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arctic ice extent near 'normal' again


And nope ... this is not an April Fool's joke!

For each of the last three years I've predicted increasingly harsh winters and higher arctic ice levels and have been proved right.

Over the last five years Global Warming Alarmists have predicted more and greater hurricanes, hotter summers, milder winters, more ice loss and thinner ice in the Arctic and, you remember the stories, an ice free North Pole within a few years.

Well, check out the newest Arctic Ice Extent graph yourself:

Arctic Ice Levels Near Normal

ArcticIceExtent2010 March31

My oh my! How is all that ice continuing to form? How can so many "experts" be so wrong?

Why is the media not telling you what's happening ... or do they figure you can simply look out your own window and see for yourself.

And YET! This administration continues to ignore the scandal that is ClimateGate and the hoax that is the Global Warming movement, continues to claim the Earth is warming because you use incandescent light-bulbs and drive a gasoline operated automobile, and continues to push for a massive Cap and Trade bill to add to their disastrous Government Takeover of Healthcare to initiate total control of every aspect of your lives.

As I pointed out the other night, this whole "Drill Baby Drill" feint is a hoax too, and I will be proved correct there too when Obama starts the push for his Cap and Trade agenda ... probably through the EPA and bypassing Congress!

Wake up, friends. Use your head. This is what happens when you elect a radical ideologue who has absolutely no idea how the real world works, who has a collection of radicals and true believers, political hacks in Congress, the bureaucracy, and the media all intending to destroy the Constitution and private sector and to drag you screaming and yelling into their authoritarian Utopia.

Btw, have you noticed that after all that dismissing of warnings by me and others that this is all about socialism, redistribution of wealth, etc. that more and more media, newspapers, politicians, bureaucrats, leaders of interest groups, etc, are now saying that is what indeed is happening and, in the case of one of President Obama's advisers, Al Sharpton, that this is exactly what people voted for!

NYT Admits Healthcare is About Redistribution of Wealth!

Well, you didn't fool me ... and I hope you can keep warm when the government takes over the energy sector, and get your pain pills when Socialized Healthcare is a reality.

QUESTION of the DAY - What happened to the Swine Flu? (Never let a "crisis" go to waste) ;-)


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Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)
Shame it didnt work out
I would love what you said to have held out, but unfortunately that was a temporary thing - the last 3 months it is yet again way less ice than there should be. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Still, lets hope it IS all a hoax. Looking at snippets of data isn't going to resolve anything anyway. http://nsidc.org/data/seaice_index/images/daily_images/N_stddev_timeseries.png
Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)
Re: Shame it didnt work out
I usually dump ANONYMOUS comments without reading them but IU haven't had one in months so I acrttually read your comment mister or miss.

I don't rely on snippets but I am always amused at the comments like yours that generally surface around July and August.

I have documented my arguments for years so let me educate you on a few things.

Arctic explores have been "surprised" to discover Arctic sea ice is TWICE as dense as they "expected."

Ice in Antarctica which comprises (guess how much of the world's ice?) Do you know?

How about 93% ... and it has been increasing.

Global temperatures (if you accept the data from a corrupt system of cherry-picking and discarding of "inconvenient" temperatures have been cooling before this year ... if you choose not to look at "snippets."

Unlike 99% of the mainstream nedia, I actually understand Mann's "trick". Do you? Any undergraduate professor of statistical analysis would give an F- for such a "trick."

I could go on, but as with most man-made global warming alarmists, I don't think it'd do any good.

But at least you were polite so I won't be too hard.

However, know this. It's a scam and just one more dispicable attempt (and I know there are some genuinely concerned) to redistribute wealth, control the capitalist-free market system, and allow certain elites to accumulate more and more power and wealth for themselves.

And with the trillions of dollars they stand to extort, they will do not one thing to affect the natural temperature cycles of Mother Earth.

They amount to no more than a fart in a hurricane in the grand scheme of things and will be mocked in the history books should freedom overcome the tyranny and oppression that is at our doorstep.

Now go and have a good life and leave the vultures to their rotting flesh.
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