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what did i tell you?


So, you see, I was right ... and Joe Wilson was right too. Obama and the Dems will provide coverage to illegals through Amnesty, through lack of enforcement, or through the courts. And the people are realizing what's going on ... except the "true believers" who don't know or don't care!

Anything for their Leader!

Will the mainstream media report this are will they keep showing Obama giving his cheerleader speeches to his mind-numbed robots?

"Fired up!
"Ready to Go!
"Fired up!
"Ready to Go!
"Fired up!
"Ready to Go!
"THEY can't stop US!
"Let's do it!"

"If they bring a knife, you bring a gun!"

And the screaming union thugs, ACORN, SEIU, and other astroturf special interests scream YES in unison.

And this seems to be going on almost every day! Who's running the Oval Office? Rahm and David? ;-)

But Joe Wilson and anyone who calls Obama out is a racist?

How about another Pelosi video, gang? In light of all her veiled and not so-veiled threats and irresponsible statements recently. From a San Francisco Town Hall meeting:

I'm a FAN of Disruptors!

Think the media will contrast her recent performances with examples of her describing gramma and grandpa as Nazis and terrorists?

Scary stuff!


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Sep. 18th, 2009 06:44 pm (UTC)
I had a list things wrong with the first half of this post from the voracity of the comment to the reality of issue in the first place... but a simpler question is better...

What are we doing to address the root causes of the illegal activity in the first place?

As long as we do not find way to assist or guide Mexico and some of the other countries that account for the mass of illegal immigration to the US we will never be able to resolve the problem.

Interesting that I have not easily been able to find ANY non "angry right wing" sources for this. I am not saying it doesn't exist, but I would love to know a NON "angry right wing" source. Even the pages I read on this do not offer sources for their comments. Maybe I am just too busy to dig it out. I don't know.
Sep. 18th, 2009 06:58 pm (UTC)
You're switching issues.

My prediction has come true.

I suppose you'd have labeled the founding fathers treasonous right-wing capitalist radical extremists.

We have a woman, Janet Napalotino, in charge of Homel;and Security who, like Obama, doesn't believe in borders.

Btw, she is under fire already for all the fraud and misuse of funds.

Whenever someone stands up against the socialist left, your side labels them right-wing extremists, How convenient.

Try reading some of the people I have already told you about. Thomas Sowell for example. Chjarles Krauthammer. Walter Williams. Try reading the UK newspapers and columnists who are telling it like it is about Obama. Did you read BIG TIME LIBERAL Camille Paglia's last column?

Of course not. Now that she's admitting what's happening on her side, she's a shill for the conservative right-wing.

There is hardly one example of a thoughtful liberal commentator that comes to mind except Juan Williams. Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, and those of her ilk are almost unreadable in their vapidness and vitriol.

Shame on your side Mike. Not a shred of intellectual honesty. Because it HAS to lie and obfuscate.
Sep. 19th, 2009 01:44 am (UTC)
With the big play up I thought you were going to have some kind of bombshell here - and all I got was a dud?

Not a big Pelosi Fan, but anyway so what - I watched it - what was supposed to get anyone all upset?

One day she had a good day with disruptions and another time she got peeved. Ashcroft spewed the same statements (saw him do it on live TV) and the left was beaten down absurdly for calling on it.

Big whoop.

This happens all the time on both sides.

I do not answer for her or Ashcroft.

As for disruptions, it is one thing to sound off here and there - it is quite another to drownout a speaker. I have never been a fan of people that have to shout to get their message across. People that cannot take that sort of heat should use televised addresses. I love it when they heckle back - it's good fun.
Sep. 19th, 2009 01:55 am (UTC)
Of course not, Mike. You probably looked at that mountain of evidence against OJ and bought the shrunken glove over the outstretched hand with the latex glove "evidence" over it too. :-P

The only people who have consistently FORCED people off the stage (as at Columbia I believe) are LIBERALS.

That you cannot see the hypocrisy of someone who praises protesters when they're on the left, says the most dispicable things about our former president and half of the American people, and now sheds crocodile tears because she's afraid someone said the president lied (when he did) will lead to bloodshed.

The Dems are dispicable and people like Pelosi don't care what they incite if it helps their cause..
Sep. 20th, 2009 12:57 am (UTC)
Oy Vey

and you claim to be unbiased.

There is no getting past it. If anyone doesn't buy 100% into any given conservative (or for that matter, liberal) opinion, ALL of their thoughts and decisions are tainted and looked at with polarized shades. Without buying into the program there is no 10%, 20% , 50% acceptance or agreement - only 100% Kool Aid drinking loyalty is acceptable (Man how I hate that term - it sullies the good name of Kool Aid). Even when a person like me who is no necessarily a "moderate" but is at the least somewhat "balanced, but left of center (my story - and I can call it as I like) is branded by both sides as some sort of extremist and not one point can be simply accepted as given unless attached to either some absurd ridicule, or claim about how this or that point somehow provide the linchpin that disconnect the entire cart and wrench the entire ideology... it all becomes a mindless drone.

