given aid and comfort to the enemy
for 5 years, declared the war LOST two years ago, called Gen. Petraeus a LIAR before he opened his mouth when he appeared before Congress, maybe the war would have been concluded long ago.

McCain didn't say he wanted to escalate the Afghan War. He said he wanted to win it.
Mar. 14th, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
No - twist the truth and you will be called out.
To be technical it was in every way a federal ban. Mince it how you will - it was still a federal ban on new research - and it was still lame... and religiously motivated - and since the church of Junior is not in charge ---phooey on em.

Don't be bitter - the conservatives lost because they picked the wrong horse last time and now they are paying for it in lost power. Don't worry - power in DC is like the tides. They will get it back in their turn... eventually. Just like the end of the war in Iraq.

Politicians CONSTANTLY use language to confuse those who would not listen to what they say. Conservatives and Liberals alike. That is a weak bit of bait. You know it is lopsided and a flat out lie to suggest that only liberals spin in politics. Poly Sci 102 - Non-speak - how to say a lot and say nothing at all. Junior managed to do a lot of non-speak.

Actually, off his own web site McCain said he wanted to increase the battle ready troops in Afghanistan by three combat brigades - BHO said in an interview comparing their positions that he would increase it by 2. Far as I am concerned they were on par there. I copied that off his page directly when I was researching the platform. And if he was for getting out of Afghanistan before getting out of the war on processed cheese food in Iraq I would have put even more of my support behind BHO.

As for the mincing of terms - no one would say they want to lose the war in Afghanistan. Everyone has said they want to win it. The difference is, Iraq. Afghanistan is where the fight is and should have been all along. It is just silly to suggest that any American would not want a win in either location.

I think it will be nice to see our standing in the world become more respectable again.
Mar. 14th, 2009 12:54 am (UTC)
You've proved my point.

Only a lib could translate an order limited TAXPAYER funding of research to existing lines of stem cells to an outright BAN. *LOL*

I'm not bitter. I told you from day one McCain was doomed, how the process was screwed up, how the media would cover the campaign, etc.

If an actual conservative had run and the Republican Party not tried to appeal to liberals, minorities, WalMart moms, etc., the outcome MIGHT have been different.

That's history and The People are starting to rise up.

But now that we have a bunch of buffoons in power, be sure to remember who put these people in office.

What did you get from Obama's site and when? Did you get it before or after he scrubbed all that anti-military stuff before his trip to Afghanistan and Iraq? :-D

Obama's promises all have expiration dates on them. *lol*

Last I heard, the EU is PO'd, especially the Brits, the Pakistanis, the Afghans (Obama wants to teach them to stop growing poppies and grow food), Iran, the Mexicans, the Chinese, and so on.

Hamas is happy though. They're getting almost a cool billion.

This is not the Obama most of them thought they knew. Too bad they didn't listen to us.
Mar. 14th, 2009 01:28 am (UTC)
I qualified my statement - and Junior's ban had the effect he was after - It seriously limited research and allowed us to fall behind other nations in that area. We will catch up. We might even regain some ground in the science arena.

That whole discussion simply hinges on what side of the argument one is on - and ya know it. He can fund religious organizations with federal money, but he cannot fund legitimate research - and yes - that was deliberate on my part. The government has no place getting involved in religious organizations - even for their so called non-theological undertakings. I don't think they have the ability to separate the two.

I also think religious organizations should be taxed like any other business. Allow them to write off charitable work and the schools they run as tax breaks.

Delusion... people already rose up. They punted the dopes out of power. Sadly I am not a fan of a one party government... oh well. Thanks to the RNC for giving us that one.

So I guess you think we should support the poor Afghans in growing their poppies?

Oh yes - the whole world is up in arms over this guy. Not buying that. I guess it was not like they were over junior. That was a nightly bit of reality.

Delusion is a powerful thing.

I am neither pleased or not. I am only happy Junior is no longer calling the shots. I hope he has a quiet retirement. Dicky boy, too.
Mar. 14th, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
final edit
Well, you might be happy to know Obama is reducing the amount of deductions people can claim on charitable contributions so, as churches and charities are hurt more and more, soon you won't have any churches (who provide ENORMOUS services) and BIG BROTHER will finally control everything.

Misery will abound except for the elite class who will bounce back and forth between the government and bureaucracy.

BTW, Ayn Rand hated some of the rich too - the ones who made their fortunes not by PRODUCING but in lying in bed with GOVERNMENT. I so hate when leftists misrepresent her philosophy.

