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It’s been quite a week for hope and change. You can’t keep track of the gaffes anymore without a scorecard, and even then, you tend to get overwhelmed by the sheer “stupidity” coming out of Washington these days.

Let’s face it. Most people voted for Barack Obama without knowing anything about him and his beliefs. They voted for him because he was black, because he was cool, because he spoke so nicely, because he had a nice smile, because he was going to either cut their taxes or give them a "credit" (welfare) using other people’s taxes, and hand out lots of other freebies like health care and free houses.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there's NO WAY Obama would have been elected had he not hidden what his real agenda really was. Of course, that's what liberals normally do.

What a difference 6 months make, huh? Now you know what happens when Democrats get control, why this socialist big government, central-planning stuff never works. It's chaos! Out-of-control spending. Corruption. Punishing the producers. All protected by a virtually state-run media that spins everything to support the president’s agenda. A media that covers up stories and facts that might harm him (even trying to convince people that the economy is coming back while it continues to self-destruct under Obama’s big government schemes) - although even some of the reporters with a shred of professionalism are starting to wake up.

Unfortunately for the Democrats and their comrades in the media, people are finding the truth in spite of them, through blogs, radio, independent researchers, and word of mouth.

Americans are finding out about this horrendous state-takeover of the health industry, and are rejecting it, despite an avalanche of propaganda aimed at selling the gullible a pig-in-a-poke. And wait until senior citizens find out that the guy who warned them John McCain wanted to take away their MediCare actually wants them to accept the fact they are at the end of the road and have to understand money spent on their health care is better spent on the young and/or productive.

The latest thing is Obama wants to grade doctors based on how they manage treatments and reward them (or not) according to how successful they are based on whatever criteria Obama's bureaucrats decide is appropriate ... like contributions to the Democrat Party maybe?

Run that one pass your primary care-giver! *lol*

Maybe we should use that principle with politicians - grade them on how well they're managing their jobs and reward them (or not) based on an "impartial" board of citizens.

And now they want to tax your “sugared” soft drinks to help pay for their rationed sub-standard government-run and regulated health care. Think the seniors are getting mad now? Wait until they go to their senior citizen centers and find their doughnuts have been replaced by a tray of limp veggies and fat-free soya dip.

Need a boob job? Better get one soon because they want to tax those too! As well as other cosmetic procedures. If Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi disappear for a couple of weeks you’ll know why. ;-)

Global warming legislation? The scheme that is climate change, with continued records being set for cool weather along with more and more evidence (mostly unreported and suppressed) that the whole CO2 argument is a huge scam, is starting to become obvious. Even China and India are wise to this scheme telling our government, “Drop dead!” on this one.

You know, these guys are slipping. While taxing soft drinks because of the sugar, they could be taxing them for the CO2 as well … you know, to save the polar bears. Uh, on second thought:


And if you think things are getting bad for Obama and the Democrats now, check out this interview of a former Obama supporter (on CNN no less) who says she’ll never vote for him again:


Come on, Mr. President. You can go across the globe apologizing for America’s “evil past”, why can’t you apologize for your bigoted statement in which you profiled a white policeman doing his duty and took up for the race-baiter. Like you said, it’s a “teachable moment”, only it’s you and Prof. Gates who need to be taught a lesson.

And what is it about all the “respected” ivy league professors these days? There’s truth to the argument, apparently, that some people can be educated beyond their intelligence. Do the research yourself. I have and I find the ramblings of this guy “Skip” rather disturbing. No wonder our universities are producing the kinds of people who populate our government, media, and so many other professions.


And what about politicians who don’t know what’s in their own 1200-page bills (like cap-and-trade, the stimulus bill, and the health care bill), and say that they’d need two days and two lawyers to explain what’s in them page-by-page anyway like Rep. John Conyers, D - Michigan did:


Nope! Everything is a BIG hurry for these guys. I wonder why? Like maybe they don’t want anyone to know what’s in them before they vote, then they can hopefully move on to something else?

The end result? The government will control each and every aspect of your lives. I can't wait for that glassy-eyed look on people's faces when they ask, "What happened?" I wonder who the Dems will choose to demonize after that? After all, they'll have owned it lock, stock, and barrel.

You and your community enjoying your stimulus money yet? Remember that?

Oh, and just a reminder. Are you stocking up on incandescent light bulbs yet before the green shirts come to make sure you have those awful and expensive mercury-filled "environmentally-friendly" light bulbs in your home in 2011.

Oh, you didn't know it's law now? Where have you been?:-D



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Jul. 29th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
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Jul. 29th, 2009 06:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Amen, brother.
If the news media had a shred of integrity and/or more people bothered to keep up with what's going on and actually get the facts there'd be no need for me. :-D

But thanks! I appreciate that.
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