The parties and their minions, the left and (oh yes certainly) right ideologues can babel all they want; but most people will pick up a bit from both points of view. I am no different. I will think for myself. Where I come from the is not just the world of black and white. A large part of the world is Grey. SO I find liberals FAR FAR more patient and accepting, kind and open to discussion than the conservatives. This has been illustrated to me time and time and time again. I have been shouted down and abused by far more conservatives in my life than any liberals - yes even when I have disagreed. So you can say I don't know what I 'm talking about there, but there is NO fact to base that on. You have not been in my shoes. I have seen BOTH sides do it - and to attempt to show all conservatives as pillers of saintly virtue is setting them and you up for a rather nasty and hard fall. They ain't
< sic > all that. Of course anytime one of theirs gets caught, they have been unfairly attacked - when it happens to the other side they have somehow been EXPOSED... there's hypocrisy for ya. At least I am willing to concede points to BOTH sides. So far, from what I have seen, the "right" cannot get past themselves.
Sep. 20th, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
Mike, Mike, Mike.

Same old lefist ploys.

When losing the argument, attack your opponents personally. Vilify them. Justify your position which you can't defend back making the other side the bad guy.

How childish the left is.

I present you with fact, after fact, after fact and your reaction is to say, "That's not what I heard!" or "So what!" Or "They all do it!" or "You're biased!"

You never confront what I say directly because you can't.

I can say Obama lies and show you how the media kisses his butt over and over but you can't disprove anything I say other than to say I'm not fair.

Shame on you.

The left has been outright rude, disgusting, insulting, intolerant, has driven conservative speakers off the stage, boycotted sponsers of anyone who opposes them, all the while "projecting" their sins on anyone who disagrees with them.

Their idea of "bi-partisanship" is when the other side agrees to everything they want.

Your side gets 52.7% of the vote and thinks that's a mandate to tear apart the Constitution and change our country into some bizarre socialist/fascist/marxist state.

And I can prove it! All you can do is try to change the definition of words or pretend what has happened isn't what our lying eyes and ears tell us.

Stop telling me about the times you've been fussed for your opinions. That's all too juvenile.

We're the best of friends and I can slap you around like a kid brother because I'm not going to pretend you have a point when you don't. I almost NEVER talk politics with most of my friends unless they bring something up and, when I do, I speak plainly and frankly but never insultingly.

However, the essence of real political is not pretty. I'd prefer not to be so engaged, but I see what has been happening over the last 2 years or so.

To suggest I am biased is like saying a fisherman is biased when he warns his kid not to fool with a sting ray.

I KNOW what the left is by study and direct observation. It has to LIE, and MISLEAD, and CAJOLE, and intentionally PREVENT the other side from speaking out the truth.

That used to be easier when the MSM was a monopoly, but NO MORE. Your side is having a FIT because truth about them is spilling out to vast numbers of people.

I noticed NPR is finally ADMITTING that ACORN is corrupt but is blaming conservatives and SOCIETY.

Now, who would have predicted THAT!

How transparent your side is. You know why? B3ecause it is a one note song and a one trick pony.

We in the middle and right have those things that have made us great on our side. Honesty, faith, individualism, personal responsibility, love of country and traditions, respect for law, and a willingness to stand up for ourselves and future generations.

Contrast those with the mind-numbed entitlement mentality of the left which cultivates a cult of personality and would destroy ANYONE who steps in their way.

Sep. 20th, 2009 02:44 am (UTC)
when losing an argument? Afraid you have that wrong.
Rather typical response from the right it seems. Rather distorted...

It's more like the sudden awareness (or not so sudden) that the discussion (I really don't see them as arguments) is pointless and neither side will yield. Typical of the right by my experience. Even when one gives a point here and there - they go all off track, claim victory and try to discredit with name calling and random noise. Well there ya go - Mission Accomplished...

Rather sad really. It is indicative of the reasons we have gotten to the polarized manner of things. Sad even more so that the Democrats do not know the power they really have now. They ought to be steamrollering the RNC right about now. It is this bizarre methodology I have seen of many on the right that push me more and more activly to the left in a big way. And they call it childish. they have no idea...

Hypocracy? Ed I cannot even begin to count the number of times you have used the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT you accuse the left of on me... a bit silly if you think anyone wouldn't take note of that. OF COURSE it will be tossed back to you and the right. Business as usual - only you won't admit it.

Let's see - 52+% in political terms when it is hard to even get 50% in a general election is actually close to a mandate. PolySci 101. And there is always an opposition and they will alawys whine about their loss. This POTUS has done more to reach across the aisle than the last goon.

I don't have t win an argument here. Your folks already lost and lost BIG.