Obama wants to deprive poor black kids of free tuition to attend the private school his own daughters attend in Washington D.C. (just as he said is one of the debates with McCain) so the Teachers' Unions will be happy.

You are oblivious to what is happening at the grassroots level because the media don't report it. Leftist "grass-roots" are funded by tax dollars and orchestrated through the Executive Office and extensions of the Obama campaign machine.

The opposition is organizing by word-of-mouth. All across the nation. You can stick your head in the sand all you want to. It's happening. Why do you think so many "blue-dog Democrats are running scared.

Pundits are starting to feel nervous, apparently waking up from their 18 month stupor. They still LOVE him, but, "What the heck are you doing, Barack?"

You must get out more, Mike.

The Afghans will tell the charming Mr. Obama to shove it, Mike, and will grow what they can make a living selling.

Obama was elected because he's the first "American Idol" candidate, spent four times as much as his opponent, because the drones thought he was cool, and mainly because the media controlled the campaign, the debates, and the message that was thrust into the public consciousness.

It's so funny when I mention some of the things he's done to supporters and they tell me I'm lying. *lol*

Totally clueless.

Edited at 2009-03-14 03:10 am (UTC)
Mar. 14th, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)
I find it most unlikely that you will ever see the "soon there won't be any churches" bit. It's a bit silly to take it to that panicky an extreme. Any you say the liberals are afraid...

I do not think anyone should begrudge anyone that wants to spend more money to send their kids to a better private school. I do not think the government should give people vouchers to send kids to private schools. The public schools of the US are not the best in the world, but they are pretty good in most cases. The ones that are not should be reviewed and efforts made to fix them No Child Left Behind was so full of holes and illogical rules . . . it left many behind. I credit Junior and company for making an effort - I wish they could have tried harder. We cannot afford to send all the kids to the best private schools, or even to the best public schools. We can do the best with what we have. That is a silly argument.

The Elite Class - That's laughable.

I did not suggest any such thoughts from Rand. I dislike her writing - I fine it dry. I don't have any interest in Objectivism (as massively flawed as it is - required reading in my day). I have read interviews with her, and essays about her and I find her as unlikeable as her writing.

Some grassroots organization if people are not hearing about it. . . That is such a bogus argument. If they have been heard of one can claim they are obviously behind a huge groundswell. If they aren't heard about they are stil huge and the media is just covering it. I get my news from more then the media you hate so much. I also have more conservatives friends who feed me their line as well. I smile and nod and check what interests me. They are in disarray. It really is a shame. Even worse that they are so quiet and hard to notice even when being looked for. What is wrong with these conservatives that they just don't understand how to work the media. Are they really that incapable. I think yes. Time they learned from the people that know how things work... or that should be Work (capitol W).

Oh so Obama and the Federal government are behind all the liberal grassroots movements? Wow - it is a wonder we don;t see more of them getting more done and I am SURE they would be surprised to know it. That's pretty weak.

Where are all these "scared folk" you keep telling me about. Where is the mass hysteria. It doesn't exist except in the minds and radio shows or right wing pundits. I stress the term "pun".

I have a feeling I get out far more than you do.

The Afghans have a history of telling people to shove it. They are rather good at it. We have been trying to get them to stop growing poppies for a long time. That was one of the few things the Taliban was able to do; cut back on the poppies. Of course they still allowed some and allowed it only to be sold outside the country to infidels. BHO will be no different.

Presidential elections are as much about popularity than anything - and you know it. McCain was simply out played. Well, that and he had a hostile public that was sick of Junior and did not want even the HINT of a clone.

I would love to know how those FBI investigations are going. Shame it will be some time before any are closed. I wonder how many of the Wall St. Folk that made fortunes wrecking their companies also spent heavily on the Republican Candidates and are long term members of the GOP. I will bet it is substantial.

Clueless... yes... many conservatives are... and willingly so... deliberately so.

What will they do in 4 years when the world has not crumbled?


Mar. 14th, 2009 04:00 am (UTC)
Mike, I would have thought by now you'd have learned I (virtually) never make a point I can't back up:


Not to mention what ACORN and it's splinter groups do. Right now they're trying to recall a Vietnamese Congressman and a White City Councilwoman.

One of the "ministers" behind the protests has been convicted many times in the last few years and another "minister" is also a New Orleans police officer who is a bodyguard for another Councilwoman who, it was just discovered, is behind the recall of her "adversary" on the City Council.

They've done stuff like this ever since I can remember, funded by money funneled through people like Democrat Bill "Cold Cash" Jefferson who was finally defeated last December and has STILL not gone to trial after 3 years.

