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saving and/or creating jobs


Well, President Obama is apparently making good on his promise to "save or create" jobs:


Unfortunately, reportedly, it's in China!

I guess there will be a ban on them here, what with the new mileage standards.

I wonder if they'll be manufacturing Humvees for our military as well? That should make you feel better!

Maybe we can run a power line across the Atlantic Ocean and start buying Iranian nuclear power to charge all out little electric cars.


Assuming Iran promises to stop threatening to obliterate Israel. I'm sure a simple handshake agreement would suffice in that case. After all ... Obama says if we unilateraly reduce our nuclear arsenal, other countries will be so impressed by our sincerity that they'll abandon their aggresive tendencies and follow suit.

And think of the jobs laying such a line would create! Of course that's a job Americans probably won't do, so don't count your pesos before they're printed.

Oh, well. Go figure!


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Jun. 2nd, 2009 07:38 pm (UTC)
Hummer and Humvee are actually different aren't they? Am I mistaken, aren't the military Humvees produced by AM General?

Aren't there already hummer clones being produced in countries all over the world?

Aren't all the Hummers made by the division just sold off to the Chinese NOT military and never have been?

Isn't it suspected that GM has already been helping two Chinese manufacturers build knock off Hummers for years?

Isn't it a poor preforming Gold Brick for GM?

Isn't it a good thing to get this dead weight off their books?
Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:02 pm (UTC)
Here we go, Mike. Obfuscate my major points by dwelling on details. :-D

I'm not a big car aficionado but, isn't the Hummer a commercial version of the Humvee?

Isn't AM General a subsidiary of GM?

If there is so little demand for Hummers, why the clones and why do the Chinese want the rights to build them?

Why does GM Obama plan on increasing the number of Chinese automobile imports?

Why is Obama insisting GM and Chrysler build cars people won't want to buy at fewer and fewer dealers and at increased costs (is your next car going to be a hybrid or plug-in?)?

Sounds like a plan designed to fail to me. I wonder why Obama and the left-wingers want to make it harder and harder to obtain personal transportation? *lol*

Wake up, Mike! It's all so transparent and easily understood because Obama SAID WHY all during the campaign, but you and the other 52.7%ers refused to believe your eyes and ears (and you in particular my scores of posts).

Your Socialist/Fascist Utopia is coming fast and furious, Mike. And you were warned! Hope you enjoy it!

But doesn't Obama just reek "coolness", and doesn't he deliver a great speech! Oh, and that baritone! Too much!

Next up? Rationing health-care! :-D

Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
No AM General is not a subdivision of GM.
GM bought the commercial sales of the name and marketed it under Hummer. AM General was part of AMC but is now an independent company. They were building all but the H3 for GM. It seem that they also build Taxis.

No - the comment I was looking at implied that there is a security risk as we were to now ask the Chinese to build our military vehicles.

I will point out that significant parts of the MRAP is built in Israel, and no one seems to mind shipping THAT job to an overseas mfg.

ok I admit I was picking... ;-) but still...
Junior had a cozy relationship with Chinese mfging. He claimed that it was good for the US economy and business. He seemed to think it was a good thing to ship mfg jobs out of the US to places like the PI, India, China, Indonesia, etc.

Me? I think WE need to get use to making OUR OWN stuff. We can, we have and we will - I hope.

Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:31 pm (UTC)
Ok, now that does make sense. I forgot about the relationship between AM general and GM in making and selling the civilian version of the Humvee.

However, while partially "tongue and cheek", my apprehension at having the Chinese build military Humvees too is actually a realistic one.

My central points remain, that the GM bailouts failed, the president has engaged in yet another power grab, all the gloom and doom predicted without passage of those bailouts happened anyway, that Obama has ADMITTED that more and more people will SUFFER, that they will be forced to SACRIFICE (as he said over and over during his campaign to mostly deaf ears), and that Socialist/Fascist Big Central-planning government is here and expanding, and that the people who "pooh-poo'd" such predictions are exhausting all credibility they had left by pretending it isn't happening.
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