Many times I do not confront people directly because I do not want to offend or call people out. It is also that I am very firm in my beliefs - and I also know that politics require compromise to make anything happen - something the right is near incapable of. I become more and more convinced of the right as toothless old lions who think they are still the head of the pride - I see ineffective and dysfunctional folk with serious problems in justifying their faith and their politics (at least honestly). It would be disturbing save I find it easy to disregard most of it as just noise. I sooo love talk radio. The blowhards make for good entertainews.

SO if you need to claim a win, go ahead. I am not sure what you feel you have won, but honestly it doesn't matter to me. Nothing ventured from my end. Some folk feel they need a win now and then and the right has sure lost big of late. Maybe they can reorganize and get it together by next election. So what have I lost - I am still a bit unclear on that. Anyway... Hypocrisy is in the eyes of the beholder. Ever single insult you have attempted to sling here as a distraction - ever bit of merit you have attempted to bestow universally upon every so called member of the right is just fuel. You cannot dispel my experience and my first hand exposure to these folk any more than I can yours. I can tell you that honesty, yes real honesty, will tell you that sleaze walks all political forms - and to suggest that one side is infallible (and must also be horridly incompetent at that) is just distorted in a serious way.

Balance - it is ALL and has always been about BALANCE. Your side doesn't have it. Enjoy the next election. I sure will. My side never wins but I always enjoy it.
Sep. 20th, 2009 04:07 am (UTC)
Mike, you never addressed my post.

I have shown Obama lied about illegal immigrants and even PREDICTED what he'd try to do. You just switched the subject.

nancy pelosi, the Democrat Party, and almost the entire media are beating us to death with the RACE CARD and Pelosi is showing her hypocrisy due to the fact that she has been insulting, divisive, and has lied about dissenters (whome she has PRAISED when it was her side) in calling them mobsters, NAZIs, terrorists, and so on.

Your reaction? So what!

Obama has over and over told his critics to SHUT UP and let him do what the 52.7% of voters put him into office for.

Only one thing. Most of those people had NO IDEA he would be as RADICAL a LEFTIST as I told you he was.

Did you read CAMILLE PAGLIA's article, one of the biggest libs and Obama supporters in the county? Of course you didn't. She makes to much sense and blows all your talking points out of the water.

There is no BALANCE when it comes to destroying the Constitution and institution authoritarian control of our economy and liberty.

And to think you have NO PROBLEM with the 35 or so CZARS, many of them left-wing radical wackos but you demanded impeachment proceedings for some nebulous shadow government run by Dick Chaney.

And stop setting up straw man arguments like I have insisted one side is infallible. That is beneath you. I have criticized the republicans and the President Bush when YOU WOULDN'T! Like with the first Stimulus you and Obama and the Democrats were for, the BAILOUTS, TARP, etc., etc.

No, Mike. You never actually stand up for anything except that you support everything the left says and does and contradict EVERY fact, statement, criticism, analysis, prediction I have made about the left in spite of the fact that I have been proved accurate and one the mark in almost every case.

I have a written record of my observations. Go back and see if you can find a few tiny exceptions where you can try to prove me wrong.

Almost everything I predicted is coming true, and I wiill forever remind you that you called that "fear-mongering".

Obama, a centrist, trying to cross the aisle.

That may be the single most absurd thing anyone has ever said about politics!

Hey Mike? Why don't you tell ME 5 liberal writers YOU like. Hhmmm?

Mike. You have geraniums in your cranium.
Sep. 20th, 2009 01:51 pm (UTC)
Btw, I was a student teacher in PoliSci 101. I must have missd that lecture about 52.7% mandates.

Screaming about representing the minority has ALWAYS been what Democrats have been good for.

When Bush got elected, he DID set a different tone and walked the walk in working with Ted Kennedy to get his Education Bill passed, in not vetoeing their spending bills, in Precription drugs, in stimulus, etc.

Look what that got HIM. Democrats screaming insults and calling him any number of disgusting names from the floors of the Senate and House and elsewhere. All he showed them was CLASS.

I told you many times he should have let them have it back but he was more concerned about the Office and the Country than politics.

No, Mike, 52.7% of the voters did NOT vote to dismantle the Constitution and turn us into a socialist/fascist/Marxist state! If you actually checked the polls to see what THE MAJORITY actually think of his proposals you'd realize that.

It's not Republicans who are blocking him and his out of control Democrats, it's THE PEOPLE expressing their outrage at the MODERATE DEMOCRATS they thought they elected in 2006 and 2008.

THAT, Mike, is Poli-Sci 101, not some ideological opinion your side advances to promote their leftist agenda.

So read, study, and learn the facts, Mike, and stop basing so much of what you advance on the pundits on the left-wing shows and the "news" on the state-controlled leftist media that bows to White House pressure and have become stenographers who repeat what Rahm and David tell them to.

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