It's the Democrat Party Way.
Mar. 14th, 2009 04:20 am (UTC)
< rolls eyes >

I am just too tired tonight.

I'm not sure what you thought that "backed up" maybe I am too tired. It has been a long night of editing. Going to enjoy some of what the corporate entertainment of America has to offer.

I still think you have over interpreted, slanted and misrepresented this. Sure there is grassroots on BOTH FREAKIN sides that have ties to the government and OF COURSE the ONE PARTY in power will try to parlay their new found strength into a long term hold. What do you think the party is FOR. and the RNC would do the EXACT SAME THING... if they knew how and had the wherewithal to do it. From all you have displayed of their media and organizational savvy they just don't seem capable of getting their act together.

Cruise though both parties - I will bet we can both come up with a long list of this sort of stuff. No I don't think the parties "own" all the grassroots out there. That's silly. I will bet they all support the ones that are pushing down roots for their cause. So what have you proven here?

Guessing you were thinking I have never been to that site...

Would you like me to post some cough cough conservative equivalents?

It's all the same game Ed. I give em credit for organization. The RNC is a nut house right now.
Mar. 14th, 2009 05:20 am (UTC)
Obama and the Democrats fund their "grassroots" organizations like ACORN, the Rainbow Coalition, etc. by extorting money from corporations and using taxpayer money now in the BILLIONS of dollars.

Obama built a lot of his support serving on those Chicago boards and funneling money to groups that supported or would soon support him.

I don't recall news accounts of hundreds of conservative protesters breaking down gates and doors, swarming into government offices and City Council chambers, banks, offices, etc. screaming and yelling until they got their way.

That was one of the tactics used by ACORN in forcing to write a lot of those toxic loans the Dems and the media like to blame those greedy bankers for writing.

As if anyone would voluntarily lend money to someone he or she knew wouldn't pay back.
Mar. 14th, 2009 01:40 pm (UTC)
Actually I can give some GREAT examples of why a mortgage broker would loan money to someone that would not get paid back - and I can give examples why they wouldn't care - that is all well documented and confirmed by employees in the business.

As noted from an interview with state regulators in Florida, it was stated that Real Estate Brokers tend to push people in to higher end houses than what they are looking for as they get paid on percentage - it is in their interest to push the envelope. The mortgage brokers are often compensated (especially the "independent" ones) by how much paper they can push. They - the brokers - are not handling their own money in many / most cases; and even when they work directly for a main bank there is no real system of accountability for defaulting loans. This is the concept of Fiduciary Duty. The brokers are not as tied to the responsibility of the loan the same way the banks are and had little interest in protecting the lenders from bad paper.

Most of the banks loans are supposed to be protected and insured against fault. Too bad that the companies protecting these assets leveraged in excess of what anyone would consider even remotely sane (exceeding 30:1 when typical rates are in the range of about 9:1 to 12:1 or so). NO ONE FORCED THEM TO DO THAT. To say that, "oh , well, so and so changed the regulations to allow for it." is wrong as well. Not all the banks that could, did jack up their leverage... and more so, just because I can sell you a gun doesn't mean I am telling you to hold up a bank with it. They had "experts" that told them not to over leverage and they knew it was dumb - anyone with an ounce of banking education could tell you that. Why didn't anyone complain - well they did. Most people wouldn't have had a clue as these corporations operate under opaque conditions. They gloss over their reports to make it all sound rosy. Various people complained to the SEC and the federal regulators and they did little to nothing as they were part of a community that was pressured by the administration to back off and dismantle the regulatory oversight.

So now these some of these bankers that already made a fortune trading their bad loan packages back and forth to each other (another area that had nothing to do with F&F Macs ) and driving up the appearance of new sales and revenues that did not really exist, are now forming new companies to buy up foreclosed properties for pennies on the hundreds of dollars. Sure it's legal, and a smart business move, but it reminds me of the wolf guarding the hen house. It sure smacks of ethics and morality problems.

Let the market police itself my sweet behind.
Mar. 14th, 2009 03:49 pm (UTC)
You continually build up straw men arguments to support your position.

No one says let the market police itself.

No one says there aren't crooks.

No one says there aren't some people who don't understand what they're doing.

However, for you to continually assert THE GOVERNMENT (overwhelmingly Democrats) and entitlement pimps did not threaten, coerce, and compel lenders to write bad loans and loosen requirements, that Freddie and Fannie have not bought over HALF of those bad loans, that expanding the money supply and lowering interest rates to make it easier to buy caused the housing price bubble, that individuals bought homes knowing they didn't qualify, that Frank, Dodd, Waters, etc. were warned over and over and did nothing is just plain ludicrous.

