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Shedding light on "Earth Hour"


Anyone who is familiar with Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie should know the answer to that question.

Tonight is Earth Hour, not to be confused with Earth Day - which is 24 hours of boredom instead of only 60 minutes.

Apparently the move to ram global warming alarmism down the throats of the global citizenry is so fractured, the resistance so firm, that the movers have been resorting to this mini-event in which they ask people to turn out their lights for a single hour - on a Saturday night yet.

It makes some people feel they're doing something, and if they don't, in some places, the enforcers will be out making those who don't play pay - much to the delight of the Al Gore crowd.

I wonder how many carbon spewing vehicles will be cruising around the larger cities to find the best vantage point to view all those bright lights being extinguished? Or how many green helicopters hovering overhead to document the non-compliers?

There's a good side and a bad side I suppose.

Think of the run at flashlights and batteries bought by prowlers to break into those darkened empty homes. And the emergency medical teams should be working overtime scooping up all the people who suffer concussions, fractured wrists, and twisted ankles tripping over foot-rests and bumping into coffee tables.

But the stakes are high and the global warming alarmists are determined to engage in these "feel good" stunts to attract as many uninformed empty vessels as they can - and stifile the voices of opposition and cooler heads

It's only appropriate, then, that the media has gotten their hands on a UN document which reveals the real purpose of global warming hysteria, and basically confirms what so many people have been saying for so long.


You see, it's the global economy, silly, and how can a handful of global politicians, officials, and bureaucrats join hands with your own representatives in extracting as much as they can from your pocket, redistribute it across the globe, and at the same time control nearly every aspect of your lives.

They're already in your bathrooms. They just about or will control the light sources you depend on. They want to put "smart" technology in your homes to control how comfortable you are. Here in America, the President said last year that he wants to make the coal industry so unprofitable that they'll have to go out of business.

Without oil, natural gas, and nuclear, it's a mystery to me how they plan to charge all those little electric cars, and make their ethanol from the food we eat, and build those ugly windmills (Of course we're not supposed to ask logical questions - just spend the money).

In California, it may soon be illegal to purchase a black car! Environmental extremists there are currently blocking attempts to use deserts to install wind turbines and solar panels. They don't want oil. They don't want coal. They don't want nuclear. Now they don't want wind and solar. Could it be that they simply consider human beings a plague?

The few people who are paying the brunt of the taxes there, and in places like New York, are driving away in droves - while they can.

The global warming alarmists, and the politicians, bureaucrats, and left-wingers who largely populate the movement, simply want control - of the economy, of communications, of where you live, in what kind of house, where it is located, how you get around, yes even the very air you breathe.

When they stop you from being able to travel anywhere but on government approved routes in government approved transportation, they've got you. And when "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose ..."

Where will you be when the lights go out?

Oh, the answer to that question posed in The Glass Menagerie was, "In the dark".



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(Deleted comment)
Mar. 28th, 2009 10:31 pm (UTC)
A "Clue By Four"? I'd never heard that. :-D

You have a fun way with words.

By the way, my gas and electric bills combined were a few pennies over $61 for the past month. I conserve as a fact of life, always have, and don't need the Federal government to install a "smart" device into my home to spy on me help me monitor my energy usage.

With all the clueless people walking across this planet, it's no wonder deforestation has been such a problem. ;-)
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 29th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
the Ukraine girls really knock me out ...

Seriously, the small number of people I've talked to in years past who actually escaped conditions in repressive/regressive countries, have always expressed shock at the number of people here who would so easily give up their own liberty in exchange for what they ran away from.

One of my best friends in kindergarten and elementary school had a father (he owned a shoe store) who was from Lebanon. His family name was Haik. I don't know if that was a shortened form. He LOVED America and was one of the kindest most gentle individuals I've ever know.

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