And their solution? Lets do the same and MORE and have the people who lived within their mans and played by the rules pay!

Pay attention to what they're doing Mike. I don't want to have to go over this all again five years from now when you accuse the Republicans and rich bankers of greed and de-regulation.

Mar. 14th, 2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
The argument has been made over and over that the markets SHOULD and CAN and WERE policing themselves. That is no strawman, but call it what you like - doesn't make it true. They - the markets and those involved in the markets, were under such limited exposure to regulators that I think there should be some committees looking into the culpability of the regulatory bodies for malfeasance. I am hardly the first to suggest it, too.

I have never said that the Government did not deserve a substantial part of the blame. They clearly do. It can be spread around pretty evenly. Part of the problem with elected officials can sometimes be that we end up electing people and then expect them to be masters and experts of WAY more than any human could possibly expect. Each part of government had its own hand in the batter and each should get their paws smacked for it. As for the loans - The numbers said (as I have now read at least a dozen times in different reports) that the markets should have been able to absorb the losses in the bad paper in the housing sector EXCEPT that there was substantial inter and inner company backroom trading of that bad paper that was unregulated, and over leveraged to the point of insanity, which compounded the problem - an almost all of it secreted off the books, overvalued and "cooked". That's fraud. No one told them they had to commit fraud.They chipped away at a foundation of the their businesses and caved the whole thing in when it didn't have to happen. I call it greed and self interest. Ayn Rand should be proud - were she still here to see it. The leveraging and lack of coverage was negligent at best. This limited number of Wall St professionals and their minions were living large, and they largely knew this was a bad course. Many are saying they just wanted to eek it out a little more so they could get out.

You and I both know that if they did not take steps to resolve the collapses the fallout would have been (more) catastrophic. And it wasn't just us. The whole world was tied into this easy money crap. When I was in college we were told that to expect 10%-15% annual return on an investment was FANTASTIC. These folks were EXPECTING returns that FAR exceeded that and almost all of it built on ponzi schemes and the movement of valueless paper. What sort of foundation is that? So yes, just like a building can withstand losing its roof, a bad footing will bring it all down.

I am one of those that lived within my means. I play by the rules and I didn't let some sleazy real estate and mortgage broker sweet talk me into a bigger house with more debt. I have paid down more and more so I am able to keep up and even a little ahead - not by being smart, but by not acting dumb. More people should be responsible and maybe a little more paranoid of the interest of others. You cannot regulate stupidity.

I am going to be looking forward to that chat in five years. I hope that in 2 we will be looking at better times and then hearing some say how it is in SPITE of the Democrats. Personally I think both parties need to collapse.
Mar. 14th, 2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
Just the latest. You'll probably dismiss it as you have the dozen or so examples I've given you on what the Democrat Party and their minions have been doing:


Franklin Raines, Chris Dodd, Jim Johnson, Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, ACORN, all up to their eyeballs in perpetrating this monstrosity.

You're like the police department that prides itself on arresting small time drug dealers while ignoring the source of the drug trade.

Btw Mike, without capitalism you'd be shooting pictures with a Kodak Brownie ... maybe. A high school student today earning minimum wage can work all summer and buy computers, cell phones, TV's, all manner of technology unheard of 50 years ago when a black and white TV might have cost three month's of earnings.

That's off the top of my head, by the way, so you might want to report me to Media Matters to verify how far I'm off. ;-)

You want Cuba? It's coming soon if Obama and the Democrats aren't stopped.
Mar. 14th, 2009 06:19 pm (UTC)
Ed - I have no problem with capitalism - I have a big problem with UNREGULATED business that treat the financial markets like it was the wild west.

I have a big problem with Government, business and activists not being able to come to some sort of balance in their acts to allow the US to make those camera here in the US instead of exporting the jobs markets and monies over seas.

I like Kodak Brownies - I LOVE homemade box cameras! I'm not talking pinhole cameras here - though I think they rock - ok they don't so much rock as they sit really really still, but you get the idea.

Hey as an aside - I have been thinking about "antique" photo processing techniques a lot lately.

We are not even close to a Cuba... but we COULD get close to a UK or Germany.
Mar. 14th, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
Black and white is great. Esoecially in the French Quarter.

This is the father of an old friend of mine:


He was originally an artist who traded an $800 painting (as I recall) for a Hasselblad camera having never taken a picture before in his entire life.

I wrote once about going to his studio on Mardi Gras.
Mar. 14th, 2009 06:54 pm (UTC)
Book marked it - I ahd a chance to buy a Hasselblad a few years ago - but I had to pass. It was probably for the best.
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